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  • This game goes from worse to worse, the most left when Ep 8 came out due the lack of used to know skills for all classes. there aren't that many players anymore that like to play the game anymore and just hit up the community cause shaiya had one of the best communities in game history.

    I think a voting system would be the best thing to do right now to know what the players want, PvE is almost gone as in just CR is active and Plvling. the people you got to know while grinding are gone, it's just sitting around and you lvl up due scroll quests/Plvling. where did the real game go?

    I know I sound like I can't accept the changes of Shaiya and how it is now and I know my voice with this post is silenced but I just wonder why the GM's won't go with all the old skills and hard to grind for what you want to keep the Player experience of archievement instead of playing the waiting game.

  • The real game is looooong gone. I remember how we used to stay for hours, waiting for a chance to kill that boss in the ruins, simply because there were so many people in there and you needed the last hit and the boss had a 1h respawn time.

    It turned from a normal MMO to a donation hype for godlike items, just so you can rule in PvP zones.

    Now you run around and it's a ghost town from top to bottom. I've started and stopped numerous times now, but it's just not the same anymore.

    Most people seems to enjoy Episode 4 and I guess everything went down after that, but as long as the money flow from donations - there's no need to revert/wipe everything.

    It is sad..but it's true.