Update on Tag Rules

  • Dear Shaiyans,

    We would like to update our community about Tag rules, so please keep in mind the following points:

    - Tags should be kept on the account they were earned on;

    - If you earned your tag - for example - during a 15 PvP event, they should remain in your PvP 15 character.

    - The tag should be kept in the same class you have earnt them on. For example, if you have earned the tag [Arcus] on your PvP 15 character, this very same tag cant be transferred on a Faction Change or Kill Transfer.

    - You may lose tags you have previously earned if there is another tag event for your zone. Example: [LGND] tags are for the best of your class, and are considered temporary. If we have another event proving the best of your class, you must necessarily take part on it in order to fight for your tag, and prove yourself the best in order to keep it. If you don't run for it, and even if you do and you are no longer the best, then your tag will be lost;

    - The ability to Ticket Tags to have them moved or return after a rename/faction change is limited to permanent tags. Example: Temporary tags like [LGND] must remain in the same faction they were earned;


    Your Shaiya Team