Regarding the Resurrection Rune quest and character Revivals.

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  • So, Regarding the new Quests that were added on 27/09/18. Particularly the Resurrection Rune quest from Rambo in the Auction house.

    If your character died before the patch on 27/09/18 you can request a Character revival. (This is a one time service PER ACCOUNT), sending in a ticket for a revival will deny your character the free one time resurrection rune from Rambo after the revival has taken place. Also, this service is separate from the old free one time revival that we had in the past. If you had already used your one time revival before, for example a few months or years ago. You can still request this revival and it will be granted, again (Once per account) as long as your character died BEFORE 27/09/18.

    You can send in a ticket requesting this revival at the link below, under "Type of problem" pick "I want to request a service".

    Again, Using this service will Remove Rambo's quest from the revived character. So you will not be able to obtain a free 1 time resurrection rune after this service is performed. And your character must have died before 27/09/18. if it died After that date they will NOT be allowed to use this service.

    Any questions can be asked in the thread or Contact a GS via discord/ingame for extra details if you need them.

    You will be asked to provide

    1. account name:
    2. date when the toon died (the more accurate the better):
    3. exact toon name:

    provide this info in your ticket for the fastest responses