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    AOL : 3 UOF : 0

    Even though it didn't last long, it was fun for us and was so good to see the participation that high.

    Hope 30 pvp will be much better and always this populated!




    For some players it still exists but most fixed the problem with [GS]Alone's suggestion

    it is here;

    Step by step fix for C25 error.
    1 : go to and download for Windows not chrome
    2 : after downloading windscribe. install it
    3: after installing it , it will ask you to create an account, just make up a username and password (you do not require an email for this)
    4: after that just log into windscribe so you can use it (the app itself not website)
    5: press the big white shiny power button
    6 : Play game.
    7 : Remember to turn off winscribe (big power button again) when ur done with shaiya as you only get 2gb data and that goes away fast when youtubing etc.


    please read here

    Download Failed: Cannot read file. c25

    and yes as a solution you need to turn off your anti virus and firewall while downloading, and when you run the game properly you can turn them on again yet when the antivirus scans the PC , it will delete the updater since it sees as a threat - in quarantine you can bring it back and better to turn real time scan in your antivirus settings.


    Blue Monday its the most depressed day in year. For us its the best time to organized event!

    Dont be sad, log to game and act!

    What you need to do?

    •  find two places in game - one depressed and one happy
    • do screens this places and put here like post to this topic
    • remember that your toon must be on screens (if you want you can be with friends) 

      note: keep in mind that if many of your friends use the same screens, it won't be awesome/original

    • you can put shorts sentences/dialogs on screen
    • you can add something using image editing software, but not more than 1/4th of the photo
    •  we dont accept posts with links, only pictures
    •  and in post we need short description why you choosed this places
    • assessment will be objective, depends on our taste
    • no plagiarism!!


    • 1st place - CRR 30d and EE 30d!!

    • 2nd place - CRR 30d and Red Phoenix Charm!

    • 3rd place - PLH!


    • [GS]Misumi
    • [GS]Minnzy
    • [GS]Danza

    Time: 02.01.2017 - 08.01.2017

    ♥♥♥ Love love love...♥♥♥

    ♥ Love is in the air... Your GSs feel it too! So... We have too much of this feeling... that we want to announce this event! ♥

    What do you need to do?

    ♥ You have to send a screenshot from the game(like post in this topic). On this screen your toon has to show love with a GS! Faction and gender is not important. ♥


    ♥ one account = one application

    ♥ On the screen your character has to confess love with a GS (using the love emote) (in chat place)

    ♥ on screen must be seen moment when your and GS toon confesses love with charm

    ♥ character names must be clearly visible

    ♥ screens can not be repeated

    ♥ only pics in posts, we do not accept links

    ♥ the assessment will be subjective ;)


    ♥ GSs may not participate in this event because they are part of it ;)


    ♥ 1st place - Kill Stone 7d + 200 Regnums!

    ♥ 2nd place - Dungeon Scroll Map 7d + 200 Regnums!

    ♥ 3d place - Large EE 30d + 200 Regnums!

    ♥♥Furthermore - everyone who join to this event receive Double Warehouse as a consolation prize!♥♥

    Date: 7 February 2017 - 14 February 2017 [11:59 p.m. Berlin Time Valentine's Day!]


    ♥ [GS]Danza

    ♥ [GS]Minnzy

    ♥ [GS]Misumi

    You can find the GSs in game:

    AoL - [GS]Misumi, [GS]Disenya.., [GS]LickyJ

    UoF - [GS]Danza, [GS]Minnzy, [GS]Sinicle, [GS]v.v


    As Robin Williams said : "Spring is nature's way of saying, 'Let's party!"

    So let's celebrate this season with a forum event ^.^ 

    How Do I Participate?

    Simple. What does spring mean to you? Take a screenshot in game which tells your feelings about this season and then post it here!

    Have fun!

    Start date: 10.04.17

    End date: 16.04.17

    What Are The Rules?

     :!: You may only participate once per account.

     :!: You must participate in the event before the deadline.

     :!: The screenshots must be related to the topic.

     :!: There must be no edit on the screenshots(No photoshop or other programs)

     :!: Only the screenshot posts are accepted, not the links.

     :!: Your character and the date must be seen in the Screenshot, you can be with your friends.

     :!: All the entries must be appropriate. The entries which are not related to the topic will be deleted and the player will be dismissed from the event.

    How Do I Win?

    The most beautiful three spring screenshots will be the winners!

    Comments on spring along with the Screenshots will be appreciated!

    Jury :



    Winners will receive :

    1st : Perfect Linking Hammer

    2nd : 30-Day Resurrection Rune

    3rd : Medium Battle Rune x3


    How to participate:

    • Roam the maps and talk to any kind of NPC. It can also be an animal or box etc.
    • Get as many points as possible.
    • Choose your faction.
    • Use the form under for your answers.


    Starts: 4th of July 2017

    Ends: 18th of July 2017


    • You can participate only once and you have to choose the faction.
    • 3 who gets highest points from each factions wins! Total of 6 winners!
    • 5 points per correct answer and 10 points per correct bonus answer. Max points: 180
    • Take care of your toon, you might encounter players from other faction while roaming.
    • If multiple players gets max or same points, the winners will be decided by a random generator.
    • Have fun !


    "Be quiet. We're sneaking from our parents."

    After roaming around and talking to everyone, I've found the right NPC:


    Any NPC that opens this when you double click them:


    Answer: Rupert Boton



    ~ Alliance of Light ~


    ~ Union of Fury ~


    1st: 30d Mount or 30d Costume or 30d Pet and Crowly Costume Dye x5

    x10 Recreation Rune

    2nd: 30d Mount or 30d Pet or 30d Costume and Crowly Costume Dye x5

    3rd: 30d Costume and Crowly Costume Dye x5



    1st: --Oreo 160 Points

    2nd: O-Zone 155 Points

    3rd: Doobi 155 Points


    1st: Tsuji 170 Points

    2nd: -Oscuro- 115 Points

    3rd: Red-1 15 Points


    Hello Shaiyans,

    Join me in a particular hunt. I need you to bring me one item but.....i totally forgot how they use to call it. But i won't let you totally down! I have the picture of the place where, they say, the item can be found. Yeah....cough.....sadly the picture got broken in pieces, so i will give you those pieces and you will have to put it together again. But, don't worry! I will reward you for your great effort!


    I have taken a screenshotfor each faction of a place in the shaiya's world (could be anywhere, where it's up to you to find out) and split it in several pieces. I will post one piece for day for 9 days. What you have to do is finding out where the place is, and get the item that drops from the monsters in that location. I will also give you a little hint about the item, to make sure you will pick the right one, and not another one dropping from the same location. Once you got the right item, you have to make a screenshot that must include the name of your toon, the minimap (for the date) and the asked item, that must be in the first slot of the tab of the invenctory showed in the screenshot (this to make sure you really guess the item, and don't just gather 24 items hoping the right one will be in them) and the cursor of the mouse on the items, so description pops up.

    After, send it using the form.


    Everyone that gets the item wins? Well, is not that easy. I will have 3 winners, and they will be picked by a raffle. Basically, sooner you bring me the item (with less clues) more entries for the raffle you will have and with that more chances to win.

    1 piece: 9 entries

    2 pieces: 8 entries

    3 pieces: 7 entries

    4 pieces: 6 entries

    5 pieces: 5 entries

    6 pieces: 4 entries

    7 pieces: 3 entries

    8 pieces: 2 entries

    9 pieces (full picture): 1 entry

    You will be able to choose the numbers you want to be assigned at (unless they're already taken from someone that was faster than you, of course).


    From 21th July (First piece) to 29th July (last piece).

    I will post pieces at midnight ish (so starting from the midnight CET of the 21th) and screenshots will count if sent till the midnight CET of the day after.


    - Minimap and name of the toon must be showed in the screenshot

    - The item you think is right must be in the first slot of the showed tab of your invenctory

    -Please use the form (this) to send the screenshot, DO NOT post it in this topic or you'll give the solution to the people who didn't get it yet

    - Pick only one faction

    - You must host the screenshot in a hosting site and post the link in the form. You can find a guide here about how to host an image.

    -You must not edit the screenshot


    UoF: If it's magic you want to learn about, this item might help you.

    AoL: A beauty reveals the horrible.


    First: 30d mount or 30d costume or 30d pet and crowly costume dye x5 and x10 recreation rune

    Second: 30d mount or 30d pet or 30d costume and crowly costume dye x5

    Third: 30d costume and crowly costume dye x5


    - Shoim 0, 9, 14, 27, 51, 55, 100

    - Yaguchisan 1, 18, 20, 45, 61, 77, 93

    - vasile.marian 4, 5, 8, 12, 15, 44

    - eleda 6, 17, 22, 57, 86

    - infi8612 7


    1. eleda with the number 17

    2. vasile.marian with the number 4

    3. Shoim with the number 55

    AoL Pieces:


    image.pngimage.png image.pngimage.png image.pngimage.png

    UoF Pieces:

    uof1.pnguof2.png uof3.png


    uof7.png uof8.pnguof9.png

    29.07.2017 Now the pieces are in the right order.

    As bonus clues for the place:


    Near the tail of the watery snake, that's where you've to look.


    This place is kissed by the water, watched by the woods, mountains around grant their protection.

    [GM]'s and [GS]'s do not live in Shaiya. We have real lives and real activities. Your mission should you choose to accept it is to match the hobby / activity with the right person.

    Some you may know from past conversations etc but can you figure them all out?

    Start Date: 1st October 2017

    End Date: 15th October 2017


    Prizes ..... Of course there are prizes. What sort of event would it be without prizes!

    1st Place: Get 11 - 14 Correct ... "30d Mount or 30d Costume or 30d Pet and Crowly Costume Dye x5, x10 Recreation Rune"

    2nd Place: Get 7 - 10 Correct ... "30d Mount or 30d Pet or 30d Costume and Crowly Costume Dye x5"

    3rd Place: Get 4 - 6 Correct ... "30d Costume and Crowly Costume Dye x5"

    A.. Travel, reading

    B.. Puppies!!!

    c.. Dance

    D.. Skiing

    E.. Tennis

    F.. Hiking

    G.. Painting

    H.. Bone carving

    I.. Music, reading

    J.. Video games

    K.. Cooking, music, reading

    L.. Flying

    M.. Photography

    N.. Baking goodies!!

    Have fun and good luck to all!!

    Lately I did a GS event for my awesome team, the answers were pretty astounding and some of them very surprising. So in keeping with my theme I will use those answers and see how well Shaiya knows their own GS's. Your task is pretty simple you will have 11 GS members you tell me which color goes with which GS and what their dream job would be.

    Starting time October 16

    Ends October 31

    For this event only top three winners will receive a Halloween badge to their forum page.

    As well as prizes.

    1. prize is 30 day mount or costume or pet of choice

    2. prize is 30 day mount or 30 day pet of choice

    3 prize is 30 day costume of choice.

    • Purple
    • Electric Blue
    • Black
    • Mint
    • Purple
    • Green
    • Purple
    • Blue
    • Yellow
    • Turquiose

    • Librarian
    • Psychologist or Translator
    • Blizzard GM
    • Queen
    • Portrait Painter
    • Makeup artist for theater or movies
    • Shop Owner
    • Dentist
    • Master Confectioner
    • Choreographer

    • GS Danza
    • GS Luni
    • GS Spankie
    • GS Karmic
    • GS Rae
    • GS Rattler
    • GS Candi
    • GS Wling
    • GS Bad Wolf
    • GS Diamond

    What you must to do:

    • found GS in game
    • make SS with GS
    • send SS on forum!

    You can:

    • edit your post when you found more GSes - but not make some post, just edit the first one
    • catch them everywhere in game you want
    • put pics in post, not links
    • be the best in this game!


    • your nickname must be visible on SS
    • the date on SS can not be ealier than 15th May
    • you can not ask GS about relog on other toon
    • GSes can not join to this event

    • every GS = 10 points
    • second toons GS = 5 points

    • Full list of GS: here

    • start: 15th May 2017
    • finish: 15th June 2017

    The end date changed! Finish: 15th June


    • 1st place - BOX MASTER - Letter of Alicia + 200 Regnums
    • 2nd place - SMALL BOX MASTER - Letter of Adam + 200 Regnums
    • 3rd place - PUPPY BOX - Bear Costium 30d + diy for costiums x5

    • whats more - every catcher will get Red Phoenix Charm 30d!

    If you dont know how put pic in post look here

    ~Good luck!


    In this weekend GSes organize PARTY!

    • So we have an event for you!
    • Every GS will have name related to alcohol from Friday to Monday.
    • You need to find all alco-GSes and made ss with them.
    • And you need put this SS-es as post in this topic.
    • Your nickname must be visible on SS.
    • Edit your post when you found more alco-GSes - but not make some post, just edit the first one.
    • On one SS can be more than one alco-GS.
    • Pssst...GSes can not join to this event, it can make deadly drink


    • The event will start in Friday 20 October 2017
    • The finish will be in Sunday 22 October 2017 midnight berlin time OR when someone catch all alco-GSes.

    Who can win?

    • The first person who will catch all 14 alco-GSes or the person who found the most alco-GSes till Sunday midnight.

    We decided to make winners for 2nd and 3rd place too! So now everything depends about time who will send post will all 14 alco-GSes! Thanks for our team!

    What you can win?

    • The 1st winner will get CRR 30d, PiD 30d, Phoenix Charm 30d and 150 Regnums from [GS]Danza.
    • 2nd winner: EE 30d and PiD 30d and 100 Regnums
    • 3rd winner: PiD 30d and 50 Regnums

    Here is the list with alco-GSes, which you can find in game:

    • [GS]Vodka
    • [GS]Beer
    • [GS]Brandy
    • [GS]RoseWine
    • [GS]Rum
    • [GS]CC (as Canadian Club)
    • [GS]Everclear
    • [gs]Tequila
    • [GS]Mojito
    • [gs]Whiskey
    • [gs]Burbon
    • [GS]Scotch
    • [GS]Kinky (as a liquier)
    • [GS]Champagne

    Let's partyyy!



    Naughty or Nice

    So as we all know Christmas is right around the corner, and Shaiya is most definitely on the Naughty List this year. As usual we tried to step up and plead for your cases, after all who wants coal when you can have prizes.

    We ended up making a deal with Santa (in this case our lovely CM's) and this is what we came up with.



    Part One -All of your GS have now been renamed with lovely Christmas themed names, for each Screenshot you collect with a GS Christmas name you will get one point.

    Part Two- This will involve a lil work on your part, as we want to see your letters to Santa this year. Everyone who posts a letter to Santa (not a bash) will also receive one point.

    At the end the person with the most collected points will win.



    One entry per account

    All Screenshots must have the timestamp visible and be yours.

    Please make your SS clear so toon name can be seen and the GS name as well!



    Start Date 10/12/2017 - End Date 24/12/2017



    First prize will take home a 30 day conti set, pid eternal endurance included.

    Second prize will take home a 15 day conti 2 7 day pids and 2 7 day eternal endurance.

    Third prize will be a 7 day conti set with pid and eternal endurance

    GS Names that have been changed for this event are













    Ok I have had a few questions, yes you may use more than one toon to capture the SS however please limit your posting to one thread per person.

    How well do you know the maps?

    Event: Where am I?

    Starts: 5th of June

    Ends: 12th of June, 9 PM / 21:00 EEST (UTC +3).

    What it is about:

    I have taken Screenshot from total of 14 locations, from a random location in a random maps, 7 per faction.

    I will reveal 2 locations per day, 1 from each faction. Your task is to find as many as you can.

    Locations will be added everyday between 21:00 - 22:00 EEST (UTC + 3).

    How to participate:

    • Find as many locations as you can from both factions.
    • Take a screenshot that shows your toon name and the minimap.
    • Upload it to a image hosting site and add the image here. No links! Links won't be counted.
      ( Click the image, copy url, paste between and%20 )
    • Edited posts won't be counted, 1 attempt per day! After I've added 2 new locations, you can't submit for previous ones.


    • No editing posts.
    • No editing screenshots. (You can hide the chat if wanted)
    • Make sure to protect your character from other faction (PID and CRR if UM), PvP maps are included.
    • 1 attempt per day.
    • The one who has found most of the locations wins.
    • If multiple participants finds same amount of them the winners will be chosen randomly by Random Name Picker. 


    1st: 30 Day Continuous Res Rune

    2nd: 5 Operator's Exclusive

    3rd: 3 Operator's Exclusive

    Random: 60x Vanilla, 60x Melon and 60x Grape Ice Cream


    1st: Zao.

    2nd: Yaguchisan

    3rd: XmasJerk

    Random: shaiyanew2

    Congratulations all winners !!


    Hi Shaiyans!

    What do you think about doing something out of the ordinary?

    Our Proposal is this: players will have to organize groups to form the letters of the word “Shaiya” with their characters (use them as if they are dots) and then send us screenshots (one screenshot for each letter).

    Yes, you got the right! Here is the artistic vein of your GMs a.k.a. remembrances of the art lesson and pointillism (I remember some messes :-P) plus still clear images in mind of the "connect the dots" game.


    Well, we invite you to post here your screenshots of the letters of the word “Shaiya” with the list of participants. Among all the territories (WE, US, PT, ES Ecli and ES Apo) we will choose the letters from different groups we like the most to create our next facebook banner.


    • Maximum 10 people per group.
    • Each player can only participate in one territory and be part of only one group. (Violation of this rule will lead into being excluded from this event.)
    • Each group can submit one screenshot per letter of the word “Shaiya”.
    • Each player can only participate with one account. (Violation of this rule will lead into being excluded from this event.)
    • In the post published the names of ALL participants in the screenshot must be written correctly. (If the name is misspelled and cannot be found, the character will be excluded from this event.)

    All entries have to be submitted until next Sunday, December 17th, 11.59pm CET.


    Start Date : Today

    End Date : Sunday, December 17th, 11.59pm CET


    • Each participant of the screenshot we chose (6 groups in total for all territories) will receive a surprise package.
    • The best screenshots will be added to our facebook galleries.

    The winning screenshots (6 in total for all territories) will be used to create our facebook banner.

    Hi All,

    for all that remember the old qtax-ranking page - i tried to make a similar page where u can track the toon's kills and a few more things. the data are retrieved from the shaiya ranking pages - so basically its not more information there - except that i keep the history up and u have more filter options. its easy to search for specific toons and i display the daily kills as well - which are calculated on the fly when u switch it in the statistic panel. u reach the detailed lists and filter options from the 'view more' buttons on the first page and then u can play around with the filters there.

    i hope u like it so far ... and now u need the URL i guess ^^


    PS: i forgot to mention that on mobile devices u can add it to the homescreen and it will behave 'app-like'. on phones its a bit flawed when u use it in portrait mode - so i suggest to better use it in landscape mode.




    With "Letter of Adam" you can redeem:

    • "Bunny Costume +10"
    • "Gangster Costume +10"
    • "Penguin Costume +10"
    • "Linking Hammer"
    • "School Uniform +10"
    • "Wolf Pet +10"
    • "Eagle Pet"
    • "Raptor Pet +10"
    • "Weasel Pet +10"
    • "Owl Pet +10"
    • "Honeybee Costume +10"
    • Weapons and Shields (except for 80 level items)

    With "Letter of Alicia" you can redeem:

    • Everything that we give with Letter of Adam except weapons and shields
    • "Rugby Costume"
    • "Bear Costume"
    • "Baby Panda" and "Mother Panda"
    • Every type of armor, with the exception of Luminous Gear.
    • "[SP] Silverhorn"
    • "[SP] Red Lion"
    • "[SP] Blue Dragon"
    • "[SP] Shadow Wolf"
    • "Permanent Cheongsam Costume +10"

    I won an event, but... I don't know what I can choose.... Or do I?!

    Here's a complete list of the items you can choose as a prize, when you have the option to choose from 30 Day Costume/Pet/Mount.

    You can see the name of the item, which stats it provides and you can choose from and available SP mounts to get.

    ~Prizes of Choice~

    The list will be updated when there will be changes and updated also in this post:


    List was made by [GS]Spankie with other GS's and [GM]Capri's help.

    Placeholder exchange

    How to trade your placeholders:

    - OJ

    1)Put the placeholder in your inventory

    2)Accept the quest from the NPC*

    3)Talk to the NPC again to finish your quest

    4)Choose your reward

    * These are the NPCs you have to use:


    - Enchant

    1)Put the placeholder in your inventory

    2)Accept the quest from the NPC*

    3)Talk to the NPC again to finish your quest

    4)Choose your reward

    *These are the NPCs, where you have to make a choice which reward you want:


    Here is a short explanation of these Enchant NPCs (You can only choose 1 reward)

    #2 - Gregory C. Orpheris: This NPC will offer you the item GM Enchant Lv 7, 8, 9 and 10

    #3 - No. 3 GM Enchant +1 [0 - 6] Servant : This NPC offers GM Enchant Lv 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6

    - No. 3 GM Enchant +1 [7 - 10] Servant: This NPC offers GM Enchant Lv 7, 8, 9 and 10

    - No. 3 GM Enchant +1 [11 - 13] Servant: This NPC offers GM Enchant Lv 11, 12 and 13

    #5 - No. 5 GM Enchant +1 [0 - 6] Servant : This NPC offers GM Enchant Lv 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6

    - No. 5 GM Enchant +1 [7 - 10] Servant: This NPC offers GM Enchant Lv 7, 8, 9 and 10

    - No. 5 GM Enchant +1 [11 - 16] Servant: This NPC offers GM Enchant Lv 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16

    #23 - Ella Orpheris: This NPC offers GM Enchant Lv 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6

    - Lestrade Orpheris: This NPC offers GM Enchant Lv 7, 8, 9 and 10

    - Anthea Orpheris: This NPC offers GM Enchant Lv 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16

    - Sherlock Orpheris: This NPC offers GM Enchant Lv 17, 18, 19 and 20

    #24 - Molly Orpheris: This NPC offers GM Enchant Lv 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6

    - Augustus Orpheris: This NPC offers GM Enchant Lv 7, 8, 9 and 10

    - Charles Orpheris: This NPC offers GM Enchant Lv 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16

    - Mary Orpheris: This NPC offers GM Enchant Lv 17, 18, 19

    #25 - Moriarty Orpheris: This NPC offers GM Enchant Lv 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6

    Other Enchant NPCs:


    Here is a short explanation of these Enchant NPCs:

    #22 - Lorna Orpheris: This NPC will give you a package with GM Enchant Lv 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5

    Letter Y - Lydia Orpheris: This NPC will give you a package with GM Enchant Lv 16, 17 and 18

    Troll of Tear A2- Mycroft Orpheris: This NPC will give you a package with GM Enchant Lv 19 and 20

    → All the GM Enchant Items work like Lapisia with a 100% chance to success


    by [GM]Dox

    necessary step if new content is not displayed correctly

    If you have issues with new items that are not displayed correctly, you need to force your client to re-patch.

    To update your client, please follow these instructions:

    • Open your Shaiya client folder.
    • Open the Version.ini file with notepad and change ""CurrentVersion=358"" into "CurrentVersion=357"
    • save the "Version.ini" file.
    • start the "Updater.exe"

    Your client will re-patch to version 358 and all fixes should be applied into the client.

    Dasher's Cauldron - board which can help you create your permanent costume!

    How to do it? Its easy!

    Step 1. Get a item named Dasher's Cauldron


    Step 2. Right-click on this item to get it open


    List of permanent costumes which you can get from this board and their "price":

    Cheongsam Costume (Perm) = 4x Cheongsam Costume 30d + 6x Detective Costume 30d

    Detective Costume (Perm) = 1x Cheongsam Costume 30d + 9x Detective Costume 30d

    Wedding Costume (Perm) = 5x Wedding Costume 30d + 2x Detective Costume 30d + 2x Magician Costume 30d + 1x Vampire Costume 30d

    Dark Dragon Costume (Perm) = 2x Dark Dragon Costume 30d + 3x Cheongsam Costume 30d + 5x Detective Costume 30d

    Magician Costume (Perm) = 5x Magician Costume 30d + 2x Wedding Costume 30d + 2x Detective Costume 30d + 1x Vampire Costume 30d

    Vampire Costume = 5x Vampire Costume 30d + 3x Dark Dragon Costume 30d + 2x Firebird 30d

    Xtreme Xmas Suit = 5x Xtreme Xmas Suit 30d + 5x Wedding Costume 30d + 5x Na-ye 30d

    Na-ye = 5x Na-ye 30d + 5x Aria 30d + 5x Eden 30d

    Firebird = 4x Firebird 30d + 4x Vampire Costume 30d + 2x Detective Costume 30d

    Blood Avenger = 10x Blood Avenger 30d + 5x Na-ye 30d

    Costumes with +15 all stats: Blood Avenger, Na-ye, Xtreme Xmass Suit, Magician Costume, Wedding Costume

    Costumes with +10 all stats: Cheongsam Costume, Detective Costume, Dark Dragon Costume, Vampire Costume, Firebird

    You have always 100% Success Rate on making permanent costumes.

    Step 3. Enjoy your new costume! :)


    by Danza

    MAX OJ Service

    • How to use the Max OJ/ Rec Doubler Service:

    1)Put the item you want to modify on the first slot in your inventory


    2)Put the MAX OJ placeholder of your choice on the second slot in the inventory


    3)Talk to the NPC* and accept their quest


    4) Relog to the game and the service will be performed.


    * These are NPCs you can use:

    Watson Orpheris: This NPC will do the MAX OJ request for you

    Irene Orpheris: This NPC will do the Rec. Doubler Service for you

    Side Notes and important information:

    - Make sure you don’t accept the quest when you don’t want to perform the service.

    - Max OJ Change (Mileage 5000) is not possible yet! We will come up with a solution in the

    upcoming patches!

    -ATTENTION: Always the lowest stat will be exchanged, you can not choose that yourself!!!!!

    Exception: If you want to max one of the existing stats on the item, this stat will automatically be taken, e.g. If you want to max STR and you rolled a STR stat on the item already, but it’s not the lowest stat, you will not lose your lowest stat. The system will take the STR stat instead.


    by [GM]Dox


    Hello Shaiyans!

    This forum post will list the winners of the GRB packages (first top two guilds and 3 random guilds per faction). Will be posted after every GRB.

    You can see the rank, guild name and guild leader name (character name) of the winners.

    After packages are being sent, please wait up to 24 hours before filing a ticket if items are missing (as more than 1000 items are sent, it can create delays in the distribution).

    With this pack you will get:

    Warehouse recall x100

    Movement Rune x250

    Party member summon rune x250

    Etain potion x250

    Crest of rectitude x100

    Guild house teleportation stone x250

    GRB 11.02.2018


    GRB 18.02.2018


    GRB 24.02.2018


    GRB 03.03.2018


    GRB 10.03.2018


    GRB 18.03.2018



    GRB 24.03.2018


    Hello, it needs to be in your bank, when taken out - the service will not be any good.

    If you have one in your bank, you can fill in this request form and send

    or if another player has it in bank, he/she can send it to revive your character using the same request form

    (if you have taken it out by mistake recently and put it in your warehouse, you can send a ticket and request it to your bank

    Quest title (Starting NPC – Ending NPC) Location

    Level 60
    How to Quench Thirst (repeatable) (Bloody Mary – '') Temporary Post
    Deliver 20 Living Hearts 
    exp+ gold + 1 token of light

    New Ingredient (Mage Theseus- '') Temporary Post
    Deliver 20 Sharp Claws 
    51,000 exp+ 21,265 gold + 1 Token of light

    1. Wendell's test (Wendell- '') Temporary Post
    Kill 12 Bloody Mad Boars 
    exp+ gold

    2. Collecting Samples (Mage Guarnere - '') Temporary Post
    Collect 12 Blood Samples (From Bloody grey wolves) 
    exp + gold

    3. Toto's wereabouts (Mage Guarnere - '') Temporary Post 
    Kill Toto and bring back Toto's Collar 
    exp + gold + lv60 gauntlets

    Damaged Supplies (repeatable) (Brent Parker) Temporary Post
    -----Kill 200 Bloody Grey Wolves 
    ----- exp + gold + 1 Token of light

    -----Special Ingredient (repeatable) (Grace Loen - '') Temporary Post
    -----Kill 200 Bloody Mad Boars 
    ----- exp+ gold + 1 token of light

    -----Delicious Honey (repeatable) (Lenas Banntz - '')
    -----Kill 200 Bloody Grizzlys 
    ----- exp + gold + 1 Token of light

    Token of light (repeatable) (Supply Josh - '') Arke
    Deliver 10 Token of light 
    1 Regnum Lapis Box

    Level 61

    1. A gem that contains light (Mage Daniel – Junk dealer Gordon) Temporary Post
    Speak to Junk Dealer Gordon 
    437,112 exp+ 21,265 gold

    2. Lucrative Contract (Junk Dealer Gordon - '') Kobolds
    Bring 10 Faded Cobalt Piece (from Nickelsaw Kobold Guard) 
    1,271,600 exp+ 212,650 gold

    3. Condition for the trade (Junk Dealer Gordon - '') Kobolds
    Bring 7 Broken Cobalt Pieces (from Nickelsaw Kobold Soldiers) 
    1,271,600 exp + 212,650 gold

    4. Fussy Demand (Junk Dealer Gordon - '') Kobolds
    Bring 3 Aqua Cobalts (from Nickelsaw Kobold Chiefs) 
    1,271,600 exp + 212,650 gold

    5. Broken Contract (Junk Dealer Gordon – Mage Daniel) Kobolds
    Talk to Mage Daniel in Temporary Post 

    6. Alternative Choice (Mage Daniel - '') Temporary Post
    Bring the Light Cobalt (from Toarmadian) 
    1,525,920 exp + 212,650 gold

    7. Ready for Combat (Mage Daniel – Sir Blirthe) Temporary Post
    Talk to Blirthe 
    437,112 exp + 21,265 gold

    8. Results of the Nighttime Combat (Sir Blirthe – Mage Daniel) Temporary Post
    Talk to Mage Daniel 
    437,112 exp + 21,265 gold

    9. Turnabout is fair play (Mage Daniel – Junk Dealer Gordon) Temporary Post
    Bring the Illusion Pocjet to Junk Dealer Gordon (from Mischievlous Zantman) 
    1,271,600 exp + 212,650 + Filled Illusion Pocket

    10. Unexpected Reward (Junk Dealer Gordon – Mage Daniel) Kobolds
    Bring the Filled Ilusion Pocket to Mage Daniel 
    437,112 exp + 21,265 gold

    11. Reward for bravery (Mage Daniel – Sire Blirthe) Temporary Post
    Talk to Blirthe 
    437,112 exp + 21,265 gold + Weapon

    Example of the priest version :


    Level 62

    1. Anxious Wendell (Wendell – Sumoner Tiela) Temporary Post
    Talk to Summoner Tiela 
    476,850 exp + 22,570gold

    2. Killing my kind (1) (Summoner Tiela - '') Temporary Post
    Kill 12 Contaminated Elf Mage and 12 Contaminated Human Priest 
    1,430,550 exp + 233,915 gold

    3. Killing my kind (2) (Summoner Tiela - '') Temporary Post
    Collect 15 Broken Bows (from Contaminated Elf Archer) and 15 Broken Javelins (from Contaminated Elf Ranger) 
    1,430,550 exp + 233,915 gold

    4. Killing my kind (3) (Summoner Tiela - '') Temporary Post
    Kill 12 Contaminated Human Warriors and 15 Contaminated Human Knights 
    1,430,50 exp + 233,915

    5. Chasing the past (Summoner Tiela - '') Temporary Post
    Collect the Report of Expedition (from Contaminated Human Bersekers in Dark Vine Land) 
    1,430,550 exp + 233,915 gold

    6. Last Report (Summoner Tiela – Lectis Eizman) Temporary Post
    Speak to Lectis Eizman in Apulune 
    476,350 exp – 22,570 gold

    7. Revealing the truth (Lectis Eizman – Summoner Tiela) Apulune
    Deliver Eizman's Report of the Expedition to Summoner Tiela 
    476,850 exp + 22,570 gold

    8. Mage's keepsake (Summoner Tiela - '') Temporary Post
    Bring Girgo's Journal (from Fallen Neo Girgo) 
    1,716,650 exp + 233,915 gold

    9. That night, under the waring moon (Summoner Tiela - Wendell) Temporary Post
    Talk to Wendell 
    476,850 exp + 22,570 gold

    10. Repenting Survivor (Wendell – Lectis Eizman) Temporary Post
    Speak to Lectis Eizman in Apulune 
    476,350 exp + 22,570 gold
    Helmet is now an AP item and was removed from the quest !!!

    So you can not complete Repenting Survivor Quest.

    Level 63

    1. Subjugating the White Sand Pirates (1) (Nicktos Kallgore - '') Forgotten Camp
    Kill 10 Whie Sand Handyman and 10 White Sand Deck Hands 
    1,430,550 exp + 233,915 gold

    2. Subjugating the White Sand Pirates (2) (Nicktoos Kallgore - '') Forgotten Camp
    Kill 15 White Sand Searchers and 15 White Sand Butchers 
    1,430,550 exp + 233,915 gold

    3. Subjugating the White Sand Pirates (3) (Nicktoos Kallgore - '') Forgotten Camp
    Kill 15 White Sand Assault Soldiers and 15 White Sand Plunderers 
    1,430,550 exp + 233,915 gold

    4. Subjugating the White Sand Pirates (4) (Nicktoos Kallgore - '') Forgotten Camp
    Kill 15 White Sand Elf Soldiers and 15 White Sand Soldiers 
    1,430,550 exp + 233,915 gold

    5. Subjugating the White Sand Pirates (5) (Nicktoos Kallgore - '') Forgotten Camp
    Kill 15 White Sand Commanders and 15 White Sand Aides 
    1,430,550 exp + 233,915 gold

    6. The end of the Pirates (1) (Nicktoos Kallgore - '') Forgotten Camp
    Bring Denis' Knife (from Fat Denis) and Norman's Pirate Hat (from Stupid Norman) 
    1,430,550 exp + 233,915 gold

    7. The end of the Pirates (2) (Nicktoos Kallgore - '') Forgotten Camp
    Bring (?) (from Shasha) and (?) from Nigel 
    1,430,550 exp + 233,915 gold

    8. The end of the Pirates (3) (Nicktoos Kallgore - '') Forgotten Camp
    Kill Captain Staedtler 
    1,430,550 exp + 233,915 gold + lv63 leggins

    ----In Dire Need of vacation (repeatable) (Bob Strayer - '') Forgotten Camp
    ----Kill 200 White Sand Dust Larvas 
    ---- exp + gold + 1 Token of light

    ----Scorpion Juice (repeatable) (Joanna Luis - '') Forgotten Camp
    ----Kill 100 Crimson Scorpions and 100 Acid Scorpions 
    ---- exp + gold + 1 Token of light

    Confident Philip (repeatable) (Suspicious Philip - '') Forgotten Camp
    ----Kill 200 Freeze Scorpions 
    ---- exp + gold + 1 Token of light

    ----Cheapstake Raciel (repeatable) (Raciel Zimmerman - '') Forgotten Camp
    ----Kill 100 White Sand Larvas and 100 White Sand Pure Larvas 
    ---- exp + gold + 1 Token of light

    Level 64

    1. Nasty Pain in the neck (Julia - '') Arke
    Kill 15 Contaminated Sealekel Warrior 
    1,589,500 exp + 257,306 gold

    2, Work efficiency (Julia - '') Arke
    Kill 15 Contaminated Sealekel Shamans 
    1,589,500 exp + 257,306 gold

    3. Overpopulated Sealekels (Julia - '') Arke
    Kill 10 Contaminated Sealekel Champions 
    1,589,500 exp + 257,306 gold

    4. Mud Fight (Julia - '') Arke
    Kill 10 Beth's Fiances 
    1,589,500 exp + 257,306 gold

    5. Greedy Beth (Julia - '') Arke
    Kill Greedy Beth and bring back Beth's pheromone 
    1,907,400 exp + 257,306 + lv62 boots

    Planned Operation (repeatable) (Julia - '') Arke
    ----Kill 180 Urbus Helltooth Rogues and 20 Urbus Helltooth Chiefs 
    ---- exp + gold + 1 Token of light

    ----Suspicious Sealekels (repeatable) (Ciel Goldihen - '') Arke
    ----Kill 100 Contaminated Sealekels Shamans and 100 Contaminated Sealekels Champions 
    ---- exp + gold + 1 Token of light

    ----Explorer Berg (repeatable) (Explorer Berg - '') Arke
    ----Kill 200 Contaminated Sealekel Warriors 
    ---- exp + gold + 1 Token of light

    ----Uncomfortable Request (repeatable) (Ealdrin McClung - '') Arke
    ----Kill 200 Contaminated Sealekels 
    ---- exp + gold + 1 Token of light

    Level 65

    1. Ore Detector (Collector Romeo - Tehan) Arke
    Talk to Tehan in Marduke Mine (map 3) 
    1,539,500 exp + 257,306 gold

    2. Bring me the material (Tehan – Karl Bierhawk) Marduke mine
    Talk to the blacksmith Karl Bierhawk in Stronghold 
    1,589,500 exp + 257,306 gold

    3. Making an Ore Detector (Karl Bierhawk - Tehan) Stronghold
    Deliver the Iron Prop to Tehan in Marduke Mine 
    1,539,500 EXP + 257,306 gold

    4. Peculiar Object (Tehan – Collector Romeo) Marduke mine 
    Deliver the Ore Detector to Tehan in Arke (Valdemar Regnum) 
    1,589,500 exp + 257,306 gold + lv64 armor

    Alchemist's wish (repeatable) (Germander - '') Arke
    ----Kill 100 Urbus Helltooth Guards and 100 Urbus Helltooth Warrior 
    ---- exp gold + 1 Token of light

    Defeating golems (repeatable) (Risen - '') Arke
    ----Kill 200 Contaminated Golems 
    ---- exp gold + 1 Token of light

    Displeased Eugene (repeatable) (Eugene Clark - '') Arke
    ----Kill 100 Urbus Helltooth Gardeners and 100 Urbus Helltooth Bersekers 
    ---- exp gold + 1 Token of light

    Purifying the fruits (repeatable) (Summoner Alasse - '') Arke
    ----Kill 100 Urbus Helltooth Workers and 100 Urbus Helltooth Plunderers 
    ---- exp + gold + 1 Token of lightQuest title(Starting NPC – Ending NPC)

    Merhaba Shaiyalılar,

    Topluluğumuzun belli grupları ve kültürleri hedef alıp genelleme ve kışkırtıcı ifadelerde bulunarak birbirine karşı gitgide daha önyargılı olduğunu farkettik. Bu tür hareketlerin kabul edilemez olduğunu ve olması halinde süratli ve ciddi bir eylemle karşılanacağını bildirmek isteriz. Forumlarımızın ve Discord serverimizin bir destek aracı olmasından, oyuncular ve GM-GS ekibi arasında iletişimi sağlamasından mutluluk duyuyor ve bu platformları bu tür iletişimin sürdüğü – önyargıdan ve kalıp yargılardan uzak bir yer olarak görmek istiyoruz. Daha açık belirtmek gerekirse, belli bir kısma veya kitlenin geneline yönelik yapılan her türlü kışkırtma, karalama veya saldırı hoş görülmeyecektir. Söz konusu kabul edilmeyen bu hareketler aşağıdakileri içermekte olup yalnızca bunlarla da sınırlı değildir;

    • AP çeken/çekmeyen oyunculara,
    • PVP yapan/kasan oyunculara,
    • Belli bir ırka, cinsiyete veya cinsel eğilime,
    • Bir bölgeye ya da ulusa,
    • Aeria Games çalışanlarına,
    • Game Sagelere[GS],
    • Belli bir oyunun oyuncu kitlesine,
    • Belli bir birliğin üyelerine,
    • Bir tarafın oyuncularına(Öfke/Işık),

    oyun içinde – Discord’da veya forumda yapılan her türlü ayrımcılık, karalama, saldırı, tehdit, hakaret, taciz ve küfür yasaktır. Bu tür eylemler topluluğumuzu zedelemekte olup, oyun ve oyuna bağlı platformlarda güzel vakit geçirmek isteyen oyuncuların bu deneyimini bozmaktadır.

    Bildiğiniz gibi, hesabınızı oluştururken Aeria Games Kullanım Şartlarını* kabul ettiniz. Bu nedenle, Kullanım Şartlarında* yer alan kurallara ve Davranış Kurallarına* uyunuz ve Aeria Games topluluğunu her çeşit insanın hoş görüldüğü ve güvende hissettiği bir ortam olarak devam ettiriniz.

    Anlayışınız için teşekkür ederiz.

    Kullanım Şartları :

    Türkçe : 

    İngilizce :

    15 Kill Quest

    Quest NPCs are in 15 zone-Proelium near the merchants

    Quest Name : Conditions for Victory (1)

    NPC : Fidellio Jahm

    Kill 20 Union of Fury players to get 4kt silver medal

    Quest name : Conditions for Victory (2)

    NPC : Bucky Bright

    Kill Proelium Relic and guards and collect (2) Union Seals to get 4kt Gold Medal

    Quest Name : A Small Incentive

    NPC : Bayley Bellita

    Give (1) 4kt Gold Medal and (3) 4kt Silver Medals to get 7 kills.

    30 Kill Quest

    Quest NPCs are in 30 zone-Cantabilian near the merchants

    Quest Name : Jaded

    NPC : Denois Dinoko

    Kill 20 Union of Fury players to get 14kt Silver Medal

    Quest Name : Tough Love

    NPC : Kat Cloud

    Kill Cantabilian altar and guards and collect 2 pieces of Union Gear to get 14kt Gold Medal

    Quest Name : Brains and Brawn

    NPC : Lisa Relia

    Give (1) 14kt Gold Medal and (3) 14kt Silver Medals to get 15 kill points.

    80 Kill Quest

    Quest NPCs are in Canyon of Greed near the merchants in base

    Quest Name : Challenge for Victory (1)

    NPC : Melarin Resen

    Kill 30 Union of Fury players to get a Silver Medal

    Quest Name : Challenge for Victory (2)

    NPC : Caroline Baggings

    Kill the relic guards in Canyon of Greed to get Union Medal and retrieve (3)Union Medal to get a Gold Medal

    Quest Name : Joy of Victory

    NPC : Robin Winston

    Give (1)Gold Medal and (3)Silver Medal to get 70 kills.

    Don't forget medals and unions are non-tradeable, they can't be put on boards either.

    GOOD LUCK <3

    This small guide will explain how to change the colors of your armor, pet, costume, mount and weapons by using the dye items.

    There are five different types of dyes. Let’s see what they look like;

    1) lO15oX.jpg Crowly Costume Dye (to dye your costume)

    2) nOr0v0.jpg Crowly Mount Dye (to dye your mount)

    3) MdJ35g.jpg Crowly Pet Dye (to dye your pet)

    4) bBbdAb.jpg Crowly Armor Dye (to dye a piece of armor set, excluding weapon)

    5) 0EDojB.jpg Crowly Weapon Dye (to dye your weapon)

    How to do;

    1. Open your inventory (Click on”I”) and find the dye you want to use.

    2. Once you have found the dye you want to use, right click it. This will bring up a new menu called the "Painting System".

    3. On the right side of the new window there is a help box. It contains the basic information on how the system works and can serve as a helpful reminder.

    4. Drag the item from your inventory into “Painting Item” in the new screen or right click the item which you want to dye so that it can be chosen.

    5. Remember, you can only dye items that fall under the category of the dye you chose. (Check the dye types above)

    6. Clicking on the boxes that say "Random Color No. 1 -5" will display the current random colors that you have a chance to acquire. A visual display of these colors will be shown on the model to the far left.

    7. You can press "Sampling" to get different color options. Once you have found a group of colors you like, press "Dyeing" and your item will be dyed with one of the randomly chosen colors from the list.

    You can find these dyes in auction boards, players/markets in game, tiered spenders/item mall and you can also win them in game Trivia events!

    Good luck! <3