The Glorious Guide to Increasing Computer Performance [These steps can help your computer run Shaiya more efficiently and cut some lag]

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  • Note: This guide was made in 2010 so may need a update. At all - thanks for slwaters about making it!

    What is the only thing that you hear more often than ‘Money plis,’ or ‘Plvl me?’ This evil menace doesn’t allow our gaming experience to be as enjoyable as it should be, nor does it provide the means to perform at our best! This taboo word is lag, and hopefully with this guide you will learn ways to help decrease this and prevent yourself from becoming as frustrated with the game. So, throw that bottle of Tylenol back into the cabinet, because after reading this guide you won’t need it anymore!

    If you’re running Windows Vista or Windows 7, then most likely you have Aero running. This is a feature that allows your windows and menu to appear transparent and provides the desktop with more vibrant colors. Although it makes your Desktop look cooler, it pulls a lot from your computer’s graphics card. At least while you are playing a game, it is a very good idea to turn it off. To have Aero automatically turn off while Shaiya is playing follow the following steps:

    Right click on the Shaiya Shortcut > Properties > Compatibility > Then make sure the box ‘Disable Desktop Composition’ is checked.

    If you are playing the game on a Laptop, make sure that your computer is plugged in and the battery setting is set to ‘High Performance.’ To Change the Battery Setting right click on the battery icon at the lower right hand corner of the screen, then choose Power Options. Find ‘High Performance’ and activate that setting.

    Making sure your computer doesn’t have to focus on any other programs than the ones you want, you can disable programs from starting automatically when your computer is started. To Stop Unneeded Programs from Startup:

    Start > type: “msconfig” in search bar > msconfig > Selective Startup > Click: Load System Services and Load Startup Items > Go to the Services tab > Click: Hide all Microsoft Services (Make sure there is a checkmark in the box now) > Disable All > OK > Restart your computer

    Now for the in-game options that you can change! On the Startup Loader go to Options, from here you have tools that allow you to change features that fit your specific computer’s ability to run the game. Of course, it is ideal to have the ability to run everything at maximum, but if you’re lagging try to change things. I recommend changing the resolution to 1024x768, remember the more pixels you use the more devotion your graphics card will have to devote to it.

    The following are the features that I use while playing the game (feel free to adjust as your preference desires.) Change the Color bit to 16bit, and the Texture Quality and the Visual field to Intermediate. The Water-Reflection and Glow Effect should be at None. Note: You can still turn your Texture Quality and Visual Field to Beginner if needed. I would keep changing these until you find the perfect medium between gameplay and quality.

    You will also see an option to play the game in Window Mode or Full Screen. Playing the game in a window will be less devotion from your graphics card, but if may slow the game down a bit if you are running programs that your computer will also need to focus on.

    Remember to maintain your computer with regular programs that will assure your computer is running at its best potential. There is free software (Legal) that will do all of the things automatically for you with just a touch of a button! I highly recommend downloading iOrbit’s Advanced System Care 3, as well as a program that will help turn off unneeded features before you play a game (Game Booster 2.) The links will bring you straight to the website for download. I have used and tested both for about a year, and they work great! If you don’t already have Security Software, download their Security 360 as well! When using Advanced System Care 3, just click the ‘Care” button and it will do everything for you! You can also click the Turbo Boost button and have it automatically turn features off.

    Advanced System Care 3:

    Game Booster 2:

    Security 360:

    If you have done all this, and would like to do more.. I recommend shutting everything on your computer off and start from scratch. (This will not shut off your internet or anything just programs.) I would write this down if you decide to use this, and a good note is that I do not think it is possible to Tab Out of the full screen mode of the game. You can run additional programs (like a browser, Skype, or Vent) if desired.

    Start > type ‘Run’ in search bar > type ‘taskmgr’ > Okay > In Processes tab find the entry “explorer.exe” (NOTE: NOT iexplorer) > select it > hit end button

    Everything on the desktop will disappear, except for the Task manager. Do not exit out of it while you have everything turned off, you can minimize it however. To start Shaiya, go to the Task Manager and select File > New Talk (Run) > Click Browse and select the updater.exe file in your shaiya folder. (Normally c:\aeriagames\shaiya) and press OK button. Shaiya will start normally. Once you are finished playing and want to return the desktop to the way it was: Task Manager > New Task button > type ‘explorer.exe’ > Enter.