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    By [GS]Spankie and [GS].Wendolyn.


    We did Spring cleaning and inventoried 150 items that drops in game or are buyable from NPCs. We wrote down their descriptions… But we forgot to add the names on the cards !!


    Help us to name the items on the two different forms. Read the descriptions and then name the items exactly as named in the game.


    ”Disposable item, which is a fine glittery powder. It is used for making clothes and armor.” - Gold Powder

    ”Perfect Lapis compounding without failure.” - Perfect Linking Hammer (PLH not accepted)


    • You can take part only with one account.
    • One entry per form.
    • 1 point per correct answer, max 150 points (Spelling matters!).
    • Second form will be opened on 17.04.2018 8-9PM CET.
    • You have to send in the first form before the second form is opened.
    • You don’t have to enter with both forms.
    • Do not post screenshots on this thread.

    First Form: ~Closed~

    Second Form: ~Closed~


    1st: 30 Day CRR + PID + EE + 50 Regnum Potion + 20 Recreation Runes
    2nd: 15 Day CRR + 2x 7 Day PID +2x 7 Day EE + 25 Regnum Potion + 10 Recreation Runes
    3rd: 7 Day CRR + PID + EE + 10 Regnum Potions + 5 Recreation Runes


    Starts: 10.04.2018

    Ends: 24.04.2018 9PM

    Winners are here !

    1st: 3S-E - 146 Points

    2nd: -MaxedOut- - 55 Points

    3rd: MeIhior - 50 Points