How to detect Bots.

  • What’s a Bot?

    Bot is a generic term the community of the MMO players has given to any automated and/or game hack that gives a player an unfair advantage over other players.

    How can I detect a Bot?

    A Bot is programmed to do a specific tasks continuously, (e.g auto attacking nearest mobs.)

    1. They might have a name that doesn’t make any sense.
    2. They're auto attacking nearest mobs continuously.
    3. The suspect is in a party and the ground around them is full of non-looted items.
    4. They don’t interact/respond to you.
    5. Located in an area with a lot of mobs spawning back fast.
    6. Usually at the map1/map2 at low level mobs for 1 hitting.
    7. They repeatedly do same thing.
    8. Their actions are abnormal to the class of the character.

    These are not carved in a stone, but are a good guidelines to watch for, when you suspect someone is a bot.

    I suspect I found a Bot, what I do now?

    There’s a few options for you.

    • Report asap to a GS in game, so they can check and make the report if needed. (Name, map and area)
    • Follow the character for a few minutes and take Screenshots from the characters actions to show why you suspect it is a bot. > Upload SS's to a image hosting site (e.g Imgur) > Send ticket.
    • Use a Screen recorder to take a video from the characters actions to show why you suspect it’s a bot. > upload to Youtube > Send ticket.