Find locations - private event!

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    I have some items in my Warehouse which are looking for new owner.

    So I decided to make event.

    Is not easy but you can won some nice things ;)


    :thumbup: Find 6 locations from my SSes

    :thumbup: Host it somewhere (for example imgur)

    :thumbup: Note the coordinates (x: y: z:)

    :thumbup: Fill the form:

    You need to write name of the map and coordinates for every location

    :/ hint -> every location is on other map and all this are pvp maps


    :evil: You can send your answer only till Saturday midnight, 09.06.2018, Berlin Time

    :evil: Only answers with all found locations will count

    :evil: Coordinates can be a little different than mine, view on SS must be very similar

    :evil: Have fun:!:


    1st place: CRR 30d, PiD 30d, EE 30d, Phoenix 30d, stack of Regnums, stack of moves

    2nd place: PiD 30d, stack of Regnums, stack of summons, stack of moves

    3rd place: PiD 30d, stack of Regnums, stack of moves



    :love: :love:

  • Here we have winners!

    1st place - 3S-E

    2nd place - Smexy_Barbie

    3S-E won bcs have more similar SSes with mine ;) Thanks guys for participate and i will contact you when will have some time to pass you prizes :)