Dispel Only

  • While I mostly play orc in Canta, I am sure that the healers in 15 have heard this phrase "Dispel only." When I have heard it I have wondered if that player really knows what they are asking of the healer, oftentimes the only healer in a raid for the 15 and 30 zones. So I would like to provide some facts about various skills.

    Fighter/Warrior skill Charge has a range of 20m

    Archer/Hunter skill Long Range adds 3m to any attack

    Most of their attack skills have a range of 24m

    (These 2 skills alone mean they can disrupt, possibly kill, the healer from a range of 30m.)

    Mage/Pagan skill Meteor has a range of 42m

    A few of their skills are set for 30m

    But most are at 27m

    (And why most that play this class insist on being the front line, I will never understand.)

    Ranger/Assassin skill Mental Storm has a range of 13m

    Priest/Oracle skill Hasty Heal has a range of 30m

    Most healing skills have a range of 27m

    However, Dispel has a range of 21m

    At a healer's max healing skill range, the range classes have skills that can disrupt the cast. When you ask for dispel only, healers become the main target very quickly. Virtually sacrificing the healer, yourself, and the possibly the entire raid during a push.. I realize that it is hard on the melee class to break away from a battle to get within range for dispel but they can help themselves by being aware of the debuffs on them.


    These 2 debuffs level 1 Dispel cannot clear, potion has to be used to get rid of them. Please notice what each does as one decreases the defenses and the other decreases the HP. Help yourself and your healer by using potions, please.


    Most healers will try to dispel when it is possible.

    Be thankful that there is a healer in the raid to begin with, being a PVP healer is not the simplest class to play.


  • I tried to play healer ones. Think it was during ep.5. I thought it was gonna be easy but it wasn't. It's wery hard work, especaily if there's only one healer. I thought my priest would move automaticly when ppl went out of range but noooo... I had to move manualy and try to get there before they die. I was litteraly running all over the Place, trying to heal and dispell... Tried it for about a month, then I gave it up and switched to battle priest. Later I sold the gear and went back to mage. ^^

    I'm wery impressed with those who can play healer and heal and despell and trying not to die at the same time. You all got my respect. :thumbup: Orcs to, Even though they keep healing what we are trying to kill. ;)