Game wont download

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  • I'm used to play this game a long time ago and it worked fine and I never had a problem with it, after not playing for a long time I got a new computer and though that I should download it again. I went to the shaiya website, logged into my account as it made me when I clicked download. and then after I went back to the shaiya website to click download again it was all fine. (other than the download botton not showing any words) I clicked on the download and as it loaded and said run I clicked it and the whole this where the logo popped up and a few minutes later it said that it couldn't connect to the download sever. ive tried for a few hours now and nothing has changed. I have tried downloading all the updated software listed on the one page and it still has not change. I tired on a different computer to still have the same result. I have looked everywhere for a solution and no luck. I would like to play this game again if anyone knows how to fix this. I have even saved the download launcher and tried it from there and it is no different. ?(:!:

  • please read here

    Download Failed: Cannot read file. c25

    and yes as a solution you need to turn off your anti virus and firewall while downloading, and when you run the game properly you can turn them on again yet when the antivirus scans the PC , it will delete the updater since it sees as a threat - in quarantine you can bring it back and better to turn real time scan in your antivirus settings.

  • First of all I suggest you review the following:

    - Check if your firewall is blocking access.

    - Some antivirus made conflicts with the game, Check if your antivirus is one of these.

    - Verify that your firewall does not block "Akamai".

    - Do not install illegal programs on your computer.

    - Check the configuration of your Internet connection.

    - Keep MS DirectX updated.

    - In case of shared Internet connection, check the configurations of your router.

    - Update the components of your PC.

    Taking into account the data mentioned, try these steps:

    First: Uninstall the game.

    Second: Run the Ccleaner, and clean the entire record of Shaiya, as well as all the files and folders related to the game (it will clean all the invalid entries, as well as any record of the game).

    Third: Lower the security of the windows defender to the minimum or deactivate it (includes the antivirus).

    Fourth: Once all the above is done, restart your PC.

    Fifth: When you start your computer, it closes all the processes that are not necessary for a better performance of the download.

    Sixth: Download the game, from the official link.

    Seventh: Install and give permission to the game in your antivirus.

    ?-**Check all drivers - drivers updated both grafic and directx. I recommend you look at the manufacturer's page of your machine to see if there are updates available for your device:

    install dependent the directx9:

    Good luck!