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  • SpellBook Guide

    A SpellBook is an item that allows you to use the energy of Halo reactors (that drop in Stable Erde) to gain EXP.

    ⦁ Where can i find them?

    You can find them both in game and in the item mall. In game there are 2 kinds of them, which are sold by Karma, a SpellBook Merchant that is located in Auction House.


    ⦁ The SpellBooks that she sells are:

    Low quality SpellBook:


    Medium Quality SpellBook:


    ⦁ In the item mall you can, instead, find:

    Goddess SpellBook Lv1:


    Goddess Spellbook Lv2:


    Goddess Spellbook Lv3:


    ⦁ How to use it:

    First of all you have to buy the SpellBook. Once it is in your invenctory, all you have to do is right click it. A window will open.


    In this window you have to insert the number of Halo Reactors you want to convert in EXP (for example "20"), and press "enter". At that point the Halo Reactors will be converted in XP.

    Have fun!