Community Spirit

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Unfortunately, we have recently received more and more information that there are also e-mails in circulation that advertise an Aeria competition.

Such a competition does not exist. This is an unauthorized promotion.

In the email you will be asked to follow a link and on a deceptively real copy of our website you will be asked to enter your account information.

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    In the [Official Advice] Don't do Bugs, posted on November 1, 2018

    Khelvi wrote:

    "The thing with a community is that everyone of you is part of it. So every single one of you is also responsible for the mood of the community.

    One of the definitions for "community" is a social state.

    It is this aspect of our social life in Shaiya that we equally share in the responsibility for the mood.


    Later in the same post, Khelvi made a request of each and every individual in our community

    "I can only appeal to all of you to be yourself a valuable and honorable member of this community to make the lives of everyone in that same boat less frustrating"

    It is this request that I would like to focus on.


    When each and every one of us made our accounts, we agreed to some basic rules in the Terms of Service (ToS) and in the Player Ethics.

    Yet a lot of players have ignored what was agreed to.

    They choose to blame the Shaiya staff from the Production Managers all the way down to the Game Masters.


    Every individual on the Shaiya staff has their roles and responsibilities laid out for them.

    In the forum post, The Game Sage Program, it lists what the roles are for those of us that volunteer.

    Nowhere in the description of responsibilities and duties does it specify that we ban players or fix bugs.

    (It even states what we, volunteers do not do.)

    These responsibilities fall on the shoulders of the Community Managers and the development team.


    But these people need our eyes, ears, and voices to let them know what is happening in Shaiya.

    They need the community to help by reporting technical problems and violations of any posted rule.

    Submitting a ticket is the best way to bring forth the problems and issues for the Shaiya team to resolve.

    Screenshots and videos are the most effective way to corroborate a ticket.

    As a community, we need to stand together in Shaiya and say that we do not want or need hackers, exploiters, cheaters, scammers, or thieves in our Shaiya community.


    We need to find the spirit that brought us to Shaiya and the spirit that keeps us in Shaiya.

    We need to promote fun, set examples of fair play, and encourage the community spirit.


  • Community spirit is a great thing, and Shaiya has survived longer than most games because of it.

    When a community is neglected by Producers or Developers the community is going to suffer though.
    The idea that the game has been abandoned by the Devs hangs over everyone and the game suffers because of it.

    I'm glad we are starting to see some more communication from the dev team, it's a chance for the game to pick up again, and the community with it.

    There's a trend this game has been suffering for years now which I hope doesn't repeat this time.

    1. We get a new CM
    2. They make a great forum post promising "new things to come" and how the game is about to get support or a new update.
    3. Aeria goes completely silent for 6+ months.
    4. We finally find out the CM quit the company months ago.

    5. We get a new CM.

    Rinse and repeat.

    Hopefully our new CM Kyrie will actually be able to convince Aeria to actually fund an update. I have faith!

    Tbh the current state of the game is a weird amalgamation of different EPs, each clearly designed by a completely different team with different ideas of what the game is meant to be.

    Broken quests, pointless areas which would have so much potential if the drop tables were actually relevant to the current EP (OI,CT,RuberChaos,KH,DWdungeons etc etc etc) and lets not even talk about the Robots, the current EP is a confused mess of work from different teams.

    If someone in Dev can take a hard stance on what they want the game to be Shaiya still has a chance.

    We don't need some expensive new maps (although new content would be great) for players to get invigorated.
    We need the current maps to be useable! They're just sitting there waiting to have a reason to play them!

    The starting maps are half empty? Half the dungeons don't drop anything that us useful in this EP? We lost Deep Desert 2 for no reason?
    Every new EP we lose maps and playable content instead of gaining it.
    If Aeria can get the current game into a cohesive state everyone would be so much happier!

    Anyway I hope things go well.
    The guild I play has some of the greatest and most friendly people I have come across in any game!
    I'm hoping we can get some help from the other side of the consumer/producer divide to give the community a chance.
    We've been doing our part for years now it feels.

    Peace <3

  • Many years ago, when Shaiya episodes could be counted on one mangled hand. I had a good buddy (and a very well known Fury guild leader) say to me, "I don't give a cr-p what they do to this game, I ain't leaving and I'm in it for the long haul."

    That was around the time when the game suddenly began questioning its supposed "adult" content/nature. Let's put it this way - back then you could actually type "shoes" in chat without seeing it chopped down to "ss". And mobs regularily ran around buck naked.

    He was none too pleased with Aeria/Sonov new direction to "appeal to the kiddies". The game started attracting a ton of non-adults, when only a short time before, you felt pretty sure it was a game geared to over-18s. Over time, the game 's more younger contingent swelled and we all lost touch with our adults-only guild, and then, the game.

    Episodes and the all the skill-altering turbulence and nerfdom notwithstanding, I still play this wonderful game.

    Yes, the costumes bother me. Fury Map One and what they have done to the landscape there totally infuriates me. ( I love plants, and you'll probably never hear this from any past or future Shaiya player - I was completely in love with this mmo when I saw just how much detail it devoted to to botany (even for 2008). Beautiful and exotic plants everywhere, moving and alive. Even simple tufts of grass had the magic of movement.)

    I still play this game for the characters I crafted long ago, and because I want to be here when we go full circle - this game has greatness. It can be rediscovered again.