The Game Sage Program

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    • What exactly IS a Game Sage?
    • What do they do?
    • How do I become one?

    These are all fabulous questions and are about to be answered for you.


    A Game Sage is a Community Volunteer who may often be found in-game, on the forums and in the Shoutbox. Game Sages, known as GS's are selected for their knowledge in a game as well as their willingness to help and their positive attitudes.

    Game Sages are normal players with more responsibilities. A Game Sage is a representative of Aeria Games and serves to speak on behalf of Aeria Games to players and vice versa. Game Sages help resolve player issues where they can and will call a GM if needed and when they can. They also try to make the game more enjoyable for the players by running events for the players among other things.

    If a Game Sage tells you that something is wrong and to stop doing it, do NOT try to debate it if it's obvious that it is borderline or even obviously wrong. If there's a reasonable doubt as to whether it's right or wrong, you can always send a ticket.


    Good question! Game Sages are called upon to do some, but not limited to the following:

    • Communicating with players about their issues, concerns and feedback as well as providing them with need-to-know information and gameplay assistance.
    • Documenting issues and bugs in the proper format.
    • Resolving in-game issues such as harassment, excessive foul language, etc.
    • Mediating between parties during arguments to prevent issues from being exploded out of proportion.
    • Coming up with new in-game events for the players.
    • Planning, organizing and running in-game/forum events for the players.
    • Being the first line of customer service for Aeria Games.


    Game Sages work with the GM team - but they are not employees of Aeria, just volunteers. They are virtually players just like the rest of the community.

    As such, GSes are NOT required to:

    • Power level your characters.
    • Run instances/PVP with you. You can ask, but like any player they have the right to decline.
    • Give out free items or gold.
    • Deal with harassment. They can and will report you for harassment like anyone else.

    Game Sages are also NOT allowed to do the following:

    • Mediate trades or transfer items for you.
    • Call a GM for you. If you need to contact a GM, please submit a RT.
    • Forward your RT.

    They also cannot modify, edit or change any aspects of the game, accounts or anything outside of their own character. They do not have powers of any kind - they are simply volunteers.



    Information you receive as a Game Sage is absolutely private. This applies to information you get from the PMs, GMs, forum moderators or even other GSes. Trust is vitally important for this program and without it - we cannot function as a team.


    As a volunteer for Aeria Games, you do two things. You represent the player to Aeria and you represent Aeria to the player. Your behavior reflects on you as well as the team. Always approach players politely. Never threaten a player nor threaten punitive actions (bans, mute, etc.) on them. Never speak down to a fellow player or treat them as inferior. Game Sages, again, are players as well, they just have more responsibilities than the others do.


    If you cannot find the answer to something and you've checked all the mediums - wiki, forums and asked other players, you should know how to use your best judgement (aka common sense). It's OKAY to not have all the answers as long as you make an effort to improve and learn.


    Being familiar with the game and forums, understanding and following the Terms of Service, FAQ and Policies of Aeria Games. You should be well-versed in locating information.


    You're applying to be a Game Sage for a game that has mecha fighters, swordplay and magic - this is not serious business. We expect you to be on your Ps and Qs, but we want you to have FUN too. There needs to be a balance between being serious and being fun if you want to be a successful GS.


    We look for players who have already shown improvement or willingness to assist the community - not players who try to help at the last minute. The Game Sage program is not a popularity contest. It's tough work sometimes and you have to be prepared for hard questions and inquiring players. Make sure you're aware of what you're applying to do. The only thing left to do is apply when applications are open - which is announced on the forums in a Game Sage Application thread. If you don't see one, that means applications are closed.

    If you have more questions, you can ask any of the current Shaiya GSes and they will be more than happy to assist.


    A Game Sage applicant

    • Must be over 16
    • Must have time to contribute to the community in a specified role
    • Must have a record of contributions in-game and on forums
    • Must have strong people skills, enthusiasm and game knowledge
    • Must have a desire to expand and improve the community
    • Must show teamwork and an ability to work and support discussion with others
    • Must Be willing to meet any additional requirements in their specified role
    • May not be on any watched or banned lists

    Furthermore he or she

    • Must have minimum 6 months experience with the game
    • Must have been an Aeria Games Member for minimum 6 months
    • Must have met the forum post requirements for the game


    Please, never ever forget that Game Sages are normal players. They are volunteers willing to help you and us. They have to follow the same rules you have to follow.

    However, if they ask you to stop something (like spamming the chat), remind you to follow the rules, etc. ... then show respect and take it seriously!

    A GS may have characters on both factions - this is sometimes useful and needed (for example for Events, testings, chat observation, ingame announcements via trade chat and more) - do not call this into question.


    If you think someone is breaking the rules in any way (and it does not matter if it is a [GS] or a "normal" player) then please always create a ticket and add as much detailed information as possible like time, date, what has happened, ... and screenshots.

    This means:

    Do not create a forum posts to report players, to harass players, ... name calling is not allowed. Do not post pictures / screenshots in which you can see player names and report them as hacker / botter / "bad guy" - you can never know if the character was maybe hacked and could ruin someone's gameplay fun or even life.

    Tickets are considered personal and are not to be posted or otherwise made public without permission.

    Violations of these rules will result in the post being edited or even removed.

    Please follow the rule and report players via ticket system only!