Forum Rules and Useful Links

At the moment, the consumer advice centre is warning of an increased volume of phishing e-mails.

Unfortunately, we have recently received more and more information that there are also e-mails in circulation that advertise an Aeria competition.

Such a competition does not exist. This is an unauthorized promotion.

In the email you will be asked to follow a link and on a deceptively real copy of our website you will be asked to enter your account information.

If you have received such a message, please delete it immediately. Please do not click on the link and never enter your account information on other websites.

If you have already followed a link from such a message, immediately change your password using the "Forgot your password?“ function on the website of your game.

Before you enter your account name and password, you should always check the URL of the website you are currently on.

  • Forum Rules

    Please adhere to the following rules;


    • The forum and shoutbox are rated PG-13 in all areas. For references to what that means, you may check here.
    • Language that is offensive, unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, hateful, racially, ethnically, or otherwise objectionable is not allowed.
    • Please be respectful when using the forums and shout-box
    • Please use the search function first before asking a question. There is a good chance that your question was already asked and answered before.
    • Discussion of a national, political, religious, sexual, or ethnic nature is prohibited..
    • Using disruptive ways of typing in such as ALL CAPS or any other disruptive (DiSrUpTiVe) way is prohibited.
    • Abbreviations of inappropriate words/terms are not allowed in the shoutbox/forum (even if allowed in game).

    Virtual ID Images

    • Avatars must be no more than 200x200 pixels and no more than 60kb in file size and must not be offensive.
    • Signatures will not exceed a width of 700 pixels or a height of 200 pixels (700x200 = max), and a file size of 120kb
    • Signatures may not directly link to an automatic Karma Rating, or 3rd party website.
    • If any picture avatars that do not meet this guideline, they will be removed without notice.


    • False representation, including impersonation of any person or entity or misrepresentation of your affiliation with any person or entity, is not allowed. This includes Game Masters, Game Sages, Customer support and Production Managers.
    • You may not use any content protected by intellectual property laws or by rights of privacy, unless you own the rights thereto or have received all necessary consents. You shall be solely liable for any damage resulting from any infringement of copyright, trademark or other proprietary rights.


    • Power-posting, spamming, excessive bumping and flaming is not allowed.
    • The posting of advertisements is not allowed and will result in disciplinary action.
    • Posted links may not contain redirects or unique identifiers used for referral/advertising.
    • Phishing will NOT be tolerated and will result in the permanent loss of your account.
    • Use of additional accounts in order to continue to violate the rules, will result in disciplinary action on all accounts.
    • You will follow the instructions of authorized personnel while in the ShoutBox/Forum.
    • Any Violations of these rules will result in the post being removed without notice.


    • Personal information such as PMs, emails, email addresses, phone numbers, addresses, and the like are not to be posted in the forum or shout-box.
    • PM's, emails and Tickets are considered personal and are not to be posted or otherwise made public without permission from all parties.
    • Ban’s are not to be discussed in the forum or shout-box, nor in PMs. This includes why, when, who and what for. No exceptions.

    If there is any issue that can not be resolved with reasonable, calm discussion, please use the contact us form.

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