Detailed Shaiya Ranking (Beta)

  • Hi All,

    for all that remember the old qtax-ranking page - i tried to make a similar page where u can track the toon's kills and a few more things. the data are retrieved from the shaiya ranking pages - so basically its not more information there - except that i keep the history up and u have more filter options. its easy to search for specific toons and i display the daily kills as well - which are calculated on the fly when u switch it in the statistic panel. u reach the detailed lists and filter options from the 'view more' buttons on the first page and then u can play around with the filters there.

    i hope u like it so far ... and now u need the URL i guess ^^


    PS: i forgot to mention that on mobile devices u can add it to the homescreen and it will behave 'app-like'. on phones its a bit flawed when u use it in portrait mode - so i suggest to better use it in landscape mode.