Team Buffet

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    On September 9th, the Shaiya team is having a buffet. They each are bringing their favorite food to be placed on the buffet table.


    Official Event Directions -

    You will have from 9 am CDT on August 26th through 9 am CDT on September 8th to complete both parts of this event.


    First Part -

    Assemble the Buffet Table puzzle, then take a screenshot of the completed image. Upload your screenshot and submit the link to it.

    Buffet Table puzzle

    Screenshot of completed puzzle


    Second Part -

    In order to make a seating chart, we will need to correctly identify which team member put each dish on the table.

    The names of the team members are:

    [CM] Kyrie

    [CM] Capri

    [CM] Naomi

    [CM] Calla

    [LGS] Diamond

    [SGS] Spankie

    [GS] Rattler

    [GS] Wling

    [GS] Wendolyn

    [GS] Alone

    [GS] Skully


    Who brought this dish?



    1) Both forms must be completed and submitted.

    2) Players may only submit each form once. (First submission of each form will count)

    3) The player with the most correct answers will be the winner.

    4) If more than one player has the same amount of correct answers, then the submission time stamp will be used to determine who was first.

    5) Second place winner will have the second most correct answers.

    6) Third place winner will have the third most correct answers.


    Prizes -

    1st - 30 Day Conti

    30 Day Pid

    30 Day Eternal Endurance

    50 Regnum

    20 Rec Runes

    2nd - 15 Day Conti

    2x 7 day Pids

    2 7 day Eternal Endurance

    25 Regnums

    10 Rec Runes

    3rd - 7 Day Conti

    7 day Pid

    7 Day Eternal Endurance

    10 Regnums

    5 Rec Runes

    Have fun :*