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At the moment, the consumer advice centre is warning of an increased volume of phishing e-mails.

Unfortunately, we have recently received more and more information that there are also e-mails in circulation that advertise an Aeria competition.

Such a competition does not exist. This is an unauthorized promotion.

In the email you will be asked to follow a link and on a deceptively real copy of our website you will be asked to enter your account information.

If you have received such a message, please delete it immediately. Please do not click on the link and never enter your account information on other websites.

If you have already followed a link from such a message, immediately change your password using the "Forgot your password?“ function on the website of your game.

Before you enter your account name and password, you should always check the URL of the website you are currently on.

    They dont wanna see the reality! They are all sucked up inside their fantasy about a great game. They had great idea's but it wasnt great for the game. We are getting told nothing and they keep making decissions what is killing the game more. I used to play this game every day and i even played it till midnight when i was supposed to be on bed because i had school on the next day. Now i dont even bother to log in anymore because i know that if i walk in a map i will see maybe 2 people if i have luck. I play this game since 2012 and i have seen all the mistakes they had then, but they would instantly fix it and we all we're happy. Now its only moneymoneymoneymoney. I can tell you, i study finances, i study for my own business. They won't make it till the 2 years. People are not willing to pay hunderds of dollars for a game what isn't worth playing that way.

    The fun part is, i wanna play this game. But its so boring after 5 minutes.. Even the PVP-ers are bored sitting somewhere waiting till 1 person is trying to farm in jungle or whatever. This has to change.

    We don't want new costumes or mounts. We want our game back.

    Several changes to improve PvE, drops etc have been forwarded already. Some of the recommended things are already in game (ie: Mini bosses in 15 and 30 to give 15 toons something worth fighting for and improve PvP in zones). Other proposed changes affect leveling, drops and quests. Unfortunately … they do take time to write, test and implement. But ….. keep your eyes open …. there is more to come.

    They tell us nothing! If they won't do something faster it will be dead before they finished writing code's. We don't even get patch notes anymore. ( at least i cannot find them anywhere ) Everyone reads how people are complaining about PVP. so i dont see a improve at all..

    We have a voice too but they don't listen to us.

    Dear Shaiyans, <3 ( And GM's (etc) if you take a minute to read our thoughts)

    This topic is to talk about what will happen to shaiya when the GM's (etc) won't think about a change for the game.

    As we all can see, the game is pretty much dead. Our PVE is dead, only because they wanted to focus on the PVP. What isn't bad, don't get me wrong. But is that what the game needs? Ofcourse if you focus on PVP, we as players have to spend more money to get our gear. Which is a typical stage of a game what is getting short on his money. Totally fine, its all business. But is that a smart way to handle? No. They focussed on PVP, which causes PVE to dissapear. Every player gets lazy, they will sit in cornwell ruins/ argilla ruins and sits there for days. Waiting till they hit lvl 80. Every map is empty, which causes the game to get boring. When a game is boring players who bring in the money, will search for a new game and they leave shaiya. If you pay a little attention on the game and the players you will see a lot of questions from new players: '' is this game worth playing? '' . Is this what you want? Do you want to have new players, asking people if the game is worth to play? I think not.. You want people to be like '' Wow, this game is worth spending my money on. This game is worth playing the half of my day. This game is worth telling my friend about so the game will get more players. '' - Effect: more happy players, more money they will get. Think about what the players of the game want, discuss about it what ever, but just listen to us. We are trying to help but we dont get any response, we're not listened to. Dear GM's (etc), are you really willing to give up a amazing game, for nothing? Because the idea's you guys had seemed to be great inside you're heads. But in reality its the worst thing this game ever had. It caused to have the most beautifull maps to be empty, hunderds of players to leave. I dont think this is what you guys want, right? The way i see this game now, i will give it 2 years till it has to be shut down dure lack of money. Just admit your mistakes, we don't mind. We just want this game to be fun again, with PVE, a nice PVP ( delete COG) and just listen to the players. Make a poll on the website ( LIKE WE USED TO HAVE) and let us decide with you. We can help you get a good game ( and u will get ur money)

    A good game starts with the players, not with you're idea's.

    Thank you for reading.

    This is about the cornwell ruins etc. quest. The one you can buy when you hit lvl 20 and that can help you lvl till lvl 80. People get lazy and everyone goes afk in the dungeon..

    I play this game for so many years and i enjoyed it so much, but this is such a big problem for a lot of players. There is no communication in maps because every single map is dead. Expect for the playr vs player and the trade places. Because all the maps are empty it gets so bored and not fun like it used to be before the quests. People were fighting for a farming spot and now they are all afk in a dungeon. i dont mind the quest but its just boring, tried even to find other games but my heart belongs to shaiya. Do people speak out about these quests? I hear them all the time in chat about '' back in the old days '' but i dont think they speak out for themselves. No one knows about the maps anymore because they dont go futher then map 1. Its so sad because i bet that making all those maps takes such a long time and because of those quest people wont see it. I just wish that someone will talk about the 'problem ' and that there will be a change. Its just so sad that the beauty of this game gets lost because of a Quest.