Kill Stealing and everything you need to know about it.

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Such a competition does not exist. This is an unauthorized promotion.

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  • The Rules:

    Almost every mob is a free game. There are a couple instances in which mobs are not a free game.

    • Quest boss monsters for which you have a quest to kill. You must first inform the other player that you are on the quest for it to be kill stealing. GM quest monster spawns never count as kill stealing.
    • Repeated, and purposeful kill stealing to ruin your gameplay experience. This goes beyond simple kill stealing and is actually harrassment.


    1. If you are attacking a monster and someone else rolls up and starts attacking it: it's rude, but NOT actually Kill Stealing.
    2. If after the other player starts attacking, you ask them to stop but they don't: it’s rude, but NOT actually Kill Stealing.
    3. If you are attacking a mini-boss and someone else comes and starts attacking it, taking the kill from you: it’s rude, but NOT actually Kill Stealing.
    4. If you are attacking a quest boss (with a quest for it) and someone else comes and starts attacking it, you ask them to stop because you have a quest, and they kill it anyway: that IS actually Kill Stealing.
    5. If you are attacking a named boss and someone else comes and starts attacking it, taking the kill from you: that’s NOT Kill Stealing.
    6. If after you've asked them to stop, they tell you off: that CAN BE considered Harassment.
    7. If after you've asked them to stop, they follow you around and keep killing whatever you attack: that CAN BE considered Harassment.

    Results of each scenario:

    1. Not a bannable offence.
    2. Not a bannable offence.
    3. Not a bannable offence.
    4. Kill Stealing. Possible ban if reported and verified.
    5. Not a bannable offence.
    6. Possible ban if reported and verified.
    7. Possible ban if reported and verified.


    What it comes down to is its considered KSing if somebody takes a quest boss from you and you (or your party members) have to finish that quest. All GM events that include quest monsters are a free game (the exception to the rule). Named bosses are free game. Stigma and Auizen Ruins mini-bosses are free game. Dragon (and other) chests are free game.

    You'll notice the key ingredients in all of these are asking them to stop and reporting the incident. Asking them to stop does NOT mean swearing at them, cussing them out, etc. It means: ASKING them to stop. Reporting the incident means submitting a ticket by a Contact Us with a screenshots or video as a proof of the offence.

    Aditional Notes:

    • You may not claim rooms, mobs or areas. It is not KSing if someone is simply killing in the same area as you.
    • Quest boss refers to a boss that must be killed in order to complete a quest and does not include those who's drops are needed for completing a quest.'
    • Boss farmers only need a minimum of 1 quester in their party to qualify as a quester party.


    • Contacting a GS in game can normally offer a speedier solution. If a GS is not available try a Guild Leader or officer of the offenders guild (if applicable), no one like's their guild having a bad rep.

    How I report Kill Stealers / Boss Farmers

    First of all you need proof either Screenshots (multiple) or video. You then need to upload these to a imagehosting site e.g Tinypic, Imgur and the video to YouTube.

    Then include the link in a ticket, along with any additional information on the issue.

    How do I Avoid "Kill Stealing" conflicts?

    Everyone is human, and everyone will make mistakes every now and then. It’s very possible that your “kill stealer” might have accidentally attacked your mob by clicking on it without seeing you, or even auto attacked it without realizing that there was another person in the area. It’s even possible to have this happen to you two or three times if you’re in a small grinding spot. The best thing to do in this situation is to stop and negotiate before things get out of hand.

    If you are the "kill stealer" and have stolen someone else’s kill, don’t be afraid to apologize! Just attacking a mob and killing it then making no effort to apologize might lead some to believe that it was on purpose. Sometimes it’s just a polite thing to do to apologize and try not to do it again.

    If you are the one whos mobs was "Kill Stealed", don’t immediately attack the other person! It’s best just to wait it out and see if it happens again then yell at them after the first time again. If it happens again, kindly ask them to not kill the mobs you've aggroed.

    Whatever you do, do not revenge! If somebody accidentally steals your kill, it might make them angry to steal one of their mobs! This can lead to fighting and even major competition for mobs, and ultimately a ticket sent for a harassment.

    If your grinding spot is small but nice, somebody else might come along and try to grind as well. Remember, you can’t claim spots, so if they accidentally take one of your mobs don’t immediately attack them with words. Try to make peaceful negotiations to share the area by dividing it in half, or even invite the other person to your party if you have room.