Piece after piece - forum event by Raevyth

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    Hello Shaiyans,

    Join me in a particular hunt. I need you to bring me one item but.....i totally forgot how they use to call it. But i won't let you totally down! I have the picture of the place where, they say, the item can be found. Yeah....cough.....sadly the picture got broken in pieces, so i will give you those pieces and you will have to put it together again. But, don't worry! I will reward you for your great effort!


    I have taken a screenshotfor each faction of a place in the shaiya's world (could be anywhere, where it's up to you to find out) and split it in several pieces. I will post one piece for day for 9 days. What you have to do is finding out where the place is, and get the item that drops from the monsters in that location. I will also give you a little hint about the item, to make sure you will pick the right one, and not another one dropping from the same location. Once you got the right item, you have to make a screenshot that must include the name of your toon, the minimap (for the date) and the asked item, that must be in the first slot of the tab of the invenctory showed in the screenshot (this to make sure you really guess the item, and don't just gather 24 items hoping the right one will be in them) and the cursor of the mouse on the items, so description pops up.

    After, send it using the form.


    Everyone that gets the item wins? Well, is not that easy. I will have 3 winners, and they will be picked by a raffle. Basically, sooner you bring me the item (with less clues) more entries for the raffle you will have and with that more chances to win.

    1 piece: 9 entries

    2 pieces: 8 entries

    3 pieces: 7 entries

    4 pieces: 6 entries

    5 pieces: 5 entries

    6 pieces: 4 entries

    7 pieces: 3 entries

    8 pieces: 2 entries

    9 pieces (full picture): 1 entry

    You will be able to choose the numbers you want to be assigned at (unless they're already taken from someone that was faster than you, of course).


    From 21th July (First piece) to 29th July (last piece).

    I will post pieces at midnight ish (so starting from the midnight CET of the 21th) and screenshots will count if sent till the midnight CET of the day after.


    - Minimap and name of the toon must be showed in the screenshot

    - The item you think is right must be in the first slot of the showed tab of your invenctory

    -Please use the form (this) to send the screenshot, DO NOT post it in this topic or you'll give the solution to the people who didn't get it yet

    - Pick only one faction

    - You must host the screenshot in a hosting site and post the link in the form. You can find a guide here about how to host an image.

    -You must not edit the screenshot


    UoF: If it's magic you want to learn about, this item might help you.

    AoL: A beauty reveals the horrible.


    First: 30d mount or 30d costume or 30d pet and crowly costume dye x5 and x10 recreation rune

    Second: 30d mount or 30d pet or 30d costume and crowly costume dye x5

    Third: 30d costume and crowly costume dye x5


    - Shoim 0, 9, 14, 27, 51, 55, 100

    - Yaguchisan 1, 18, 20, 45, 61, 77, 93

    - vasile.marian 4, 5, 8, 12, 15, 44

    - eleda 6, 17, 22, 57, 86

    - infi8612 7


    1. eleda with the number 17

    2. vasile.marian with the number 4

    3. Shoim with the number 55

    AoL Pieces:


    image.pngimage.png image.pngimage.png image.pngimage.png

    UoF Pieces:

    uof1.pnguof2.png uof3.png


    uof7.png uof8.pnguof9.png

    29.07.2017 Now the pieces are in the right order.

    As bonus clues for the place:


    Near the tail of the watery snake, that's where you've to look.


    This place is kissed by the water, watched by the woods, mountains around grant their protection.