Why Be an Orc?

  • Why make an Oracle (Priest)?

    This class relies on the spiritual nature of the Vail (humans) to heal allies.

    Oracles (priests) are an essential class. The oracle's (priest's) main function in battle is to heal. Whether your allies are fighting mobs or the opposite faction, it is your main priority to heal and dispel. And the ability to resurrect our comrades is an extremely useful skill and a must when UM characters are in the party.

    Oracles (priests) are a versatile class. We can be healer, borc (battle priest), or tank and we can solo, duo, or join parties to gain EXP or kill points. Our buffs increase HP, STR, REC, WIS, SP, ranged attack and ranged defense. Our WIS gives us a high resistance to magical attacks, making us a threat to mages (pagans).

    However, in PVP, we are usually the first target since we can make a difference in whether a battle is won or lost. Just being attacked can prevent us from healing or dispelling. And being one of the squishier classes we die easily.

  • Why be an ORC or PRIEST? ha I was one in CANTA pvp30. I bet my gears are like WEAK now and out of date lol. I miss the old players, I remember the CAMPING used to be dead all the time. I was a pretty good healer if I would say so my self. I loved healing awe man I wonder if I can log on and play?