What to do when your account is hacked

  • Recently there has been many issues with hacked accounts... so Im gonna write down a few hints and tips what to do when this situation happens to you and how you may prevent it in the future.

    My account was hacked! What to do?

    • If the hackers didn´t change your password and email adress. Do it as soon as possible!

      How to change it? Go to My profile-->Edit Profile-->account-->Email/Password and change it.

    • If you cannot access your account anymore, create a new account and send the ticket from there involving all the info as shown below.
    • You have to send a ticket and explain the issue there. As a ticket is your only hope to get the account back.

      However You will have to prove that the account really belongs to you.

      Therefore You will receive a response with these questions:

    1. 1) Server(s) your character(s) are associated with
    2. 2) Name(s) of the character(s)
    3. 3) Items which the character(s) have equipped and in the inventory
    4. 4) Last 5 items purchased in Item Mall (including dates, times, and character(s))
    5. 5) The transaction #'s for the last 5 items purchased
    6. 6) The last time and zone your character(s) were logged in
    7. 7) The original and current email address associated with the account
    8. 8) The date the account was registered
    9. 9) Your I.P Address ( feel free to use whatismyip.com)

    :arrow: In order to speed things up. Answer to these questions in the very first ticket you are gonna send.

    Also if You have any recent screenshot´s of your equipped gears, inventory, pvp rank etc. You may include those in your ticket as a proof that the account belongs to you.

    I sent the ticket. Now what?

    After the ticket has been sent, You will receive automated responce that will include your Request Tracker # (RT#).

    If you won´t receive a reply from a GM within 48 hours, you may ask a Game Sage (GS) to forward the RT# for You.

    Make sure You have checked the junkmail first before asking a GS to forward the ticket!

    :!: GM may ask you for more information in the ticket, please be patient and answer to all question they may have as that is the only way how to get your account back and they are trying to help you.

    What can I do to prevent getting hacked?

    • Never give your password to anyone! By never I mean NEVER! GM´s or GS´s will never ask for you password!
    • Do not share your account with anyone! Its is against ToS and very much bannable
    • Do not visit any suspicious sites, especially the ones selling 3rd party gold, plvl, cheats and hacks.

      There is a high chance you will unknowingly download a keylogger from such a site and practically let them to hack your account.

    • Make sure you have antivirus program installed and regularly updated
    • Create a seperate account that will be used only for the purpose of posting on the forums. Therefore any potential hacker will not know your account information
    • Create a strong password. Make sure it doesn´t contain names of your family members, pets etc. Make it as random as it can be. Also if you registered account on some different forums, game site etc. do not use the same password!

    I hope this little guide will help a little. Also if I have forgotten something, please let me know and I wil add it. Thank You and be safe^^


    by Elfstruck