Weekly Server Maintenance & PLH Wipe - SYOS
Tuesday 22nd April 6am PST / 1pm GMT / 3pm CET... Read More »
Cerber Tier
Begins: April 20th 9pm PST - Ends: April 25th 9pm PST ... Read More »
April Mega Mezzo Tier
Begins: April 15th 9pm PST - Ends: April 20th 9pm PST... Read More »
Weekly Server Maintenance - SYOS
Tuesday 15th April 6am PST / 1pm GMT / 3pm CET... Read More »
Titan's Wrath Tier
Begins: April 11th 9pm PST - Ends: April 15th 9pm PST... Read More »
Dragon's Claw Tier
Begins: April 6th 9pm PST - Ends: April 11th 9pm ST... Read More »
April - Beginning of Month - ! We're starting with 4 Tiers !
Begins: April 2nd 9pm PST - Ends: April 6th 9pm PST... Read More »
D-Water Insurgent Assault II!
starts in 1 days
Friday April 25th 2pm PST / 10pm GMT ... Read More »

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