Patch Note (14/12/2017) - Christmas Patch

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    Ho ho ho!

    Christmas is almost here and it is time to celebrate! For the occasions several events/animations are available in game to help you feel in the mood.

    1) Christmas Decorations

    What would be Christmas without decorations? The main cities of Teos have been decorated properly:

    • Apulune


    • Iris


    • Auction House


    2) What is in the Santa's Secret Box?

    You can buy a Santa's Secret Box from the NPC Runaway Rudolph in Keolloseu or in Gliter for 100 gold.

    SantaBox.PNG | Santa's Secret Box

    When you click on this box, the Christmas Crafting interface will appear in glitter and beauty!


    With this system, you can craft many different Christmas items! Christmas mounts, Christmas Helmets, Santa Rings... You can find below a complete list of items that can be crafted with this new system. We let you discover the details of these items in game!

    • Ativ Remedy

    • Christmas Party Helmet (Light)

    • Christmas Party Helmet (Fury)

    • Christmas Reindeer (speed equivalent to Sonic Lv1)

    • Snowboard (speed equivalent to Sonic Lv1)

    • Santa's Ring Lv1

    • Santa's Ring Lv2

    • Santa Helmet (Light)

    • Santa Helmet (Fury)

    • Elf Helmet (Light)

    • Elf Helmet (Fury)

    • Christmas Reindeer (Fast) (speed equivalent to Sonic Lv2)

    • Snowboard (Fast) (speed equivalent to Sonic Lv2)

    • Santa's Ring Lv3

    • Santa's Ring Lv4

    Important features for the Crafting System:

    • The base success rate for each crafting formula is indicated when you click on the item.

    • Every time you are using the system, the Santa's Secret Box and Christmas Crafting Materials will be consumed (whether the alchemy succeeds or fails).

    • You can increase your success rate with gold (up to 5% maximum - 1 million gold increases your success rate by 0,01% | 500 million gold increase your success rate by 5%).

    • You can increase your success rate with Chaos Crafting Hammer (Chaos Crafting Hammers increase your success rate by 5% | Infinite Chaos Crafting Hammers increase your success rate by 10%).

    • You can combine a Crafting Hammer with gold to increase your chance of succeeding even more!

    • If the alchemy fails, you will obtain an Etain Potion as a compensation.

    Chaos Crafting Hammers:

    • ChaosHammer.PNG | Increases your success chance when using the Christmas Crafting Interface by 5%.

    • InfiniteHammer.PNG | Increases your success chance when using the Christmas Crafting Interface by 10%.

    But where do I get the crafting materials?

    3) Christmas Crafting Materials

    Christmas Crafting Materials can be dropped from seven areas, from all the christmas mobs available on the map:

    However, crafting materials are split in two categories (normal and rare crafting materials). Of course, you will get normal crafting materials more often than rare crafting materials.

    Normal Christmas Crafting Materials:

    • XmasSocks.PNG | Santa Socks

    • XmasCookie.PNG | Christmas Cookie

    • XmasCandle.PNG | Christmas Candle

    • XmasCane.PNG | Candy Cane

    Rare Christmas Crafting Materials:

    • XmasSnowman.PNG | Snowman Ornament

    • XmasOrnament.PNG | Round Ornament

    • XmasRibbon.PNG | Ribbon Decoration

    • XmasSnowflake.PNG | Snowflake Ornament

    We hope that you enjoy Christmas and the holiday season with friends, family and the events that we have prepared and take pictures as souvenirs! More surprises may come... (hint: some of them are visible in the pictures :D)

    The Notice Boards don't like Christmas and decided to go invisible. However, functionality is still given.

    Your Shaiya GM Team


    by [GM]Bodhisattva

  • Xmass Quests Guide

    Hey guys! As you know we have Christmass Patch - more info about it here. But in patch descriptions we dont have details about quest. So we wanna help you with it and in this threat you can find more info about Xmass Quests from Santa Claus and Kevin/Mac NPC.

    1. Santa Claus - Santa's Lost Presents




    Quest description

    And you can find him in Iris [UoF] and Apulune [AoL]:


    NPC will take all presents which u have in inventory [10/50/70 or 100] so collect that much as which prize you want get:

    • 10 presents - Santa's Sock

    • 50 presents - Santa's Sock, Fortune Egg

    • 70 presents - Santa's Sock, Special Costume Box

    • 100 presents - Santa's Sock, Quality Jewel Box

    • Lost Presents you can get from Free Reward in every 2 hours.


    2. Kevin / Mac - Catch the Mischievous Goats




    Quest description

    You can find this NPC in Gliter [UoF] and Keolloseu [AoL]:


    • Christmas Lights you can get from Free Reward in every 2 hours.


    • Mischievous Goat's Fur you can get from Mischievous Goats [15/30/80 lvl] which have random spawn on maps m1, m2, VR, PR, Canta, Proelium, Kanos Illium.


    From this quest you can get:

    • Santa's Sock - random nosses/crr/pid

    • Quality Jewel Box - random lapis lv 7-9