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At the moment, the consumer advice centre is warning of an increased volume of phishing e-mails.

Unfortunately, we have recently received more and more information that there are also e-mails in circulation that advertise an Aeria competition.

Such a competition does not exist. This is an unauthorized promotion.

In the email you will be asked to follow a link and on a deceptively real copy of our website you will be asked to enter your account information.

If you have received such a message, please delete it immediately. Please do not click on the link and never enter your account information on other websites.

If you have already followed a link from such a message, immediately change your password using the "Forgot your password?“ function on the website of your game.

Before you enter your account name and password, you should always check the URL of the website you are currently on.

    When the pvp rules were laid out, invading the lower zones in Jungle was allowed. This was a new thing but we learned to live with it. Also raiding the opposite factions base was allowed.

    This is where the exceptions stopped however....Killing on the spawn point is not allowed in Jungle

    The rules were set forth by our PM. They have not changed. Jungle is not a free for all zone. You get portal lag and loading issues. This is why its not allowed to kill there.

    The opposite faction must take a step off the portal spawn point, to show it is active in the zone before it is allowed to be attacked.

    The rules are taken forth from here Official PVP rules

    Save yourself some time and trouble and learn these please.

    So here it's finally spring, with spring comes the beautiful blooming of many flowers....

    Shaiya has its own beautiful flowers, I captured several ScreenShots of them.

    See how many you can match to mine and win a prize if you get the most the fastest.

    All Screenshots should include your toon and be posted in one single reply in forum.

    First prize will win a 30 day costume or 30 day pet or 30 day mount of your choice.

    Second prize will get either a 30 day mount or 30 pet of choice.

    Third place will get either a 30 day costume of choice.

    Timeline March 13 to March 23 2019











    I think unless I am mistaken that you read the two ES servers are merging into one. Kind of like we did back years ago with Teos Lailah Etain and Gaia.

    I think for some reason, unless I am mistaken they needed this to happen to update all the servers to the same content patches, so they could implement future plans.

    From what I heard they want not to do this on one server, that on another etc. If this makes sense.

    I can't tell you what I do know, I am under a NDA to be honest. I can however say this in all honesty.

    IF we get what we have asked for, and I know that some we will you guys may be very happy!!!


    This weekend is all about the Stadium PVP

    15 will have stadium pvp at 7 pm CET on Saturday or MM in stadium if they prefer.

    Following Grb we will host the Grb Winner MM in stadium.


    There will be Ice Cream in Auction House on Saturday as well from 6:30 pm CET to 7:15 Pm CET


    On Sunday we will have Stadium PVP for Canta at 7 PM CET to 8 PM CET

    then at 9PM CET we will open Stadium to the 80 End game pvpers.

    Note there will be no addition snipers in stadium until the end where we need to clear it out.

    So if your faction decides to hide in base we will not intervene.

    Blackstar I am kind of confused, telling people your idea and acting like its mine? I am so not sure what you mean. If you are talking about the animation controls and removal, this is nothing new the idea. Its been tossed between CM and Devs before and more than a year prior. I also know there are players who have mentioned it as well.

    This was not part of my idea, nor do I act like it. I normally don't lag so my ideas run more into the longevity of the game venues. I can tell you that we are not like the (other servers) you mentioned so its not quite so simple to implement these things here.

    Gun this was taken off of Shaiya Player Ethics.

    You know as well Game Masters do not fix the game, we simply do not hav the ability to. That is up to the developers and producers. That is not to say that they can not fix it.

    Sadly you probably do not have any clue how many players we have lost due to this bug/glitch whatever you want to call it. So your theory everyone should be allowed to use it speaks volumes.

    We have been told this patch is coming and fast, ie- reference the producers letter and Khelvis own message.

    Gun Im kinda not sure what you are fishing for here, the main thing I have heard you ask for lately is unbanned. That's probably also why you keep being told to send a ticket. We make pvp events at the moment 3 days a week now. We cant really do many more days than this due to family commitments and careers.

    As far as 3 raids vs 3 raids of pvpers? Were you dreaming? I haven't seen 3v3 raids in a long time.

    Couples Picture


    Valentines Day Card



    On this of all Valentine's Day

    I have one single prayer I pray

    That all of your wishes all come true

    That your true loves finds you....

    Valentines Day Dinner


    Bananna Soup

    Made from the freshest Green Ripe and Golden Bannannas


    The main course

    Succulent Young Pig


    Reptillia Meats

    served over

    Rice Cakes

    with buttered Fireshrooms

    and savory Torin Plum Sauce




    Apples Flambe

    Tender Red Apples baked into

    Egg and Cheese Crust

    Cracked Cherry Candy on top


    Served with of course AH finest of champagnes

    Haldeck Champagne




    This weekends events

    15 Will have a Monster Madness Friday at 7 PM CET

    30 will have a Monster Madness Saturday 6 PM CET

    Directly after GRB TheGREATESTOne Guild and BG Gard will be invited to Staduim for their Mini MM GRB win.

    Sunday there will be a MM in KI since its a +1 weekend at 7 PM CET

    Most people like the wings, even for the lower levels. Personally I like my own although I do wish we had the option to hide them.

    The glowing factor, I think could be done the same way. It's nice that people see you are max enchanted I think was the original option. However if it is part of the lag issue that so many are seeming to report I think we should have the option to hide this too.

    As far as the bots, there isn't really any old player I know of that likes the bots in the jungle. This is not a new discussion we have begged for old school jungle to be reintroduced back into the game. I agree with you they have no place in this story line of Shaiya.

    On the prohibited accounts I wont speak on, due to not knowing the circumstances.

    Thanks for your input.

    This weekends events consist of the following....

    On Saturday, for 15 there will be Ice Cream vendors at 5 PM CET


    For Canta we will have a Stadium MM at 7 pm CET


    At 10:30 PM CET we will have the first Mini GRB MM in stadium for Aol - followed up with Fury at 11 pm CET.

    30 minutes after grb will the first Mini MM start.

    On Sunday we will have Stadium pvp for 80 zone..trying to keep the numbers even. This will be held at 7 PM CET.


    Black please re read the parts where I said this


    Sadly we are trying to make up so many new events in the time frames we have to do them that little things get complex.

    This always causes QQ it seems from players.

    Sadly we cant make everyone happy,

    We are trying hard. Sorry the timing didnt suit you.

    I did have a reason for the times I chose this week and it has nothing to do with grb or 15 or 30 but more so my team.

    Bl4ckSt4r ok thanks for the input we can go back to IC in one zone and MM in the other...alternating. Sadly we are trying to make up so many new events in the time frames we have to do them that little things get complex. This always causes QQ it seems from players. I didnt see 15 ruined at all and Canta raid was not even made to my knowledge until the last moment. So your QQ is flawed I think. Sadly we cant make everyone happy, but we are trying hard.

    Maybe a better alternative is to hold two events for canta one every other week and the same for 15? I was trying to make it where every zone got a event each week. Sorry the timing didnt suit you. I did have a reason for the times I chose this week and it has nothing to do with grb or 15 or 30 but more so my team.


    Thats right you saw it correctly....

    We had a good idea for those who don't always have the chance

    to compete with the pvpers in the Monster Madness events.

    So my question now is do you and your guild love grb?

    Want to be rewarded for your love of it?

    Here is the break down and how we will start the trials

    until we see for sure how it will go.

    We will take a Screenshot of the top 20 guilds every week and post them here.

    Then every other week we will use a random name generator

    to pick two guilds in those weekly top 20 winners

    to have a mini monster madness just for your guilds

    in staduim.

    We will start the contest next weeks grb February 9.

    The Mini MM time will be announced and posted so stay tuned here!!


    57410706193464293909.jpgHello Shaiyans!

    This forum post will list the winners of the GRB packages (first top two guilds and 3 random guilds per faction). Will be posted after every GRB.

    You can see the rank, guild name and guild leader name (character name) of the winners.

    After packages are being sent, please wait up to 24 hours before filing a ticket if items are missing (as more than 1000 items are sent, it can create delays in the distribution).

    With this pack you will get:

    Warehouse recall x100

    Movement Rune x250

    Party member summon rune x250

    Etain potion x250

    Crest of rectitude x100

    Guild house teleportation stone x250

    Winners of the GRB packages from GRB 1/26/2019



    Dear Shaiyans,

    We would like to give you an update on the new Boost planning, which will apply on all territories from now on.

    That's right! The Shaiya Team decided to create a single Boost schedule for all servers.

    This means, each and every boost event will take place simultaneously in different communities, promoting equality and transparency throughout Shaiya.

    With this in mind, we have created this new thread, in which we will add the monthly plan at the beginning of each month.


    Your Shaiya Team

    Weekend events 1/26/19 and 1/27/19



    15 Zone 4 PM CET

    Canta Zone will be in Staduim at

    7 pm CET

    80 zone will be Sunday at 8 PM CET

    It will be held differently for 80 there will be 30 minutes of Invasion PVP and Monsters spawned in VR

    followed by 30 Minutes of Invasion PVP and Monsters spawned in PR.


    Was a really good event...

    Invasion PVP see video here

    Ky was our US winner taking top prize

    Benamer taking second place

    Kuanjet taking third

    I need these players to contact me ASAP or any other GM please.


    Most of the world celebrates the new year it reflects a time of rememberance of the old year and the promise of a brighter one.

    People make promises and resolutions to do things differently or try new things.

    There are many parties and celebrations including the toast to bring in the new year.

    So I would like to hear how you celebrate your new years where you are....


    Also I would like to see your best in game Screen shots of the fireworks.

    There are three different types of fireworks in Shaiya

    You will get 1 point for each type you submit for a possible total of three.

    Then they will be judged for the best SS.

    Also for telling me your New Years Traditions you will get 5 points.

    This contest will start December 30 and end on January 5th.


    There will be three winners

    Top Winner will get their choice of a 30 d costume of choice

    or a 30 d mount of choice

    or a 30 d pet of choice.

    Second place will get their choice of a

    30 d mount or pet.

    Third place will get their choice of a

    30 d costume



    When and where:



    8 pm Berlin time - 8 pm CET

    What to do:

    Kill each other. brutally. thats it really.
    The GM'S will be in map to TRR the dead ones.

    Try keeping drama to a minimum.

    GM'S will summon you into the map.


    Since the event is going to be in a PVP map, do not forget to use PID, EE and CRRs.

    GMs will have loops and be wearing their orange hats.

    GMes will be using target ressurection runes

    Dont attack the GM'S they will be wearing orange hats, hitting an orange hat GM is a punishable offense.

    (you'll be forgiven for 1-2 accidental hits but afterwards not so much)

    JUST a heads up there will be no dropping of the main raid to summon in a extra raid or event will be closed.

    * Since the event is going to be in a PVP map, do not forget to pop PID, EE and CRR.

    * GMes will have loops

    *GMes will be using target ressurection runes