Information Regarding Fake Emails and Spam Mails

  • Hello Shaiyans!,

    Due to recent hacking and account scamming incidents, we would like to inform you about recently appearing forum accounts which are not part of AGE.

    You will get private messages or see topics via forum, Discord or on other ways with tempting offers for free AP, free item or a link to verify your account. The sender of those messages will have names of known GM, GS, product manager, forum admin or community manager.

    THOSE MAILS/TOPICS/MESSAGES ARE FAKE!! They where not created or sent by Aeria Games or Gamigo

    In case you encounter such: Please do not CLICK it!

    The messages can look like the following:


    Please be aware:

    1. Aeria Support (Game Master, Game Sage, ... ) will NEVER send such messages via forum, Discord or email to you and will never threaten you with a ban in such messages.
    2. GMs and GS' of the Aeria Community will NEVER ask you for personal account information such as account name, email or password.
    3. The writing style of the sender address (for examples check screen: "Bot, Community Manager, GameSage, …")
    4. The content of the message (spelling, grammar, writing style)
    5. If you get an email in regard of a ban it will always contain the reason aswell as how long the ban will last.
    6. The official email address of a ticket reply will ALWAYS be The ticket reply will ALWAYS be sent to the email address set in your account.

    Following things can be done to protect your account:

    1. Change your password regulary.
    2. Never give your information to third parties (friends, relatives, guild members or Aeria-Games/Gamigo employees).
    3. Stay away from gold sellers and other illegal third party providers/offers!
    4. Only use the unchanged original game client, downloadable via the official website
    5. Pay attention to the sender address of private messages or emails.

    How you will recognize an official account of an AGE employee:

    Official forum accounts of Aeria Games employees will have a tag behind the name (check fig.)

    Community Manager




    Forum Admin






    In case you are in doubt, you can check out the current members of the staff via Members > Shaiya Team or contact a staff member via Discord


    In case you received a private message:

    You will always see a official tag on official employees of Aeria Games next to the user name.


    Official employees of Aeria Games will have a special tag on Discord as well. Please verify the correct spelling!





    What to do if you clicked on a link:
    In case you clicked on a possible fraudulent link please send a ticket Current GM and GS List and contact the GS team as fast as possible.

    You can find an up to date list of current members of the GS team HERE

    In case you are in doubt if a message is fake or not, please do not hesitate to contact the GS team.

    Kind Regards

    Your Shaiya Team!