Dungeon Quests!!! Cornwell etc.

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  • This is about the cornwell ruins etc. quest. The one you can buy when you hit lvl 20 and that can help you lvl till lvl 80. People get lazy and everyone goes afk in the dungeon..

    I play this game for so many years and i enjoyed it so much, but this is such a big problem for a lot of players. There is no communication in maps because every single map is dead. Expect for the playr vs player and the trade places. Because all the maps are empty it gets so bored and not fun like it used to be before the quests. People were fighting for a farming spot and now they are all afk in a dungeon. i dont mind the quest but its just boring, tried even to find other games but my heart belongs to shaiya. Do people speak out about these quests? I hear them all the time in chat about '' back in the old days '' but i dont think they speak out for themselves. No one knows about the maps anymore because they dont go futher then map 1. Its so sad because i bet that making all those maps takes such a long time and because of those quest people wont see it. I just wish that someone will talk about the 'problem ' and that there will be a change. Its just so sad that the beauty of this game gets lost because of a Quest.


  • They just don't care about the PVE part of the game anymore , and yeah its sad cause PVE community had the best people but now they just lazy and PVP is easier to supply but even there they fail. And yeah u right the game has a lot of nice places and they put a lot of work on it , but is outdated and is not a priority.

  • I agree was nothing like the old days grinding to level up not quests that basically got you there in 2 days.. theres no fun in that at all.. that is one thing that had this game so packed with fun n people n closeness n yes its a game but what better way to have fun by making friends n hanging out n grinding using your skills n talents... working for what you achieve not buying it .. they need to remove easy quests n make it about grinding n leveling up n partys again ... other games out there that people leave here to go to still have old fashion you have to grind n party to level not poof n your at the top miss the old ways :(

  • I am only pve but have a pvp toon also but logging on every 4 months to secure accounts reading news glitch items I invested in no one makes these forums easy to understand and really im 44 if I can't figure this out then wow how are the kids going too? when we said bring the fun back to shaiya we meant fun not this... what a joke no more fun just depressing glitch item's and when I drop 4 billion on a item on boards or buy 50 billion snowballs I expect them to work. who repays me ? I'll tell you !! NO ONE !!! and honestly I been playing sense 1st beta day one. this is the only online game I play. but all my skills I used to reach lv 80 were deleted and it took me 7 years to get to 80. now people do it in one day? and really why so confusing? to many items if we're going to make every thing different why not leave shaiya the way it was in ep5 and make a new game for all your new things? the entire interface has changed. Now my old friends can not return because time limit on logging in? so accounts deleted? this game is my home game my only fun in life sad ehy ? I know but it is what it is and it is no longer fun. I'd rather go build something in real life then read these forums and never locating what I want.

  • I agree. People in CR even asks where they can go lvl after 40, when go to pando and mobs are hard to kill, they return to CR and sit.

    Pando mobs were always hard but the good part was getting a party to kill them together, but now maps are empty and the only people you may find in Pando are plvlers.

    I would add removing the CR/AR quests scrolls to my list of removing the High Exp Stones and the exp received with a 9 lvl difference.

    Shaiya really needs its grinders and farmers back, not just the pvpers.