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    Minxabel and Luni,

    I was able to recently complete two separate epics 45, mostly due to some lucky shopping via AH. The Mage Stones, Leathers, Gold Powders, Adamars and all that do stock the shelves there and are surprisingly affordable. Free Rewards/Loot Box is a wonderful promotion, but with quests, I couldn't wait.

    Wow - if that magic attack power boost difference is only .3 between 1 Wis and 1 INT and I get all those extra goodies (MP, resist), I think I might just want to experiment build/lapis-wise.

    Back to the magic kitchen for me!

    Thank you, Diamond! This is INT-eresting!

    Early on, 2018 wanted to mimic the Titanic, with one particular springtime update burying my Shaiya client. If not for the valiant links our wonderful GM's et all provided, this woeful pagan would still be clinging to what few memory scraps I ever held from this grand game. I was somehow able to climb back onto multiplayer dry land after some weeks. And for that, I'll always be grateful.

    I never expected the new Forum format to be this informative, or welcoming. Or even this helpful. In these closing days of 2018, allow me to wish all of you the finest gaming, love and prosperity in the coming year!

    1. [GM]Wling = E

    2. [SGM] Diamond =B

    3. [CM] Naomi =G

    4. [GM] Wendolyn = H

    5. [GM] Skully =J

    6. [CM] Capri = D

    7. [SGM] Luni = F

    8. [GM] Spankie = I

    9. [GM] Tsuji = C

    10. [GM] Alone = A

    Many years ago, when Shaiya episodes could be counted on one mangled hand. I had a good buddy (and a very well known Fury guild leader) say to me, "I don't give a cr-p what they do to this game, I ain't leaving and I'm in it for the long haul."

    That was around the time when the game suddenly began questioning its supposed "adult" content/nature. Let's put it this way - back then you could actually type "shoes" in chat without seeing it chopped down to "ss". And mobs regularily ran around buck naked.

    He was none too pleased with Aeria/Sonov new direction to "appeal to the kiddies". The game started attracting a ton of non-adults, when only a short time before, you felt pretty sure it was a game geared to over-18s. Over time, the game 's more younger contingent swelled and we all lost touch with our adults-only guild, and then, the game.

    Episodes and the all the skill-altering turbulence and nerfdom notwithstanding, I still play this wonderful game.

    Yes, the costumes bother me. Fury Map One and what they have done to the landscape there totally infuriates me. ( I love plants, and you'll probably never hear this from any past or future Shaiya player - I was completely in love with this mmo when I saw just how much detail it devoted to to botany (even for 2008). Beautiful and exotic plants everywhere, moving and alive. Even simple tufts of grass had the magic of movement.)

    I still play this game for the characters I crafted long ago, and because I want to be here when we go full circle - this game has greatness. It can be rediscovered again.

    Two small suggestions for the Pagan/Mage class:

    1) Restore the old cool-down time for Fire Hurl (Ball) skill, which formerly was virtually nil.

    The waiting game against wind mobs is getting tedious now.

    2) The absence of quick defense a.o.e. skills only adds to the vulnerability. Sudden moves we use to have, like Wind Storm or Fire Wall (Curtain) would make a huge difference.

    If it helps, here is a small list of known Fury quest anomalies:

    (Issuer/Level/Quest Drop Missing/Formerly Dropped by or Locale)

    Palbatus- Epic 43- Magic Leathers-Arena Strong Hold Landers

    Palbatus- Epic 43-Gold Powders- Aurizen Beholder, Black Leopard,Witchcrafter, Necromancer,Lander)

    Arkus- Epic 43- Adamars Stones-Throughout Map 3

    Grocery Man- Level 41-42(?)- Magic Silks, Gold Magic Silks, Spirit Lost- Throughout Map 3

    Ferrum- (Level 50 Helm Quest)- Level 50- Dark Mage Stones- Map 3

    Could use Magic Silks (Adeurian Grocery Man quest Map3) among other drops vital for quests long missing in-game.

    Yes, some of the latter do exist as Free Reward gifts. But how nice it would be to farm them once again. Ah, nostalgia!

    Love & Peace.:)

    This could work in Trade chat:

    Every five (or 10 mins) a GS could divulge one letter (at a time) of a NPC's name.

    Mob names are easy. NPCs? That's a challenge. Winner is the first to pm the correct NPC's name and immediate locale (i.e. Gliter, Iris).