Would you like to see cog closed?

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  • Close Cog & Move Kill Quests to Dwater? 45

    1. Yes -close it (38) 84%
    2. No - leave cog as is (7) 16%

    Ok I have been requested by several to see what kind of support I have in this area.

    A lot of people would like to see Cog removed. I came up with a viable idea to move the kill quest there to dwater.

    Configure the altars to drop the same medals as in cog. This would utilize dwater maps more. Cog is horrendously

    laggy most of the time, and with all the new exploits being used to kill players in base it seems a very viable


    Whats your opinion?

  • Cog needs to be shutdown. It's killing the game.

    Players only want to PVP in COG so they can hide at their guards and leech kills. In addition to the map being super laggy, it's rendering PVP lame and absurd.

    It's also affecting PVP outside of COG. Even outside of COG, Players are using COG PVP style to PVP.

    COG is nothing other than a legalized and controlled stat pad fest.

  • +1 also make Goddess map for 80 map pvp, cheers

  • Each time we move PvP from CoG to D-Water.. AoL manages to outnumber UoF and make 2 raids v 1 raid. I guess then it's gonna be Raigo Guards PvP. :S

    Most of the times, UoF just assume that AoL have 2 raids simply because they lost the push.

    Void has played on UoF, we know how UoF think. If UoF lose the push, they automatically assume that AoL are 2 raids. Well I hate to break to you princess, but at the moment, AoL has better players than UoF. Which means, on equal grounds AoL would destroy UoF.

    So instead of crying, lying, and saying that AoL have 2 raids, why don't UoF try to work on themselves in order for them to become better PVPers?

    With that said, on rare occasions, AoL do have a 2nd party running around but it's usually only "By_Silent" with "I-2" or something like that. I hardly doubt that those 2 players will affect the push in any way whatsoever.

    On the other hand, UoF have players pushing with them, raidless, at all times. Sometimes, UoF have up to 7 raidless players pushing with them. That's more than an extra tab. You don't see AoL crying and saying that UoF have 2 raids when that happens.

  • Each time we move PvP from CoG to D-Water.. AoL manages to outnumber UoF and make 2 raids v 1 raid. I guess then it's gonna be Raigo Guards PvP. :S

    You, alongside all of UoF, claim that AoL always overcall.

    Just now in PvP...

    This is the the UoF raid:


    This is the AoL raid:


    And this is where UoF are standing:


    All UoF do is overcall and kill PvP.

    COG only helps UoF kill PvP.

    COG needs to be closed.

  • I'm way over your level to get to the point where I'm out of words and the only escape is insulting and swearing at someone ;) When you ask a stupid question expect a stupid answer. ;)

    True. You are way over my level. In stupidity. I am not insulting you, I am just stating a fact.

    I just showed you an instance of when fury overcalled and what was your counter argument? A screenshot taken 20 minutes after the instance that was being referred to by my screenshots.

    There is a reason to why everyone calls you QueenOvercall. All you do, from the moment that you join the UoF raid till the moment that you leave, is cry on UoF Trade Chat for more people to join your raid.

    You are a delusional little girl, nothing less nothing more.

  • Ok guys, enought with the off topic. This topic was made by Di to gather opinions on a specific matter, and so to improve the game enjoyment by acting accordingly with the results of the poll. Every other arguing, drama, or whatever on the same line would just lead to be forced on closing the topic, and that would make hard to make the community happy if there is no possibility of gathering its opinions in a civil manner. So please, stick the replies to the topic of the thread for the own good of everyone of you, thank you very much :)

  • I'm surprised you're allowed to make these ironic racist comments Law ;)

    We'll see, Zero. Let me think about it ;))

    Well, to think I'm being racist because I'm comparing you with turkish people only makes you the racist one! I was just complimenting them ofc. I guess I should have said that you seem as bright as a chess master, maybe then you would have gotten the sarcasm. Facepalm

  • If you delete a map, can we get an old one back in return???
    Namely Deep Desert 2? Please?

    Would great to see some Goddess pvp events come back.

    IS core 3 drops 59 Infinite weapons so it seems killing off 60 pvp was never intended, but it happened anyway....

    Bring back DD2!

  • COG is a good map and lagfs as much as any other. only thing why people notice it more there in terms of lag is there are 2 raids in close proximity to each other even in spawn area this is good as saves on moves and summons and also keeps pvp flowing. there is always lag when 2 raids meet no matter what the map and there will always be hiding at the guards whether it is KI raigo or cog..... and what needs to stop is the spying on each others raids with opposite faction toons... this makes pvp end and only one side spying will pvp if assured a win.... they dominate then pvp ends.... COG is not the problem. it is actually the only safety valve where pvp can develop organically without the need for alot of mediation and MM or +1 events.... the reason why other maps arent pvped on is cos they dont have new players on them to protect and THIS is because of x 10 stones the jungle and its high xp and the fact that u only have to be in map 4 for a few levels 41-47 before u can get to 80 very fast in the jungle in a few hours..... if grinding was a skill and effort again slowly the game would recover and maps repopulate as people move SLOWLY up the levels.... renewing quests with level 9 and 8 quests would also repopulate them..... but as it stands this COG thread can cause more harm than good as pvp will die even more without it.

  • I mostly see cog as a place for new 80's to leech rank - or an easy way to move 80 pvp to, when it's getting too hard out there - like when we actually have even numbers in med pvp in D-water and UoF can't get 2 raids up - or similar. It's a small pvp place, with 2-3 full raids there it's too laggy for most players (internet connection, graphic card, etc) - so not really equal. As I suggested, remake old Jungle pvp map (with Dinos lol) or as others have suggested, dd2 / dwater for 80 pvp - or a new bigger map. Gave up on 60 pvp anyway, as nothing goes on, waste of map, waste of maxed 60 toons, waste of player interest and real money spent on game.

  • Only thing i actually agree about ( TAARZAANN ) is the use of the current jungle map as a fast plvl map - and a fast place to get almost free kills for some greedy maxed 80 pvp'ers enjoing making rank on weaker players. Ditch it. What's the use of lots of new 80's with (sometimes) newbie gears on? And btw that place is known to be exploited as a statpad paradise. But then hey, that goes on in all pvp maps, and hasn't really been dealt with as well.

  • I'm not one to complain about pvp personally i'll take it where i can get it (when people actually want to pvp that is....) but i'd have to say it is frustrating the fact that cog has its main pvp area right infront of the spawn that has guards that people can sit behind. It doesn't matter what you do with it but personally i think (i know this has come up already) there should be a barrier that stops people from running back into the spawn once you leave the tunnel to stop the stupid guard camping, that kills pvp in cog faster than overcalling. Also if it is going to be removed/modified why don't we just make the map like canta, it's small enough to have decent raid vs raid pvp but forces pvp away from the spawn areas so no guard camping

  • up

  • I agree with mike
    Ppl forget how to fkey.
    Also ppl just stay in or near guards wait for MS then push on MS. Then its the other factions turn, they push on MS.
    Wait wait wait
    Altho sometimes, and u wont believe it ppl do fake MS, its where u push and dont MS or only one MS to make ppl DF. That one is very tricky.

    CoG tactics in a nutshell
    This is not pvp and certainly not fun.

    I got to agree with what Di said once, make it like OI so it opens 3-4 nights a day as "in between solution" but i prefer to have it gone completely.
    Makes ppl ratio and forget real pvp.