Should Hot Time Accessories be Made Tradeable?

  • Should hot times be tradeable? 19

    1. Yes its a good idea! (14) 74%
    2. No leave them as they are. (5) 26%

    I think they should absolutely be made tradeable. They are the best accessories for 15 zone, and they are used in 30 as well. I think ever since the recycling shop became "out of order", they have been very difficult to get and it's very frustrating. To get them from the tiers, you have to spend a lot of money, sometimes at least $100. If they were tradeable, I think it would be great for everyone. :thumbup::S

    I know they were AT ONE TIME an event item, but now you can get them from the tiers like other AP items, so it's not really an event item anymore.

  • i dont even understand why pple vote no when this is good for everyone ...; farmers that sell lapises they farm and earn ops with it can then buy hot times from other pple giving everyone a chance to have some.... and idk but if your a frequent payer then everyone knows that you get those hot times a lot so pple have warehouse tabs full of em.

    if you realy wanna keep paying 100s of dollars on some stupid rings be my guest lolz


  • If the Recycle Shop returned, and HT's were in it, do you think they should still be trade-able? I do, but don't know if it would be that much of a priority if accessible via game farming.

    All i know is that the recycling shop is closed and not working for a long time now .... seems like they aint gonna fix it either.

    so they should make em tradeble or get that stupid recycling cr4p back up and working