Guide and Billing Errors

At the moment, the consumer advice centre is warning of an increased volume of phishing e-mails.

Unfortunately, we have recently received more and more information that there are also e-mails in circulation that advertise an Aeria competition.

Such a competition does not exist. This is an unauthorized promotion.

In the email you will be asked to follow a link and on a deceptively real copy of our website you will be asked to enter your account information.

If you have received such a message, please delete it immediately. Please do not click on the link and never enter your account information on other websites.

If you have already followed a link from such a message, immediately change your password using the "Forgot your password?“ function on the website of your game.

Before you enter your account name and password, you should always check the URL of the website you are currently on.

  • As the leading publisher of free-to-play games, Aeria proudly provides in-game and web-based Item Mall shops to support the free-to-play model. We understand that your online financial security is important, and are dedicated to providing a safe and secure environment for you to invest in your favorite games.

    This thread serves to provide you with the tools and resources necessary to understand how our Billing and online financial security systems operate, and what to do if issues arise.

    Our Commitment

    In our commitment to continually provide free-to-play games, we provide an online billing service to allow you to conveniently and immediately purchase and use Aeria Points (AP) both directly from your game and via a web-based Item Mall, using a variety of payment methods.

    We want you to be assured that all of your online transactions through our billing service are closely monitored to ensure confidentiality, in order to prevent hacking and fraud. We will be diligent in our efforts to assist you should your account become compromised.

    Common Billing Issues

    In order to maintain the financial security you expect from Aeria, measures are in place to ensure that your money is safely and conveniently converted to Aeria Points (AP). These security measures may, at times, cause an Error to appear on your account, on the circular AP icon next to your account name at the top of the Aeria Games webpage.

    Error Codes
    There are several different types of billing errors and you may see any of the following codes:

    • Suspended or -1
    • Inactive or -2
    • -901
    • ERROR

    Suspended and -1

    Your account is not suspended for playing, only for purchasing and spending AP.

    • Change of payment method i.e. you used a different credit card or you used a Fun Card when you normally use Credit Cards.
    • You used a card that is expired or is no longer attached to your bank account
    • You've been inactive or haven't purchased AP for a long time and now suddenly you are again
    • You changed the PIN on your credit card
    • Using the same card on multiple accounts
    • Billing information on your card has changed, such as your address or name.

    This is not an all-inclusive list. There may be other reasons not listed above.

    You may have received an email explaining what issue caused you to receive an error on your account. If you received this email, follow the instructions outlined to remedy the error. If you did not receive this email, send a ticket to Billing with the following information:

    1. Aeria Games Account ID (not in-game character name)
    2. Payment Method used to purchase
    3. Transaction or Receipt ID**
    4. Date and amount of purchase
    5. Provide as much detail as possible

    **If you do not have a transaction or receipt ID please put N/A or “I don’t have one”. A response in this box is required.

    Inactive and -2

    The transaction is in progress. This can take as long as 45 minutes but generally takes between 5 and 20 minutes to complete processing.

    This simply means that buying and spending is on hold until the transaction finishes processing. No further action is necessary.


    -901 is a generic code generated when a merchant such as PayPal cannot process your payment due to an issue with where the payment comes from, such as your bank or credit card company, regarding a discrepancy in the information supplied on the card account i.e. address, card number, pin number, etc.

    You must contact PayPal customer support to resolve this error. Aeria cannot see information you have provided to PayPal. A discrepancy in that information is generally the cause of this error, as stated above. Therefore, only PayPal can address the issue. If PayPal is insistent that the fault is with Aeria, please request to speak with someone else at PayPal and have them research why Aeria cannot process the payment.


    Billing Inactivity
    Every quarter Aeria generates an internal report of accounts that have unused AP on them. Accounts with unused AP are prime targets for hackers. In an effort to keep hackers at bay, Aeria will suspend the ability to purchase and spend AP. **

    You should receive an email if your purchase and spending permissions are suspended.
    • If you have received this email, follow the instructions outlined in the email to recover your permissions.
    • If you did not receive this email, send a ticket to Billing for resolution.

    **In some cases, Aeria will ban the entire account. If this happens, and you have not received an email with instructions, send an account recovery ticketto have your account unlocked. Once you have access to the account again, you will then see the ERROR, and will need to send a separate ticket to Billingfor resolution, as outlined above.

    Additional Billing Information

    Billing Tips

    To help Billing expedite your ticket in a timely manner please note the following:

    • Please allow up to 72 hours for Billing to review your ticket. **
    • Due to the high volume of tickets, please do not submit more than one ticket as it will clutter our system.
    • Please do not reply to the ticket while you are waiting for a reply from our support team, as replying to a ticket after it has been submitted will move it to the end of the line.

    **72 hours from the time you submit your ticket.

    Useful Links

    • Contact Us - Select Missed Promotion if you were unable to participate in a sale or Tiered Spender event due to a Billing error. You may receive the sale items or tiers, or something similar.