Valentines Day

  • ♥♥♥ Love love love...♥♥♥

    ♥ Love is in the air... Your GSs feel it too! So... We have too much of this feeling... that we want to announce this event! ♥

    What do you need to do?

    ♥ You have to send a screenshot from the game(like post in this topic). On this screen your toon has to show love with a GS! Faction and gender is not important. ♥


    ♥ one account = one application

    ♥ On the screen your character has to confess love with a GS (using the love emote) (in chat place)

    ♥ on screen must be seen moment when your and GS toon confesses love with charm

    ♥ character names must be clearly visible

    ♥ screens can not be repeated

    ♥ only pics in posts, we do not accept links

    ♥ the assessment will be subjective ;)


    ♥ GSs may not participate in this event because they are part of it ;)


    ♥ 1st place - Kill Stone 7d + 200 Regnums!

    ♥ 2nd place - Dungeon Scroll Map 7d + 200 Regnums!

    ♥ 3d place - Large EE 30d + 200 Regnums!

    ♥♥Furthermore - everyone who join to this event receive Double Warehouse as a consolation prize!♥♥

    Date: 7 February 2017 - 14 February 2017 [11:59 p.m. Berlin Time Valentine's Day!]


    ♥ [GS]Danza

    ♥ [GS]Minnzy

    ♥ [GS]Misumi

    You can find the GSs in game:

    AoL - [GS]Misumi, [GS]Disenya.., [GS]LickyJ

    UoF - [GS]Danza, [GS]Minnzy, [GS]Sinicle, [GS]v.v