Infinite Dungeon - Detailed info that you need to know! by therealgoober

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  • Greetings!

    Mr.Yummy (and friends) here to provide you with information that you need to know about the Episode 7's Infinite Dungeon!

    Feel free to ask questions or comment. I will try my best to keep up with all replies to this thread and assist in any way possible.

    If there is a topic about the dungeon you feel should be included, ask away and I will include any information we acquire on the topic!

    1) Any level toon can get in any level dungeon. *SUBJECT TO CHANGE*

    Yes, this is true. Of course, the end-map rewards are for the level of the dungeon, not the toon you are playing.

    This also means mob defense and HP is much lower for lower level dungeons, and higher for higher lvl dungeons.

    However, use this to your advantage now, as this is an issue that has caused an uproar and will be changed!

    2) Mob damage has NO basis on your defense!

    Seriously, this has been tested in over 70 runs I've made in the last 48 hours (not all successful, mind-you).

    Mob damage at ANY level of the dungeon is % based off YOUR HP, nothing more.

    The % is determined in a couple of ways:

    A) What mob is attacking you? From my experiences, the larger the enemy's actual SIZE, the more HP % they hit you for. This can range from 8-12% of your MAX HP per hit.

    B) How many members are currently still in your party? From my experiences, the more people in your party that went in, the harder the mob hit. This adds about .5-1% per extra member beyond a duo.

    2b) Mob damage is affected only by Damage Absorption!

    Yes, this means lower level toons make the best tanks! In any level instance! (Whether or not they can hold agro is a different story. Sometimes they just have to pull mobs away from your objective area!)

    Since 10% is the mean amount of damage taken, we'll use this as an example:

    If you have 3,000 HP with 300 damage absorption: You are looking at an average of 1hp damage hits on you per mob! (300 damage - 300 absorb = 0)

    If you have 75,000 HP with 2000 damage absorption: You are looking at an average of 5500 damage hits on you per mob! (7500 damage - 2000 absorb = 5500)

    3) Mobs ARE affected by debuffs!

    Yes, this means you can use your debuff lapises and skills!