Official Rules

  • Hello everyone,

    We have decided to consolidate and update all of the PvP rules of the game in a single post in order to avoid any possible confusion about them.

    Bear in mind that these rules are subject to change at any time. 

    Also, please remember that even things which are defined as 'allowed' in these rules might potentially be abused with malicious intent. If such behaviour is reported to us and identified as abusive, we will take action.

    1.Raiding the opposite faction’s base: 

    Raiding the opposite faction’s base is not allowed behind the opposite faction's camp, because it's not honorable killing afk people. You can kill players everywhere else except in Respawn Points, which are protected with an invisible field.

    Trying to circumvent the Respawn point’s protection/Spawn Killing is prohibited.


    2. Portal killing/Spawn Killing: 

    Portal Killing is when a user from the opposite faction continually kills users who are trying to load into the current zone. This includes killing players before they have a chance to step out of the portal. (very similar to Spawn Killing) This does not include killing players after they have left the immediate location, talked, or have done anything to show that they are not idle. We recommend staying away from the portals so that you do not have to worry about getting banned for these types of offenses. This rule concerns all PvP battlegrounds and contested territories such as Stable Erde that are accessed through portals.

    Spawn killing is prohibited as well. 

    EXCEPTION: The only exception when spawn killing is at all allowed in the game is defending boss rooms (Opalus, Dios, Serafin and similar) from the opposing faction, which is a behavior that's been present in the game for some time. 


    3. Stat Padding: 

    Stat padding is defined as killing a character who willingly and consistently allows him/herself to be killed with the objective of helping other players increase their kill count. Any user caught stat padding (both killing and being killed) will receive a ban and have all their kills wiped from all characters. Additional action may be taken for repeat offenders and or a permanent ban can be issued to the player.


    4. Terrain Exploits: 

    A Terrain exploit is defined as making use of terrain in a PVP map to gain an unfair advantage over other players. In certain maps it might be possible to enter a location which is normally unreachable by players of the other faction. You are not allowed to participate in PVP from such positions. If you access a location that can’t be reached using normal character controls (ie running, jumping, riding), you are also using a Terrain Exploit. Foxing into another Factions Base, or foxing/kiting past ANY GUARDS, is also considered a Terrain Exploit. If you can attack others and they can't attack you you're using a Terrain Exploit.


    5. Dual Boxing: 

    Dual Boxing is when a single person logs on to Shaiya with two or more accounts on two or more computers on the same Shaiya server at the same time.

    Dual boxing is prohibited IF you are power leveling yourself, and subject to punishment for one of both of the accounts.


    6. Exploiting bugs or glitches to gain advantages: 

    If you find a bug or glitch that allows your character to do something it isn't supposed to be able to do, you should report it IMMEDIATELY through a ticket or the bug report form. If you are found exploiting this bug/glitch to gain unfair advantages, this is reportable and can result in a suspension of the account.

    Please remember, that if you want to report a player who's exploiting bugs, send a ticket. If you want to report the glitch itself, it's better to use the form. 


    7. Summoning Party Members: 

    Summoning players into PvP battlegrounds or zones that they cannot access through other means is a bannable offense. If your character cannot get into a zone through a portal, he/she is not allowed to be there.

    This concerns characters that are too high or too low to enter the map. In the event of a bug causing the portal to malfunction and your character gains access to a zone that he normally isn’t allowed to be in, this is not considered an excuse. As for higher level characters, while all PvP battlegrounds have a function that teleports you out of the zone if you are above the level requirement, in case this does not happen within two minutes, the player has to leave the zone immediately.

    #Exception: The Stable Erde map contains zones for different levels. There are veils in place that will teleport lower level characters that are trying to enter a higher level zone. In case a low level characters finds a way to enter a higher level zone or is summoned there, he is doing so at his own risk and is “Fair game”. 


    8. Using Smelling Salts: 

    Smelling Salts are unavailable through the Web Mall and should not be officially available in the game by any other means. They are also subject to regular server wipes. Given all this, until Smellings Salts are officially made available in the game, using these items during PvP is a bannable offense.


    9. Killing players on a PvE map: 

    Through an in-game bug or incorrect character revival, it is possible for a member of one faction to end up in the starting zones for the other faction. In such cases, the player should exit the map by clicking “Go to Battleground”, using a teleport scroll or sending in a ticket. If the player decides to exploit this by killing other players and/or summoning other members of his faction he will be suspended and all of his kill will be removed. Anyone who has been summoned on the map and has killed players there will receive the same punishment.


    Finally, please note that some players are banned during PvP due to violating the Terms of Service agreement or the Player Ethics Rules.

    Terms of Service 

    Player Ethics 

    Aeria Games is not responsible for any dropped item in game. This applies but is not limited to: Items placed on the ground intentionally, Items sold to NPCs, Items not protected by a PID, Items dropped in PvP, Items lost during Duels - this also includes underground arena duels!