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  • Hello Shaiyans,

    In the effort of making the game fun for everybody we would like to ask you about feedbacks and ideas about our GM events.

    In particular we need:

    Every idea about events you would like your GM team to run in game.Every idea about events you would like your GM team to run in the forum.Feedback about the events that are being hosted at the moment in game. Feedback about the events that are being hosted at the moment in the forum.

    Please, we ask you all to be respectfull in your feedbacks. Trolling, being aggressive, and any other behaviour that is not costructive won't bring to a good result, and won't, so, be helpfull for both part, you and us.

    Thank you!

  • Find the Game Sages

    Scope: to know the pve maps

    Participants: one or more GS for each faction and all players

    Time: 1 h max

    One or more GS should to hide in a secret place. Using a few suggestions in trade chat, all players have to find him/her/they... before the time runs out

    First one to find any GS wins a little gift

    Is it boring? Maybe... so try in pvp maps 8)

  • This could work in Trade chat:

    Every five (or 10 mins) a GS could divulge one letter (at a time) of a NPC's name.

    Mob names are easy. NPCs? That's a challenge. Winner is the first to pm the correct NPC's name and immediate locale (i.e. Gliter, Iris).