Auction House Guide

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  • What is Auction House?
    Auction House is a non-PvP map where members of both factions can meet safely.

    What I can do in the Auction House?

    You can change the old placeholders (Orange Stat and Enchantment) to new ones, and max your OJ's. ~ Click here ~
    You can find Oblivion Insula portal (OI) at 2nd floor at AoL side.

    Sell and buy items via individual player market (B)

    Use Vault Guild Notice Board to buy, sell and bid on other players auctions.

    How I can get to the Auction House?

    By using a "Bootleggary Recal Rune".

    Use a Gatekeeper on your factions Capital city. AoL: Tellonia Druimos (1.200 G) / UoF: Apis Desitil (1.000 G)

    Can I access to the Vault Guild Notice Board any other way?

    Yes! Both factions has 2 Boards at their Capital city!
    Or by using a "Auction House Summoning Rune" (1 time use, lasts 5 mins or till you close the window)!


    x = Boards

    x = Gatekeepers to the Auction House

    How the Vault Guild Notice Board looks like?


    And the most important question.. How do I use it?


    Tab 1 "Search Item"


    1. Search: You can search for items added for an auction by their names. It's case sensitive so make sure to type the names correctly.

    2. Faction: You can choose to which faction equipments you're looking for to find them easier by blocking all other factions items!

    3. Item level: You can choose the level range of the item, between 0 to 80 by every 10 levels.

    4. Item Grade: Every item has a grade and every grade has own color. The better the quality/level of the item is, the higher the grade is. Change grades to find specific items easier.

    5. Categories: Looking for a Staffs only? Lapises? Rings? Choose the category to scroll through specific type of items.

    6. Items: You can see all the possible items from search and the info of the item.

    • Item: Shows the image of the item and amount of the items stacked.
    • Name: Complete name of the item (grade colored).
    • Level: Which level you need for to use the item.
    • Time Left: How long till the auction closes.
    • Price: White price is the current amount of gold bidded on the item and red price is the amount of gold you need to pay to get the item immediately.

    - CTRL+Right click the selected equipment opens a details window to see which lapises are linked into it. *

    7. Pages: Scroll the pages to check all possible items by the search to find the cheapest items / lowest bidding / shortly closing auctions...

    8. Amount: How much gold you're carrying in the inventory at the moment.

    9. Options:

    • Bid: Opens up a Bids window of the selected item. **
    • Buy Now: Buys the selected item immediately.
    • Add to favorites: Adds the item in to your "Interested Item List".
    • Same Item: Shows all the same items chosen. (E.g click Assault Lapisia, then "Same Item" and it shows all Assault Lapisias currently on the auction)

    * Detailed View


    Move the cursor on top of the lapis to see which lapis is linked on the slot.

    ** Bids


    You can see the highest bid on the item, Buy Now price and lowest possible bid with you can bid the item.

    By clicking Insert you can add your bid between the amounts of lowest possible and Buy Now.

    • Bid: You bid the amount shown on Lowest Bid.
    • Buy Now: Buys the item immediately with the Buy Now price.
    • Add to favorites: Adds the item to the Interested Item List
    • Close: Closes the Bid window.

    Tab 2 "Proceed Auction"


    1. SELL: List of all the items you're selling and their info.

    2. BUY: List of all the items you've bid and their info..

    3. Sale Registration: Opens a Auction Setup window (with inventory) to add items to sell. *

    4. Cancel Transaction: Cancel selling the selected item.

    5. Buy Now: Buys the selected item immediately from the BUY list.

    6. Add to favorites: Adds the selected item to the Interested Item List from the BUY list

    * Auction Setup


    Choose the item(s) and the amount you want to sell from the inventory by right click.

    • Starting Price: The from to start bid the item. Minimum amount is 500 G. (Max. 3.800.000.000 / 3.8bil)
    • Buy Now Price: The price with the item can be bought instantly. Have to be higher than the starting price. (Max. /4bil)
    • Auction Length: The length of the auction. (3 hours, 7 hours, 3 days.)
    • Auction Fee: The cost you will pay to set up the auction. ( Amount depends of the Staring Price and length.)

    - When selling stacked items, the amount you write is multiplied by the amount of items are in the stack. (E.g 5x Regnum Potion price 100.000 G will be 500.000)

    - 1 full stack (255 items) can cost max 15.686.274 G per item.

    Tab 3 "Auction Complete"


    1. ITEM: All the items you've successfully bought/outbidded or failed/canceled auctions.

    • Purchased: Successfully bought item.
    • Selling Failed: Item wasn't sold in time or was cancelled.

    2. MONEY: All the gold from sold items or and from failed bids.

    • Sold: Gold from the successful auctions. Withdrawal gold is the amount you will collect.
    • Purchasing Failed: Failed bidding returned. It's paid back 100%.

    3. Receive Item: Moves the selected item back to the inventory.

    4. Receive All: Moves all items on the list back to the inventory if it has enough free slots.

    5. Collect Money: Collects the selected sale.

    6. Collect All: Collects all the sales.

    - Items and gold has to be redeemed in 14 days after auction has ended/failed.

    - Receive all redeems all items till inventory gets full.

    - Collect all redeems all the gold till next redeemable amount would exceed max gold carried at once. (4.294.967.287 G)

    Tab 4 "Interested Item List"


    1. List of all the auctions you've added on your favourites.

    2. Refreshes: Refreshes the list after buying/deleting items from the list.

    3. See Detail: Opens a window with more detailed info of the selected item. *

    4. Delete All: Empties the list.

    - You can only have max 10 auctions listed.

    - Auctions disappears from the list after the auction closes.

    * View Details


    • Bid: Opens the Bidding window.
    • Buy Now: Immediately buys the item.
    • Delete list: Deletes the auction from the Interested Item List.
    • Close: Closes the View Details window.