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    Change TAB key back to what it was pls. I was using it to target the closest fury. Now it doesn't work any more. The other key will target any thing and is use less.

    You should play battle priest. It is fun ^^ We need more of that class along with battle oracles! :thumbup:

    I tried Battle priest. But I got kick from raid becouse I didn't do good enough job with dispels. X( Lolz ^^

    This is about Low Lvl pvp (15 and 30)

    Fix all ilegal gear in the game. Then maybe Mages with legal gear can pvp. Im talking about 15 and canta gear with OJ on all stats Maxed and doubled. Im talking about 15 and canta weapons with storm, hydra, terra, Phoenix lapis. And lvl 22 acc with lucky lapis and lvl 1 acc with mech lapis. And 15-30 gear with lvl7 lapis and other ilegal links. Ilegal gear exists on all lvls. even 80 gear. As long as ilegal gear exists in game ppl is going use it becouse every one want to be super uber and unkilleble. they are not going to send tickets to get it fixet. So game dev has to take care of it or it won't be fixed. Got 1 hunter in 15 with the same def as a guard and hit like a war and he's not nossed. Doesn't seem right.

    If that doesn't work then fix class balance.

    Mage/pagan: Change Cosmic kinisis from increasing magic damage to increasing INT + WIS + REC by the same amount or atleast INT + WIS to increase attack. Mages Need it. And every hard hitting skill they have has 1,5-3 sec cast time and about 50sec+ Cooldown. And they don't do enough dmg to be worth it. Reduse CT and CD. Remove Cast time on roots and make it last for 4 sec and make it undisp. with pots. It's easier for Mage/Pagan to kill each other then to kill a war/fig. What's up with that?

    Def/guard: have additional dmg on every skill.

    Rag/sin only have additional dmg on some skills. some skill have fixed dmg which is low dmg. some skills don't even do crit dmg.

    switch that between the classes so sin/ran get added dmg on every skill and def/guard do low or no extra dmg on stuns and lures.

    War/fig: Many of their hard hitting skills do twice the dmg magic Arrows do and they have very short Cooldown so they can more or less spam it. Plus War/Fig has twice th HP Mage has. Who OP Who here??? Increase the CD on those skills. Charge skill is no problem, it does'n last very long. Black hole is alot worse. It lasts for 6 sec and can't be dispelled with pots. and the CD is very short and can more or less be spamed. Magic roots last for 2 sec and can be disp. with pots. :thumbdown:

    I made a priest with mage set a while back to see how strong it would be. Turns out a priest with a mage set and no kill rank is about as strong as a mage with 2 flower ranks. If mages was that strong, maybe mages would be Worth playing.

    So in a year or two whan I get 2 flower rank, I will finaly be able to pvp with my mage. :D

    Don't think ppl are afraid of dying. Think they are afraid of feeding. Die once and it's feeding. Paranoia!

    Also, the problem with F-key may have some part of it. Pvp was alot more fun back then.

    If pvp was more like back then, more ppl would come to the zone.

    And if there was more ppl in the zone we would get pvp like that. ;)

    Also, Raid Chat need to be restored. Would be alot easier to command the raid. Kind of hard to read the chatbox while pvping. At least for me. :|

    I'm talking about players doing 9k+ crits on me without trans. I don't know much about skill cutting but as far as I know Skill cutting creates higher dmg then normal. This happend a few mont ago. Havent seen any thing lately. But ppl are talking about cheater and hackers... Maybe they are wrong but i keep my Eyes open

    Lot of work reporting ppl and I don't want anyone banned, but i guess I have to. And anyone who want to use Eteo can do that, no problem. But if ppl can't kill anything they leave. Same on both sides. Then we have those who try to mess with ppl to make them QQ and that's not making things better.

    I also know some players are using ilegal linking like Lucky lapis in lv 22 acc. and Lv7 in gear, Storm, Hydra, Pheonix, Terra in Lv29 weapons. This goes on both sides. Impossible to see linking so impossible to report.

    Saw AoL players trying to sell this stuff last winter. Took SS to send report, but Before I could send, problems accured and I was forced to reinstall shaiya and all SS dissapeared. :(

    Kill Boost in Canta to day and to morrow. Every one with Canta gear come and PvP. Let try to get full raids on both sides like Linked PvP use to look like. Spread the Word, bring your friends, come and have some fun. :):)

    I don't mind Charge. A bit annoying some times but don't last long. When I get hit by black hole I have about 0-5% chance of survival. Maybe War/Fig need it against "Hard to kill" targets but against Mage/Pag it's over kill. ^^

    I changed my build last 15% linking event and sacrificed some attack to increase def and HP but wars are stiil deadly. But that's ok.

    Maybe remove Black hole from fig/war and give it to sin/Ran? I don't think Fig/War need it. Not with all the hard hitting skills they have.

    Thank you for the info GS Diamond. Looking forvard to see the results. I hope Level 30 mage/pagan class will be improved. ^^

    And guys, don't forget that AEG have changed a few complaints. Like removing cast time on magic Arrows (mage/pagan skill) for example so they are not ignoring us. Just keep on giving feedback and things will get better. Some times it takes time with planning and all. :)

    Feedback here: Feedback


    Or Here if it's still in use:

    I started with nub nobel set and could pvp with that. Then i got strong worship gears and got killed by 2 nubs using stunns and poison on me. Now ubers are too powerfull. I Think releasing Xmas acc and HT acc in 15 zone was a mistake. It made every one too powerfull. Should be lvl 16+

    My canta mage got maxed legend set, Maxed HT acc, semi maxed Titan amulet. I even moved all statpoints from attack to rec this morning and i still die too easy becouse of stuns and hard hitting War/def skills wich are instant and no cast time and short cool down unlike my skills. Mages can only do dmg when not under attack becouse Magic Arrows are just a pea shooter. My mage use to be strong and could take hits and do dmg but not now. Or maybe i'm just a nub who don't know how to play mage. This game is no fun any more. But i still want to play shaiya. ?(

    Im working on a canta ranger set. if that don't work i go with fighter like every one else, unless Mage class get fixed.

    People have been saying that this game will die soon since I started in september 2010. :sleeping:

    Goin back to old shaiya is boring. Changes makes the game stay fresh. Just think the episodes as new games. Like Shaiya 1, Shaiya 4, Shaiya 8 and so on. They just need to fix the things that are wrong and make it enjoyable for both AP buyers and free players then every thing will be fine. Like fixing so people farm and level on the maps instead of sitting in a Cave. And fixing the classes in the lower Pvp zones so any class can kill any class. And Fix pvp so Dread gear and heroic acc can be used in 30 pvp and so on. Max OJ are way to expensive to be used on dread sets. Can't get the Op value back when Selling dread sets. And Heroic acc can be used buy more o less any class exept mages, who need Titians. ^^

    Mag/Pag Has alot of atk Power but becouse of the resistens, high HP and high dmg skills and stuns Fig/War/Def/Guard has, they are impossible to kill. Mag/Pag has cast time on Everything. Even with maxed legend set and HT acc you feel ungeared in pvp.

    Magic Mask Gives Mage/pagan Good Protection. Unfortunatly It Has 1.5 sec castime and can't be used when Under Attack. The duration is only 15 sec and and cooldown is 210 sec. It can be used before a push but have only 15 sec so it's useless.

    If AEG could remove the cast time on Magic Mask and give magic Arrows more attack Power, then maybe Mag/Pag would be better.

    What to do with 5 mages vs 5 War? 2 War masacare the mages With 3 War sit and watch, eating popcorn? Instead of pushing, we have to sitt in base calling for fighters to help us out. Hoping some one is online and not busy. If the mages was stronger we could push and pvp instead.

    Playing Mage I feel like I'm stat padding furys. Statpadding is a bannable offence so playing Mage is by defenition a bannable offence. That's how bad mages are. Unless you have flower/star rank and maxed out titan acc, then maybe youre good enough, but I don't know.

    I paid alot of money on my mage set and the only thing it's good for is farming robots. :thumbdown:

    Level 30 Mage/pagan


    1. Change Cosmic Kinesis Lv 4 to increase int by 200 or so for 15 min. Or leave this skill as it is and increase the extra dmg on all skills by 200, inkl magic Arrow lv 4 (43 increase to 243)

    2. Change Arcane Aurora Lv2 from 16% to 24% magic def

    3. Make Potent Force double or triple Def for 30 sec. Or change Potent Force to remove cooldown for 30 sec like it use to be in earlier ep's. Or make it remove all cast time instead of cool down for 30 sec

    4. Give Magic root 3-4 sec stun effect (only removable by healer)

    5. Give Earth spikes 3-4 sec stun effect like Earth quake use to have in previous ep. Or bring back Earth quake

    6. Make Sonic flash slow movement effect last 3-4 sec (only removable by healer)

    7. Remove Cast time on Fire strike, kamains breath and magic mask.

    8. Make magic mask last longer then cooldown

    9. Cut down the cast time on Tempest Howl, Flame Choir and Earth chant by half.

    Alternative sugestion

    Make 1 resist = 1 magic def.

    1. Change Arcane Aurora Lv2 to 24%.

    2. Change Potent force to remove cooldown for 30 sec. Or make it remove cast time instead for 30 sec

    3. remove cast time on magic mask but leave the duration.

    4. Make Magic root stun for 3 sec (only removable by healer)

    5. Give Earth Spikes 3 sec stun or bring back Earth quake

    6. Make Sonic Flash slowmo effect last 3 sec (only removeble by healer)

    The hero of shaiya


    There was once a young not very bright man who suddenly appeared near a farm with a cow in the world of shaiya. He had no idea how he got there. He looked down and noticed that he was dressed as a mage. He looked around and saw what he thought was cute little foxes down a road. He went over to pet them but didn't realize that those foxes was not foxes at all but actually ugly, hairy, angry looking wolfs. The wolfs didn't like to be petted so they attacked him. The young man defended him self and realized he possessed magical skills and defeated those wolfs.

    He went down the road while practicing his skills and learned new once on the way, until he saw pillars with scary looking winged statues near a cemetary. He got scared and didn't want to go further but some how he knew this was his only way home. He went forth and after passing a few ships, he became surrounded by a raid of UoF warriors near a windmill. He used his powerful magical skills and defeated them all and became the greatest hero of shaiya and was celebrated with baloons in a village by all of AoL.

    After the celebration, he went down a path with steps to a river and wondered how he would get home. Suddenly he woke up in front of his computer with shaiya running and realized it was all just a dream. And then, when he looked at the screen, he saw a raised statue in apulune that looked like him...

    He also got a free mount as a reward

    The End

    I just don't want anyone banned. It's hard enough to get people to join pvp when we need more to push. If people get banned it will get harder.

    "Raiding the opposite faction’s base is not allowed" was the rule for years. GM Render posted SS of guards and maps with drawn borders in the old forum to make it perfectly clear. He even stated that ranged attacks is concidered part of ones toon and "if a ranged attack passes the guards then the player are passing the guards".

    Later they changed the rules and faction raids was alowed but not in respawn Points wich was guarded by snipers. I don't know how that turned out cuz I didn't play much becouse of those rules... Took a 2 year break, only showing up occasionally. 2016 I started missing shaiya and came back in december that year. I checked the pvp rules to see if any thing changed and saw new rules, stated in the main post above.

    "Raiding the opposite faction’s base is not allowed behind the opposite faction's camp, because it's not honorable killing afk people." Seem perfectly clear to me. And very sound. It's just the borders that's unclear, but sound to me like we are not allowed to pass the guards at the gates.

    "You can kill players everywhere else except in Respawn Points, which are protected with an invisible field." ..... Makes it unclear. Are the guards at the gates the "no tresspass" border or is it at the respawn Point inside the base?

    GS Di, if you can go back and check it, please do.

    Please specify rule #1 for canta. where are the borders? Are we alowed to pass the guards and gate? Some aol players say it alowed and they are not getting banned when they enter fury base and start killing ppl, so maybe they are right. Please specify clear rules for all zones and maybe even pics and maps to prevent confusion. ty ?(

    I tried to play healer ones. Think it was during ep.5. I thought it was gonna be easy but it wasn't. It's wery hard work, especaily if there's only one healer. I thought my priest would move automaticly when ppl went out of range but noooo... I had to move manualy and try to get there before they die. I was litteraly running all over the Place, trying to heal and dispell... Tried it for about a month, then I gave it up and switched to battle priest. Later I sold the gear and went back to mage. ^^

    I'm wery impressed with those who can play healer and heal and despell and trying not to die at the same time. You all got my respect. :thumbup: Orcs to, Even though they keep healing what we are trying to kill. ;)