Producer Letter April 2017

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  • Dear Shaiyans,

    First of all, I would like to introduce myself:

    I am Charly, the new Producer in charge of Shaiya since the beginning of 2017.

    I am new to this position, but not new to Shaiya or the MMORPG genre. It is a hard time for me, with many new things to learn and new challenges to beat, but I can promise all of you one thing: We will fight until our last breath for you, our players. Shaiya is a huge game with a lot of potential and we will do our best to follow the right path.

    The last months have been tedious and difficult. Since the merge with Gamigo, we have been facing a lot of changes and restructurations. Everything was moving very fast in the office, therefore we could only provide the basic operational tasks to keep Shaiya running. This led to delays in our services and tickets, and a huge lack of communication and presence from our side, which we are not happy with.

    We won’t leave you in the dark again. We all play video games and we totally understand you.

    Having said that, I would like to start my first letter with a list of the main topics we will be focusing on and how we want to address them:

    Getting on track:

    With all these changes going on, we have an almost completely new team: New Game Masters in, new Coordinators, new Producer, new Game Designer, new Developer… The whole team is very motivated and working a lot to achieve all the results we all want.

    Tickets/GM Services: All the support requests are back on track. The quality, however, is not the best and we are aware of it. We are working on it but for the moment our priority is to be able to fix your issues and perform your services without making you wait for weeks. Shaiya, within all the games in the company, is the biggest one in terms of support requests. Our goal is to reduce the amount of requests we receive and increase our quality in the meantime.

    Organization: With the numerous changes that happened over the past months, the team organization is not at its best. We have a lot of plans in mind for Shaiya, and we need a proper structure for achieving them. We are currently implementing new processes to ensure a smooth workflow to deliver the best possible service to you. It is taking time but we are getting there.

    Workload: Our current workload is quite high on all fronts. We will reduce it as much as we can without harming the game. The more time we free up, the more we can focus on you, our community. One of the main topics here will be automating the GM services and getting rid of the useless ones, like the low level enchants in Episode 8. (GM services, we will find you and hunt you down…).

    Unification: Last but not least, we will unify the territories as much as we can. We currently have a lot of different rules, services and processes, even among the merged territories like DE, FR and IT or US and EE (Hello OJ stats! We will also hunt you!). All those differences are blocking us a bit in regard to developing (yes, developing. We will go into that later) and driving us totally crazy.

    Gaining back the trust:

    Our communication wasn’t good enough in the last months. As said before, we did not have many chances to improve it. We will work hard on this point, and we want to share with you as much as the game operations allow.

    Producer Letter: From now on, we will have a Producer Letter on a bi-monthly basis. We are going to face a lot of new changes and challenges, and I will personally keep you up-to-date with these letters. Sometimes they will be big walls of text (like this one), sometimes just little updates.

    GM presence: One of our main focuses is to reduce the team’s workload, so that we can focus more on the community and be present in the game. We want to be as close to you as we can, and collect information and feedback from the best source: our players.

    Discord: We are going to set up a Discord server for Shaiya. All players will be invited to join and use it, and the whole team will be there for you during our work shifts. However, I can not promise a huge support from them just yet, as our workload is still high. In the future, one of the things we will do here are Q&A sessions. Discord is a good and transparent way to be in contact with our players on a daily and direct basis.

    Facebook: We will definitely get back to actively using our Facebook pages, as another way to directly interact with the community. Unfortunately, we don’t know yet when we will start this project.

    Information available: The current information available on Shaiya is not accurate or updated. The website content looks pretty awful. We will shut down most of the links there and replace them with proper information.

    Source Code, aka SC:

    If you have made it this far, you have likely realized that I am clear and direct, and this won’t be an exception.

    Yes, it’s a shame. We announced the SC back in July 2016, and we did… nothing. Not because we didn’t want to, it’s because we weren’t the only ones facing changes and restructurations.

    We got the SC in a very unlucky moment: Our technical team had to merge servers, tools, processes, licenses and many other things when the two companies merged, and our deadlines kept getting delayed.

    Our development team spent that time learning with the little things we had, and that is paying off now. We are already working with the SC and we found a lot of things we didn’t see before.

    The sentence ‘we are working on the SC’ may sound familiar to some of you. This is because of those delayed deadlines and therefore wasn’t totally accurate. We can’t blame anyone, though. It’s been chaotic months.

    We got everything we needed on the 14th of February 2017, and since then we are exploring our options and preparing small fixes to show you that things are finally moving. Developing a game like Shaiya is not an easy job.

    I guess you may be feeling a bit bitter after my words. You may be thinking we are making false promises again. I will ask you one thing, believe. Believe in my words like I believe in our team.

    Fixing, not fishing:

    Before we start developing big, we have a lot of stuff to take care of. You, as players, with your feedback, suggestions and questions, will be the ones deciding how we will develop the game. Before we get to that point, though, we first have to deal with necessary fixes.

    I can’t say when and what, since it depends on how we get on with the SC, but I can make a short term fixes list we will work on:

    In-game security: Everyone is tired of dealing with fake GS/GMs. A lot of stolen accounts and scams happen because of it. Even though we repeatedly inform players that neither GMs nor GSs will ever ask for your login information, a lot of players are still falling for the scam. We will therefore make sure that everyone will be able to easily identify our staff inside the game.

    GM Services: It is not a secret. We receive hundreds of GM service requests everyday, and this is simply... insane. Right now, with our current numbers, an unexpected absence of somebody from the team can easily lead to delays. We are going to reduce those requests to the minimum amount possible. As previously stated, our plan is to automate GM services in-game as much as we can and to get rid of the useless ones. In fact, we already have the ‘what and how’ of a few of them.

    Bug fixing: There are a lot of old bugs which we can’t believe were not fixed in the past. For example, in ES/PT we have weapons with different conditions for each faction. In WE some resurrection runes have wrong localization, in US many low level items are wrong… We have a list of all those issues and we will be fixing the ones we can, as soon as possible. We are not going to request more reports from your side until we show you that things are finally moving. I can ask you to believe once, not twice.

    Stat padding: That is for unskilled players. We will find a way to force these players to get the kills legally, learning how to PvP in Shaiya.

    The way to go is content updates:

    Unfortunately, I cannot share too much at this point. We are not very sure yet of what we can do exactly and how fast, since it all depends on how we progress with the SC. Still, we have done our homework and there is a lot of room for content. We have already discovered many interesting and epic options.

    There is only one rule in place at the moment: We will focus totally on the game development.

    New episode for ES/PT: Our LATAM players are still on Episode 6 and it has been like that for years. We are of course aware of this and already exploring our options. It is one of our absolute priorities in terms of content. Since it is a big challenge, however, we don’t know yet when we will be able to deliver it.

    PvP system: Shaiya PvP is amazing and there are a lot of interesting things we can do. Can you imagine a time-limited ranking with exclusive rewards? A Battle Royale map? 5v5 arena? Special bosses for PvP?

    Seasonal content: What about bringing back those seasonal events? Halloween, Christmas, Easter…

    And a Legendary item? Completing epic and hard quests chains, fighting new bosses… This can be priceless!

    Our options are unlimited. Once we are comfortable enough with the fixes and developments, we will start requesting your input for the next steps. You are the ones giving life to the game, so let’s build Shaiya together!

    It is time to bury the bad and be reborn from the ashes.


    Note: Please, keep updated your e-mail address. We will start sending newsletters soon.

    Maybe with some interesting rewards there! Don’t miss it!