Where am I? - by Spankie

  • How well do you know the maps?

    Event: Where am I?

    Starts: 5th of June

    Ends: 12th of June, 9 PM / 21:00 EEST (UTC +3).

    What it is about:

    I have taken Screenshot from total of 14 locations, from a random location in a random maps, 7 per faction.

    I will reveal 2 locations per day, 1 from each faction. Your task is to find as many as you can.

    Locations will be added everyday between 21:00 - 22:00 EEST (UTC + 3).

    How to participate:

    • Find as many locations as you can from both factions.
    • Take a screenshot that shows your toon name and the minimap.
    • Upload it to a image hosting site and add the image here. No links! Links won't be counted.
      ( Click the image, copy url, paste between )
    • Edited posts won't be counted, 1 attempt per day! After I've added 2 new locations, you can't submit for previous ones.


    • No editing posts.
    • No editing screenshots. (You can hide the chat if wanted)
    • Make sure to protect your character from other faction (PID and CRR if UM), PvP maps are included.
    • 1 attempt per day.
    • The one who has found most of the locations wins.
    • If multiple participants finds same amount of them the winners will be chosen randomly by Random Name Picker. 


    1st: 30 Day Continuous Res Rune

    2nd: 5 Operator's Exclusive

    3rd: 3 Operator's Exclusive

    Random: 60x Vanilla, 60x Melon and 60x Grape Ice Cream


    1st: Zao.

    2nd: Yaguchisan

    3rd: XmasJerk

    Random: shaiyanew2

    Congratulations all winners !!