CR and VR Scroll Quests (AoL)

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    • The best 2 groups of scrolls quest you can do are:

    ⦁ CR scroll quests

    ⦁ VR scroll quests

    Let's see them in details.

    • CR Quests (AoL)

    Required Level: 20+

    The fastest way to level, at the moment, is by doing scrolls quests. The first scroll quests, and most usefull of all, you can find is Cornwell's Ruins quests.

    You can buy the scrolls at the Accessory Merchant that is located just in front of the dungeon's portal.


    • The NPC in the map:


    • The scrolls you mostly need are:

    ⦁ Ruin Cleansing (2)

    ⦁ Ruin Cleansing (3)

    ⦁ Ruin Cleansing (4)

    ⦁ Evil Extermination



    After you bought the scrolls (and i suggest to buy an high quantity for each quest) you need to reach the main room inside the dungeon, the one where Loca, the miniboss, is located at. There is usually a raid there you can join and that will help you complete all the quests.

    Right click every scroll, and start killing with your raid, or alone. The best place to kill for these quests is, indeed, Loca's room and the 3 rooms on the side of it (2 on the right and one on the left of it).


    Every time a quest ends and its window pops up, you need to right click the relative scroll again, to open a new one. This will be repeated untill you reach the aimed level with your toon.

    • VR Scroll Quests:

    • Level Required: 57-62

    You can buy quest scrolls in Valdemar Regnum from Brent Parker, the Accessory Merchant in VR.


    • The NPC in the map:

    As much as you can get quest scrolls for more than one area in the map, the most worthy ones, and so the ones we are gonna see in details, are the quests for Boars and Wolves.



    • Let's see where you can find the mobs you need for the quests:


    As for CR's quests all you need to do is right click the scrolls, reach the mobs location and start killing. Every time a quest ends, and its window pops up on the screen, right click the relative scroll again to start a new one. Keep doing so untill you reach the aimed level of your toon.