A Vanilla/Classic Shaiya Server?

  • I know this is a long shot and the only reason I will be bringing this up as an idea to GM staff and Aeria Games all together. I started playing Shaiya just about when it came out (ep2/3). As the years have passed a lot has changed with the game and the player base has died little by little. I was going to post a thought of having a classic/vanilla server when I believe Shaiya had its peak player base. I was wondering if it is possible to make a ep4 or 4.5 server? If any Shaiya Vet players still play I'm pretty sure they might agree with me. I am just posting this as a thought to bring back some players and the player base to Shaiya since it is a fun game to play (and rage). Hopefully we can get a response if not I would just like to thank Aeria Games for an amazing time I had playing the game and people I have met while playing the game and High School days I skipped due to the game. The long nights staying up for Kimu, Sera & Dios raids with amazing PvP (when it was about 2-4 raids on each side). Please bump or spread this so it can be reach by the higher ups. <3:saint:8o