Recycling Shop and In Game GM Services System Guide (Free Resurrection/Item Faction Change/Delevel)

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  • Recycling Shop

    We have the Recycling Shop back and it is in game! Now you can find Light Collector and Operator’s Exclusive NPCs in Auction House.


    The list of NPCs and what you can get;

    Light Collector Shop (A)

    If you have 50x Light Collectors and you can get one of the following ;

    School Uniform Costume +10 (30 days)

    Rugby Costume +10 (30 days)

    Detective Costume +10 (30 days)

    Bunny Costume +10 (30 days)

    Stat Reset Stone

    Skill Reset Stone

    Light Collector Shop (B)

    If you have 150x Light Collectors and you can get one of the following ;

    Christmas Ring

    Christmas Bracelet

    Christmas Amulet

    Feather of Nobility M Box

    Light Collector Token (150x Light Collectors)

    Light Collector Shop (C)

    If you have 25 Light Collector and you can get one of the following;

    25x Movement Rune

    HQ-02 Pet (15 days)

    Light Collector Shop (D)

    If you have 75x Light Collectors and you can get one of the folowing;

    Christmas Sonic Amulet

    7 Days Res Rune (NT)

    Light Collector Shop (E)

    You can get 1x Christmas Flash Ring by giving Light Collector x150 (2) (300x Light Collectors)

    Operator’s Exclusive Shop

    Talk to the Operator’s Exclusive Shopkeeper. Give 20 Operator’s Exclusive and you can get;

    Hot Time Ring

    Hot Time Amulet

    Hot Time Bracelet

    Mechanic Lapis #1

    GM Services - Free Resurrection, Free Deleveling, Item Faction Change


    NPC : Rambo

    The NPC is giving a 1 Time Resurrection Rune, it has been implemented in game in place of free character revival service.

    Talk to the NPC and get the resurrection rune.

    * It can be used ONCE per character.

    NPC : Alessandra

    The Npc is for the "Free Deleveling Service"

    If you are 16,31 or 61 level, you can delevel one level.

    Make sure you unequip all the items (including pets and mounts) from your character, accept the quest and relog. The service will be done.

    * It can be requested ONCE per account.

    NPC : Carax Abigail

    The NPC is for "Item Faction Change" service.

    Place the item to be changed in the first slot of your inventory and put the Item Faction change service in the second slot of your inventory. Accept the quest. Relog. The service will be done.

    If you put the them in wrong slots, the quest will not be done.

    One service changes the faction of one item.

    *** Notes this will not work with the old Troll of Tear C2 placeholders*** we have a new placeholder here…69145/item-faction-change It works both sides and don't need to FC first. It is just done with this NPC.

    *** Character faction change will be implemented later.