Cooking with Ayleth

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  • eventotitle.png


    Hello! I am Ayleth. I need some help, and i will reward everyone who will manage to solve my problem. I am a chef, but my lord is a very spoiled boy. He doesn't fancy anymore anything i cook for him. Please, help me cook something yummy i can offer to him, otherwise I will end up fired very soon. I will have nice reward for the first three people that will come out with something he will like.


    There are a lot of items, in Shaiya, that represent food. And i don't mean for example the fishes on a stand, i mean items that can be used or anyway kept in the invenctory. For exmple: Vanilla ice cream, gold apple, meat and so on. You need to gather some of these tiems and make up a receipe with them.


    ⋙ One entry per person.

    ⋙ You can use a maximum of 3 ingredients that you didn't find in game, but you need to use at least 3 that are actually ingame.

    ⋙ You need to post a screenshoot of one tab of your invenctory that has only the ingredients of your receipe.

    ⋙ The screenshoot has to show also your toon name.

    ⋙ If an ingredient does exist ingame but is not in the screenshoot of your invenctory, then is considered one of the 3 allowed ingredients from out of game.

    ⋙ The winners will be declared using a mixed system. The GS team will assign 15,10, and 5 points to the first, second, and third favourite entry. Each ingredient used from ingame will give 5 points. So if the receipe contains 3 ingredients from out of game and 4 from ingame this will add 20 points for the person that posted it (5 points x 4 ingredients=20 points).

    ⋙ You will get 10 bonus points if you use only ingredients from shaiya (not the 3 ingredients from outside).

    ⋙ Even if you get points from adding ingredients and having all ingame ingredients, bear in mind that your receipe must have a sense and can't be just a random add of ingredients, otherwise it'll be disqualified.

    ⋙ To entry fill this form:

    Name: (name of the receipe)

    Ingredients from ingame:

    Ingredients from out of game:

    Receipe: (A little explanation of your receipe)



    ⋙ Starts: 12th March

    ⋙ Ends: 20th March


    ⋙ 1st Prize: 30d conti, large eternal endurane, large prevent of item drop

    ⋙ 2nd Prize: Red phoenix charm, large eternal endurance

    ⋙ 3rd Prize:Red phoenix charm

    ⋙ An example of how to do the event will be posted below by [GS]Mage.Eternal.

  • Ice Cream Fruit Salad

    Ingredients from game : Grapes, Pomegranate, Kiden fruit, Hubben fruit, vanilla ice.

    Ingredients not in game : N/A

    Receipe : a yummy fruit salad with icecream. :-) chop up fruit add to a bowl then add icecream.

    Screenshot: Shaiya0021.jpg

  • 5041mg.jpg

    I am serving up a Shaiya Feast. All ingredients are from the game (no outside ingredients were used).

    Starting from top left and going clockwise; Miracle Marinade to barbecue your favorite meats and fruits, Heavenly Crayfish Herb Boil with ice cream on top of rice cakes drizzled with maple pure, Banana-Berry Fruit Compote Flambe, Melon Champagne Punch, Crowley's Sweet Ferocious Sandwich.

    To make the Miracle Marinade:

    Torin Plum

    Aging Juice

    Silverhawk Beer

    Spirit Lost

    Magic Herb

    Mix all ingredients together. Soak meat and/or vegetables at least 2 hours before grilling.

    To make Heavenly Crayfish Herb Boil:


    Red Craydish

    Green Herb

    Tears of Goddess

    Holywater of Prolelium

    Combine Tears of Goddess and Holywater of Prolelium. Bring to a rolling boil. Add crayfish and green herb. Bring back to a boil and cook an additional 10 minutes.

    To make Banana-Berry Fruit Compote Flambe:

    Blood Berry

    Stamina Berry

    Golden Banana

    Green Banana

    Fresh Banana

    Soul Banana

    Rice Cake

    Maple Pure

    Bugset Guild Special bourbon

    Whisk together Maple Pure and Bugset Guild Special bourbon. Soak berries and bananas in the maple/bourbon mixture for 4 hours.

    To serve; Place a scoop of the marinated mixture on a rice cake. Drizzle some bourbon on top and light on fire.

    To make Melon Champagne Punch:

    Haldeck Champagne

    Insect's Juice

    Holywater of Cantabilian

    Melon Ice Cream


    Combine all ingredients and float grape ice cream on top.

    To make Crowley's Sweet Ferocious Sandwich:

    Rib of Ferocious Beast

    Sweet Cheese

    Emergency Food

    Crowley's Mushroom Layer rib, cheese, mushroom on emergency food. Cut in half and enjoy!!!!

    Bon appetit :P

  • 0d8407997bef2e25e16e5319ca4c9e6d.pngBehold! Miguel al fonso de la mage appears out of the blue!

    - No no no no, please call me Al fonso!

    So you're here to show us your golden recipe?

    - Indeed but first, today let me be BARCA and you'll be REAL! ;);)

    Real scored too!

    - Let us discuss that later(el clasico)8)

    So you're having bad luck with the women I hear? I'll let you on a little secret I call it the key to a womans heart!

    But first forget about flowers, chocolates, and declarations of love letters, leave it to the nice guys - the losers!

    The harpoon to get any girl you desire, the recipe I call the GOLDEN BURGER. Food. They love it. No no no! Not just any food. This is a golden burger. Double eteo cheeses, golden bar meat, and add vanilla to make her crit all night! boys leave the bread, emergency food for the losers. We ain't getting our ladies fat, are we? :*:*

    Now let me explain how to pull this off. Aproach the woman of your dream, gentlemen, and give her the golden burger and I promise you she will be yours to be taken! BUT WAIT. First you gotta say the magic words. "Hey girl, I'm obsessed by your bad manners. Holding that deadly weapon ready to strike my poor little heart" then immidietly say "here have a burger on me!

    By saying those magic words you agree to never hurt women or leave psychological harm on her mind. I'm not responsible for anything. Believe me this is not a tip - this is a prescription :whistling:

    Ingredients needed in-game: Eteo cheese(x10), Eteo cheese(x10), vanilla icecream, gold bar(100kk)

    Ingredients needed out-game: love

    Recipe name: Golden Burger

    Cost: North of 100 000 000 ;(

    I'd like to thank my two bunnies for the picture. I have a passion for bunnies :love: