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Unfortunately, we have recently received more and more information that there are also e-mails in circulation that advertise an Aeria competition.

Such a competition does not exist. This is an unauthorized promotion.

In the email you will be asked to follow a link and on a deceptively real copy of our website you will be asked to enter your account information.

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    This is about Low Lvl pvp (15 and 30)

    Fix all ilegal gear in the game. Then maybe Mages with legal gear can pvp. Im talking about 15 and canta gear with OJ on all stats Maxed and doubled. Im talking about 15 and canta weapons with storm, hydra, terra, Phoenix lapis. And lvl 22 acc with lucky lapis and lvl 1 acc with mech lapis. And 15-30 gear with lvl7 lapis and other ilegal links. Ilegal gear exists on all lvls. even 80 gear. As long as ilegal gear exists in game ppl is going use it becouse every one want to be super uber and unkilleble. they are not going to send tickets to get it fixet. So game dev has to take care of it or it won't be fixed. Got 1 hunter in 15 with the same def as a guard and hit like a war and he's not nossed. Doesn't seem right.

    About this. if you suspect ANYONE AT ALL with ILLEGAL GEAR. Send a pm to Any of the GM's we will personally have them investigated on the spot and delt with. being serious. do it any extra info you provide with the name will be helpful. maybe some SS's or something like that. it helps us get it done quicker. but names is fine too and we'll do the investigating ourselves but it will be a little bit slower would take a few hrs instead of a few minutes You cant just say "get rid of illegals" and not tell us where we should investigate. we're manual workers

    What i'd like to see

    DEF/GUARD : Removed lures , AOE CC (stop/silence/darkness) back with lower damage and Lower damage on all of their skills atm Demonstrike for example has a long CD but hits hard (thats fine) but stuff like shieldbash etc shouldnt have the +4051 Damage, bring back Castable UT (you could UT 1 party member for a few seconds in the past) bring that back put it at 4sec duration it wont change the selfish defs but it will help the ones that know what a "Def/guard" is. (clues in the name).

    WAR/FIG : %s Removed. Just revert this entire class back to EP6 days. and put Deadly Strike on a 15sec cd. no skill that hits that hard should have a CD under 10 seconds.

    Ran/Sin : Return Slasher chain ( Tetanus / Aggravation / Slasher / Eviscerate , Remove Lure (Keep Confusion that makes them run around) Return the x5 Damage scaling to Shadow attack and increase its CD from 4 seconds to 20-30 seconds. Return the x3 Scaling to Dark panic and give its old darkness debuff back

    Mage/Pag : EP 6 Skills (bringing back their lost skills) MS nerfed back to the same as earth strike/turbulance (no cast time on any of them) along side missile salvo etc Mages/pagans SHOULD NOT be limited by CAST TIME. they should be limted by COOLDOWN. in other words. No cast time on anything (except KB can keep its 1sec cast time or w/e it is atm and EE should keep its current cast time to prevent bs

    Priests : Make heals worth something again.. srsly. NO cast time on dispels. and bring back some of their old skills. especially the aoes. they dont need much

    Archers : Re introduce Multi weaponing. in other words. Showertime/Fanshot FOR BOWS. and bloody rain/Balista Shot for Crossbow/javelins. Make viper poison shot an AOE again (good for killing mobs) RETURN rapid shot and a few skills need CD changes.

    Fair Enough get rid of cheese make it 31+

    Not needed as that would make Everyone tankier (even the defs) while not a bad thing for mages other classes DONT really need to be tankier.

    BL4CKST4R wrote:

    FIGHTER/WARRIOR: I Think that the only thing we have to change on Fighter is the range they can charge.

    When i play pagan or mage its simply impossible to do a hard casting time buff on a Fighter, simply because he can jump

    so far and my long casting buff takes half a second longer to cast.

    So for fighter i would make it maybe 2 meters less far. would give casters the ability to atleast do a

    hard skill in close combat.

    pfft. % Skill hero. you'd be better off removing %s and putting deadly strike on a 16 second cooldown (not unreasonable for a skill that can hit 70k+) rather than its 8 sec cd also stop cutting would be great

    BLACK wrote:

    Archer/Hunter: IDK about other People, but the skill that gives you more range is only for 1 minute and then it needs 30 seconds longer then

    then the active time to be recharged.

    i think this should be a 15 min buff like all the rest.

    Simply because Range is the only thing that makes archers hunters a Strong Class.

    i already get Many many many reports a day on discord with video about hunters using "long range buff" and it looks like range hack. it doesnt need to be a 15 min buff when it gives you +6m Range. so theres a no here too imo You'd be better off changing the class up entirely

    Really, STEALTH dot on map is the ONLY issue with this class? well i guess i can take the rest of your list as "sarcasm" but in all seriousness there is a lot wrong with the assassin/ranger class. Damage output is a big one. i assume your assassin is still in the "leveling up" phase where u dont pvp with it and are trying to hide from the AOL or UOF that come to kill you. you prob dont realize the other issues yet

    BLACK wrote:

    Mage/Pagan: For so many people and myself one of the most fun classes to play. having range and magic... that people most of the

    time have problems making defence for. The only problem for me as a pagan is casting time on skills.

    yes a lot fo good spells and skills got taken away from mages and pagans. but these skills are not bad either.

    its just the casting time that takes wayyyyyy to long.

    Fair enough, cast times suck and their defense are pretty bad and their self defensive skills (not counting magic mask kuz that also has a big cast time) i mean earth shock here was removed aswell

    BLACK wrote:

    ORC/PRIEST: This Class is mostly build REC for everyone. has a buff for more Rec so that is nothing to complain about.

    The problem with this is no non casting time healing skills.

    i mean its priest and has maybe 2 or 3 usefull healing skills and they all need casting time.

    i think this is rediculous for a class that is always getting ganged. so for priest orc i would say less casting time, more healing spells

    Fair enough but they have ONE healing skill that will be worth spamming over Dispel until lures are removed. they got a few regen buffs so thats cool. and that ONE skill is Hasty Heal mainly kuz its the only one that does a decent amount without trans XD

    BLACK wrote:

    Plz let me kno if you guys agree on this

    might give GMs CMs some ideas to make changes.


    well, there it is.

    it was our first event ran by the GM team without CM involvement (outside of a few TRR's being given for event purposes)

    and we know it wasn't perfect and we tried to do some changes mid event

    but besides all that i personally think it went well after all,We've not had 1 hour 30 mins of a PVP event in the past few years.

    So what did you think? obviously it wasn't perfect and there are quite a few more improvements to be made

    but in what form? we'd like some feedback. We understand the flow of the PVP was a bit "off" and tried to fix it mid event by changing up the sniper locations

    and put down a few bosses to "entice" the players to come out and play.

    i would also like to apologize on behalf of the team if it wasn't up to par or good enough

    All i can say is that we will try harder and hopefully perform better next time around.

    So, Regarding the new Quests that were added on 27/09/18. Particularly the Resurrection Rune quest from Rambo in the Auction house.

    If your character died before the patch on 27/09/18 you can request a Character revival. (This is a one time service PER ACCOUNT), sending in a ticket for a revival will deny your character the free one time resurrection rune from Rambo after the revival has taken place. Also, this service is separate from the old free one time revival that we had in the past. If you had already used your one time revival before, for example a few months or years ago. You can still request this revival and it will be granted, again (Once per account) as long as your character died BEFORE 27/09/18.

    You can send in a ticket requesting this revival at the link below, under "Type of problem" pick "I want to request a service".

    Again, Using this service will Remove Rambo's quest from the revived character. So you will not be able to obtain a free 1 time resurrection rune after this service is performed. And your character must have died before 27/09/18. if it died After that date they will NOT be allowed to use this service.

    Any questions can be asked in the thread or Contact a GS via discord/ingame for extra details if you need them.

    You will be asked to provide

    1. account name:
    2. date when the toon died (the more accurate the better):
    3. exact toon name:

    provide this info in your ticket for the fastest responses


    When and where:



    8 pm Berlin time (GMT+2)

    What to do:

    Kill each other. brutally. thats it really.
    The GM'S will be in map to TRR the dead ones.

    Try keeping drama to a minimum.

    GM'S will summon you into the map.


    Since the event is going to be in a PVP map, do not forget to use PID, EE and CRRs.

    GMs will have loops and be wearing their orange hats.

    GMs will be using target ressurection runes

    Dont attack the GMs they will be wearing orange hats, hitting an orange hat GM is a punishable offense.

    (you'll be forgiven for 1-2 accidental hits but afterwards not so much)

    JUST a heads up there will be no dropping of the main raid to summon in a extra raid or event will be closed.

    * Since the event is going to be in a PVP map, do not forget to pop PID, EE and CRR.

    * GMes will have loops

    *GMes will be using target ressurection runes