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    This was Karmics last contest with us as a team... he will be missed around here. Top three winners will win a prize I think we will do 30d costume or mount of choice.

    I can only tell you what I know, I did ask for this information for a couple days. Will try to get a clearer scheledule for you guys for August.

    Guys I know, and we have told them the same as you. The players here don't want new costumes. We crave balance and fixes. I promise you this I have personally spoken to the devs on this myself. I have also been told there are several things in the works, I cant speak on them however. I also know all the promises we were given as player since this epi started and have brought this up.

    Hopefully soon you will see good things coming our way. Is the best I can do guys I assure you we are trying.

    As I know it 15 and Canta as noss free zones or have been for a long time on this server. Some blame the Eteo cheese, so we made a new poll vote here....

    Eteo Cheese . We are trying to listen. I'm sorry you think the events for 15 are too rare but most of the times lately when we have tried to do one, the gs team has ran into a lot of opposition. Maybe we can push for more in the future. Low geared farmers however shouldn't be farming in a pvp zone but thats just my opinion.

    I think the end of the month ran earlier this month the current tier is not the end of the month.

    Guys we know all of the concerns and unhappiness with this episode. We know you want your classes more balanced. The frustration is real and for a lot of us as well. I also know you feel like you are not heard but trust me you are. We as a team voice the same concerns that you guys have.

    The lag, the loss of players, the exploits and the imbalance have all but made the game in a lot of ways not the shaiya we grew to love.

    We have told them for many years, yes Shaiya is a older game but the pvp here has been some of the best in most games of this kind. That's why we came, that's why we keep returning.

    I can tell you as a GS the CM's and GM's and Devs are in the loop and they know whats going on however sometimes its not so easy as flipping a switch to find the right balance and or fixes.

    But they are working on a few things to try and they do know your concerns.

    So we have heard a lot about the tiered spenders lately and we are looking for some ideas. This is your chance to design your own End of Month Tier. There will be three top winners in this contest.

    Here is your parameters...

    Tier 1 = 99 ap to 9999 AP

    Tier 2 = 599 ap to 12499 AP

    Tier 3 = 199 ap to 9999 AP

    Tier 4 (bonus) 799ap to 15999 ap

    And yes this is a contest... There will be three top winners from this event.

    This will run from 17.07.18 thru 01.08.18


    GS Roundup

    By [GS]Skully & [GS]Wendolyn

    Howdy Partners. Our GS's are on the loose and we need to gather them up. Can you find them by taking their pics. The more you get in one shot the more points you will be given. Can you win our GS Rodeo Roundup.

    Post all Screenshots here to this thread as a reply. This contest will start July 30, 2018 and end August 5, 2018.


    1) Gs’s must be captured by means of SS and points are given based on the GS captured.

    2) If more than one GS is in a pic or a GS is in PvP a bonus 5 points are given in addition to the points for each GS captured.

    3) Only 1 ss of each GS can be submitted.

    4) Timeframe for completion is 6 Days

    5) First player to 95 points gets 1st Prize

    6) Second player to 95 gets 2nd Prize

    7) Third player to 95 gets 3rd Prize

    8)- Lower level players get 5 points for each GS they capture

    9) If multiple GSes are in a screenshot and also in PVP , players get an additional 5 bonus points for the multiple GS and 5 bonus points for each GS in PVP screenshot

    8) Time and date of ss must be supplied and names of GS’s and player must be visible.

    Point System

    [GS]Alone 10 points

    [GS]Skully 10 points

    [GS]Wling 10 points

    [GS]Rattler 10 points

    [GS]Wendolyn 10 points

    [SGS]Spankie 15 points

    [LGS]Diamond 20 points


    1st Place: 30 Day Conti, 30 Day Pid, 30 Day EE

    2nd Place: 15 Day Conti, 2x 7 Day Pids, 2x 7 Day EE

    3rd Place: 7 Day Conti, 7 day Pid, 7 Day EE

    I brought this here to get some opinions, I know a lot of us dislike this epi due to being ratio. What skills do you think should be replaced to help balance the classes? What skills have virtually no use to your class? What old skills could be re-implemented to improve the ability to play your class?

    For me its simple

    • no cast or cool down on dispel
    • provocation circle

    Maintenance on Tuesday, 03/07/2018


    Dear Shaiyans,

    The weekly maintenance will take place on Tuesday, 3rd of July at 10 am CET.

    This maintenance will take more time than usual.

    Thank you, and have fun playing after the maintenance!


    Your Shaiya Team

    The winners are as follows

    Fighter : Batal
    Archer : Aash
    Ranger : -RAL-
    Defender : xRETOx
    mage : armatka.
    priest : Gweyr

    Warrior G-ravis

    Hunter Trip.Hunter

    Guard ABSINTHE.

    Pagan Pye.

    Oracle Tsuji

    The over all winners who will take a [King] tag are

    Hunter - Trip.Hunter

    Guard ABSINTHE.

    Mage armatka.

    Oracle Tsuji

    Ranger -Ral-


    Fighter Batal

    If you are trying to connect with WTFast or Pingzapper please turn them off. This may solve your issue, however if that's not whats going on please pm me for more information.





    Event starts: 14.06.

    Event ends: 15.07.

    How does it work?

    We have 12 cards to collect and will share them with you. Some you will find on our facebook pages, some will be posted on the forums and some we will hide in different sections for a limited time of our website. Will you find them all?

    1. Find the cards during while the event is running.

    2. Collect these information: Where (link), when and which card (Card Name, e.g. #7 Christina Ronaldo) did you find.

    3. Once the event ends, send a private message on the forum to Bodhisattva with your Server, your Account Name and the information of the cards you found.


    - You can only participate once. (If you try to participate more than once you are excluded from this event!)

    - Send a private message on the forums to Bodhisattva. (If you send it to any other member of our team, your entry will not count.)

    - Send all the information required to participate: Your Server, your Account Name and the cards you found (link, Card Name and date). (If you do not provide all the information, your entry will not count.)

    - Send your PN to Bodhisattva between July 16th and July 23rd (11.59 PM CET). (If you are late, your entry will not count.)


    We will have prizes for each territory. Winners will be announced and rewards will be sent in August.

    - 1st (all 12 cards found)

    - 2nd (at least 10 cards found)

    - 3rd (at least 7 cards found)

    - Random winners


    Your Shaiya Team


    This one is pretty simple its a best of class competition, this is for the Canta zone pvpers!!!

    All factions may battle and you will battle your own class and the opposite faction equivalent.

    If you want this tag and are willing to fight for it sign up now! Sign ups will close three days prior to event.

    Last day for sign up is June 21, 2018.

    Sign in here >>>>>Sign up form


    BTW these tags will be non transferable if you name change you will lose them.

    They are also for a limited time of until the next contest. Only the over all winner will recieve a tag, in each class

    1.... Each player will combat first against their own factions opponents via class. This will be followed by winning team on other faction to determine who the has enough skill to back up all this smack talk we see in all of you. Each class is welcome to sign up.

    2.... NO NOSSES WILL BE ALLOWED ! This includes but is not limited to: nostrums, remedies and pots. this also includes party buffs. Participants must rely solely on their own skills, builds, gear. Debuff pots are allowed. Transform will be allowed but no HP pots or cheese.

    3.... Participants must show up clean. No buffs, no nostrums, no status enhancing effects of any kind except for exp enhancements, prevent item drops and continuous resurrection runes. There will be time before the matches to buff.

    4.... Matches will be best 2 fights out of 3. That means that after two participants begin a match, the first player to win twice, wins the match and moves on. Matches will not stop for cooldowns. Be sure and plan accordingly. a small amount of time will be allowed for class buffs between fights.

    5.... GSs will be monitoring each match. Their word is law. They will announce the beginning and end of each match and the winner of each match.

    6.... If a player does not return within three minutes after a disconnect, they will be disqualified from the tournament.

    7.... Lag is not an excuse.

    8... Keep Free-for-All PvP away from Tournament area please.

    9... This is a 30 class competition all players below this level are welcome to participate but be warned.... you will combat 30 pvper's!

    Also before anyone jump cutting!

    We will have GS team presence to ensure things are legit. Remember their word is the final discussion.

    10... All accounts will be checked and your toon will be inspected prior to battles. Any attempts will subject you to removal.

    CRR and PID is a must!!! This is in a PvP zone!!

    Do not attack the GS!!

    Tags have been determined, we will use the Immortal tags so you will have the following tags one winner per class per faction.

    Warrior / Fighter

    Guardian / Defender

    Hunter / Archer

    Assassin / Ranger

    Pagan / Mage

    Oracle / Priest

    However the over all best of class may use the one related to his class above or the choice of [King] and [Queen]


    The battles will start at 11:00 EDT on Sunday 24 (5 pm CEST) and may carry over depending on the amount signed up.

    Official Link Player Ethics Guide

    Player Ethics Rules


    1. You may not harass or threaten other players.
    2. You may not use any content, which is harassing, vulgar, obscene, abusive, threatening, harmful, libelous or defamatory, encourages conduct that could constitute a criminal offense or give rise to civil liabilities, or is unlawful in any other way.
    3. You may not use any content protected by intellectual property laws or by rights of privacy, unless you own the rights thereto or have received all necessary consents. You shall be solely liable for any damage resulting from any infringement of copyright, trademark or other proprietary rights.
    4. You will not upload or transmit in the Game any copyrighted content that you do not own all rights to, unless you have the express written permission of the author or copyright holder.
    5. You may not impersonate any Aeria Games & Entertainment employee, past or present, including any Customer Support personnel.
    6. You will follow the instructions of authorized personnel while in the Game.
    7. You may not make any false representation, including impersonation of any person or entity or misrepresentation of your affiliation with any person or entity.
    8. You may not make use of the forums or game for commercial purposes, such as advertising any products or services, reselling or publishing the information posted or transmitted.
    9. You may not violate any local, state, national or international law or regulation.
    10. You may not make use of the forums or game for the exchange or transfer of any pirated or illegal software.
    11. You may not organize nor be a member of any clans or groups within the Game that are based on, or espouse, any racist, sexist, anti-religious, anti-ethnic, or other hate-mongering philosophy.
    12. You may not give false information or intentionally hide any information when registering for your Game account as we require this information to verify ownership of accounts.
    13. You may not modify any part of the Game Client, Server or any part of the Game.
    14. You will not attempt to interfere with, hack into, or decipher any transmissions to or from the servers running the Game.
    15. You will not exploit any bug in the Game and you will not communicate the existence of any such exploitable bug (bugs that grant the user unnatural or unintended benefits in game), either directly or indirectly, to any other Game player. You will promptly report any such bug via official and prescribed channels to Aeria Games & Entertainment.
    16. You will not operate any software that interferes with, or interacts with the game in such a manner as to provide an advantage to the user.
    17. You will not create, use or provide any server emulator or any other sites where the Game may be played, and you will not post or distribute any utilities, emulators or other software tools related to the Game without the express written permission of Aeria Games & Entertainment.
    18. You will not attempt to play the Game on any server that is not controlled or authorized by Aeria Games & Entertainment.
    19. You may not hold Aeria Games & Entertainment responsible for any loss resulting from In Game Trading. Aeria Games & Entertainment will not be held responsible for any resulting consequence from In Game trading.
    20. You may not hold Aeria Games & Entertainment responsible for any information that is passed between players. Aeria Games & Entertainment does not guarantee the safe keeping of information that is passed between players and will not be held responsible for any resulting losses or consequences arising from the improper use of said information.
    21. You may not hold Aeria Games & Entertainment responsible for any In Game feature loss that was not purchased through legal means. Aeria Games & Entertainment does not guarantee the availability of any In Game Items, any Services or any Levels to players.
    22. You may not hold Aeria Games & Entertainment responsible for any loss of usage or data experienced as a result of server maintenance or other server down times such as restarts or crashes.
    23. All in game items, and accounts are the property of Aeria Games. No sale/exchange of said items is allowed accept as authorized by Aeria Games.

    Aeria Games & Entertainment reserves the right to record information about player activities in the game. These records may be used in verifying player claims, technical troubleshooting and policy enforcement. They may also be considered permissible as evidence in a court of law.

    The Player Ethics Guide may be amended by Aeria Games & Entertainment from time to time without your consent. In such event, Aeria Games & Entertainment will make readily available to you the amended terms and that you will and have agreed to those amended terms.

    If you do not agree to the Player Ethics Guide, you may stop playing the Game. In such a case, no form of compensation will be made to you.

    Dear Shaiyans,

    We would like to update our community about Tag rules, so please keep in mind the following points:

    - Tags should be kept on the account they were earned on;

    - If you earned your tag - for example - during a 15 PvP event, they should remain in your PvP 15 character.

    - The tag should be kept in the same class you have earnt them on. For example, if you have earned the tag [Arcus] on your PvP 15 character, this very same tag cant be transferred on a Faction Change or Kill Transfer.

    - You may lose tags you have previously earned if there is another tag event for your zone. Example: [LGND] tags are for the best of your class, and are considered temporary. If we have another event proving the best of your class, you must necessarily take part on it in order to fight for your tag, and prove yourself the best in order to keep it. If you don't run for it, and even if you do and you are no longer the best, then your tag will be lost;

    - The ability to Ticket Tags to have them moved or return after a rename/faction change is limited to permanent tags. Example: Temporary tags like [LGND] must remain in the same faction they were earned;


    Your Shaiya Team


    Dear players we need your help, we found a baby panda who is hungry, thirsty and lost.

    Can you help us to reunite him with his mother? We will need to make sure he is taken care of along the way as well.

    You may only enter this event one time per person.


    Your first task - we need to find the baby some food. We all know hungry babies are cranky babies, and how would you expect a hungry baby to be able to travel quickly?


    5- gold apples

    5-red apples

    5- green apples

    5- Fresh bananas

    5- green bananas

    5 golden bananas

    When you collect all of the above turn them into a GS who will record the toon name.

    Each item you complete and turn in will count as 5 points. No more than 5 points will be awarded for a possible total of 30 points available.

    Tally Sheet for baby food here Tally sheet


    Part Two - get the baby some milk


    Now you know we cant give the baby snacks and expect it to be thirsty? Your next objective is to find it some milk. You must upload a SS with your toon, the cow and the coordinates as well as a time date stamp visible. These will count as 5 points each correct answer. There are several cows in the servers. Place your SS in this  Milk Form Here


    Puzzle Screenshots

    We have all seen this before, we will insert one two or three pieces per day, the first correct screen shot for each of the puzzles will be awarded 1-10 points 2-8 points 3-6 points everyone in position 4 and after will receive 4 points total. You will only get points for one faction puzzle. When you think you have the puzzle figured out please upload your screenshot here Puzzle Answers


    Aol Side -


    Fury Side -


    Puzzle Two





    Answer Form for puzzle two Puzzle two here

    Third Puzzle here-





    Answer Form for Puzzle Three -Puzzle Three


    Famous Mothers and the Trivia

    This one is pretty simple, every other day you will be presented with a new mom, and a trivia question pertaining to her. Each player will get 1 point for each correct answer, 1 for the mother and 1 for the trivia question for a total of 10 points. You will post your response Trivia Answers here


    Day 12-14

    Who hits Sarabi when her son, Simba, gets back from his exile?


    The HUNT

    The players will get this SS from their faction they will follow the 5 clues to find the mother who is located in somewhere waiting for her child. For this part you have to figure out where the baby is and where the mother is. When you think you have found where the baby was, and where the mother was please upload and paste your SS to the form below. The fastest to figure it out will be awarded 10 points, place 2 will receive 8 points place 3 will receive 6 points. All other correct screenshots will receive 5 points.

    The clues




    1. You will start in the land where you begin not as a baby but as you begin to grow, however be alert there are many portals here with levels you can not reach.

    2. Find the 2 gatekeepers, but be careful which one to you talk to. Other will make your search longer and other will take you to the capital city.

    3. You will learn to farm and make your living as you grow up. What is it...? A lot people, noises, various colorful goods... this crowded place will offer you the chance to earn it

    4. Only one of the four will show you the way to a Castle.

    5. The path thru go straight and on a turn point choose the road that leads North-East.

    6. Near me is a portal and ruin of a tower and three houses that seems to be abandoned.

    The fastest to complete this will get 10 points second will be 8 third will be 6 fourth will receive 5 and every after will receive 4 points.

    Insert your Hunt answers here Where is the Baby and Where is Mom?


    Two Week Event May 7-21


    1. Prize:
    1x Blood Avenger (perm) or 1x Brave Rerio (perm) of choice
    30d Continuous Resurrection Rune
    30d Prevent Item Drop
    30d Eternal Endurance

    2. Prize:
    1x Perfect Linking Hammer
    30d Continuous Resurrection Rune
    30d Prevent Item Drop
    30d Eternal Endurance

    3. Prize:
    30d Costume of Choice
    30d Continuous Resurrection Rune
    30d Prevent Item Drop
    30d Eternal Endurance

    For all players : 1x Operator Exclusive, 20x Regnum Potion, 20x Etain Potion (who participate)