Canta King and Queen

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    This one is pretty simple its a best of class competition, this is for the Canta zone pvpers!!!

    All factions may battle and you will battle your own class and the opposite faction equivalent.

    If you want this tag and are willing to fight for it sign up now! Sign ups will close three days prior to event.

    Last day for sign up is June 21, 2018.

    Sign in here >>>>>Sign up form


    BTW these tags will be non transferable if you name change you will lose them.

    They are also for a limited time of until the next contest. Only the over all winner will recieve a tag, in each class

    1.... Each player will combat first against their own factions opponents via class. This will be followed by winning team on other faction to determine who the has enough skill to back up all this smack talk we see in all of you. Each class is welcome to sign up.

    2.... NO NOSSES WILL BE ALLOWED ! This includes but is not limited to: nostrums, remedies and pots. this also includes party buffs. Participants must rely solely on their own skills, builds, gear. Debuff pots are allowed. Transform will be allowed but no HP pots or cheese.

    3.... Participants must show up clean. No buffs, no nostrums, no status enhancing effects of any kind except for exp enhancements, prevent item drops and continuous resurrection runes. There will be time before the matches to buff.

    4.... Matches will be best 2 fights out of 3. That means that after two participants begin a match, the first player to win twice, wins the match and moves on. Matches will not stop for cooldowns. Be sure and plan accordingly. a small amount of time will be allowed for class buffs between fights.

    5.... GSs will be monitoring each match. Their word is law. They will announce the beginning and end of each match and the winner of each match.

    6.... If a player does not return within three minutes after a disconnect, they will be disqualified from the tournament.

    7.... Lag is not an excuse.

    8... Keep Free-for-All PvP away from Tournament area please.

    9... This is a 30 class competition all players below this level are welcome to participate but be warned.... you will combat 30 pvper's!

    Also before anyone jump cutting!

    We will have GS team presence to ensure things are legit. Remember their word is the final discussion.

    10... All accounts will be checked and your toon will be inspected prior to battles. Any attempts will subject you to removal.

    CRR and PID is a must!!! This is in a PvP zone!!

    Do not attack the GS!!

    Tags have been determined, we will use the Immortal tags so you will have the following tags one winner per class per faction.

    Warrior / Fighter

    Guardian / Defender

    Hunter / Archer

    Assassin / Ranger

    Pagan / Mage

    Oracle / Priest

    However the over all best of class may use the one related to his class above or the choice of [King] and [Queen]


    The battles will start at 11:00 EDT on Sunday 24 (5 pm CEST) and may carry over depending on the amount signed up.

  • The winners are as follows

    Fighter : Batal
    Archer : Aash
    Ranger : -RAL-
    Defender : xRETOx
    mage : armatka.
    priest : Gweyr

    Warrior G-ravis

    Hunter Trip.Hunter

    Guard ABSINTHE.

    Pagan Pye.

    Oracle Tsuji

    The over all winners who will take a [King] tag are

    Hunter - Trip.Hunter

    Guard ABSINTHE.

    Mage armatka.

    Oracle Tsuji

    Ranger -Ral-


    Fighter Batal