Blue Monday Shaiya


    Blue Monday its the most depressed day in year. For us its the best time to organized event!

    Dont be sad, log to game and act!

    What you need to do?

    •  find two places in game - one depressed and one happy
    • do screens this places and put here like post to this topic
    • remember that your toon must be on screens (if you want you can be with friends) 

      note: keep in mind that if many of your friends use the same screens, it won't be awesome/original

    • you can put shorts sentences/dialogs on screen
    • you can add something using image editing software, but not more than 1/4th of the photo
    •  we dont accept posts with links, only pictures
    •  and in post we need short description why you choosed this places
    • assessment will be objective, depends on our taste
    • no plagiarism!!


    • 1st place - CRR 30d and EE 30d!!

    • 2nd place - CRR 30d and Red Phoenix Charm!

    • 3rd place - PLH!


    • [GS]Misumi
    • [GS]Minnzy
    • [GS]Danza

    Time: 02.01.2017 - 08.01.2017