Mothers Day Event

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    Dear players we need your help, we found a baby panda who is hungry, thirsty and lost.

    Can you help us to reunite him with his mother? We will need to make sure he is taken care of along the way as well.

    You may only enter this event one time per person.


    Your first task - we need to find the baby some food. We all know hungry babies are cranky babies, and how would you expect a hungry baby to be able to travel quickly?


    5- gold apples

    5-red apples

    5- green apples

    5- Fresh bananas

    5- green bananas

    5 golden bananas

    When you collect all of the above turn them into a GS who will record the toon name.

    Each item you complete and turn in will count as 5 points. No more than 5 points will be awarded for a possible total of 30 points available.

    Tally Sheet for baby food here Tally sheet


    Part Two - get the baby some milk


    Now you know we cant give the baby snacks and expect it to be thirsty? Your next objective is to find it some milk. You must upload a SS with your toon, the cow and the coordinates as well as a time date stamp visible. These will count as 5 points each correct answer. There are several cows in the servers. Place your SS in this Milk Form Here


    Puzzle Screenshots

    We have all seen this before, we will insert one two or three pieces per day, the first correct screen shot for each of the puzzles will be awarded 1-10 points 2-8 points 3-6 points everyone in position 4 and after will receive 4 points total. You will only get points for one faction puzzle. When you think you have the puzzle figured out please upload your screenshot here Puzzle Answers


    Aol Side -


    Fury Side -


    Puzzle Two





    Answer Form for puzzle two Puzzle two here

    Third Puzzle here-





    Answer Form for Puzzle Three -Puzzle Three


    Famous Mothers and the Trivia

    This one is pretty simple, every other day you will be presented with a new mom, and a trivia question pertaining to her. Each player will get 1 point for each correct answer, 1 for the mother and 1 for the trivia question for a total of 10 points. You will post your response Trivia Answers here


    Day 12-14

    Who hits Sarabi when her son, Simba, gets back from his exile?


    The HUNT

    The players will get this SS from their faction they will follow the 5 clues to find the mother who is located in somewhere waiting for her child. For this part you have to figure out where the baby is and where the mother is. When you think you have found where the baby was, and where the mother was please upload and paste your SS to the form below. The fastest to figure it out will be awarded 10 points, place 2 will receive 8 points place 3 will receive 6 points. All other correct screenshots will receive 5 points.

    The clues




    1. You will start in the land where you begin not as a baby but as you begin to grow, however be alert there are many portals here with levels you can not reach.

    2. Find the 2 gatekeepers, but be careful which one to you talk to. Other will make your search longer and other will take you to the capital city.

    3. You will learn to farm and make your living as you grow up. What is it...? A lot people, noises, various colorful goods... this crowded place will offer you the chance to earn it

    4. Only one of the four will show you the way to a Castle.

    5. The path thru go straight and on a turn point choose the road that leads North-East.

    6. Near me is a portal and ruin of a tower and three houses that seems to be abandoned.

    The fastest to complete this will get 10 points second will be 8 third will be 6 fourth will receive 5 and every after will receive 4 points.

    Insert your Hunt answers here Where is the Baby and Where is Mom?


    Two Week Event May 7-21


    1. Prize:
    1x Blood Avenger (perm) or 1x Brave Rerio (perm) of choice
    30d Continuous Resurrection Rune
    30d Prevent Item Drop
    30d Eternal Endurance

    2. Prize:
    1x Perfect Linking Hammer
    30d Continuous Resurrection Rune
    30d Prevent Item Drop
    30d Eternal Endurance

    3. Prize:
    30d Costume of Choice
    30d Continuous Resurrection Rune
    30d Prevent Item Drop
    30d Eternal Endurance

    For all players : 1x Operator Exclusive, 20x Regnum Potion, 20x Etain Potion (who participate)