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    The Healer King


    It was dark and stormy night. King bee Tsuji embarked to urgent jorney. His destination was the kingdom of she-wolf zawie at the fountain of ares.

    On his way out from trineton stronghold, he passed lil cemetary. King Tsujis heart was heavy in his chest. His people were dying. The cause of death seemd to be mysterious malady, sickness that appreared seemingly from nothing. In his haste to find cure for his people, King Tsuji had tried to consult various books. After long research and multiple failed experiments, he came upon mention that she-wolf could have cure for the ailment.

    On his geat steed, trip-me-not, he galloped into the storm. And in the strom he could hear the Ghost howling. Soon storm passed, replaced by morning with rainbows and he could finally see the tower guiding his way into the green valley.

    He left the valley using perilous bridge over d-water river. Then the disaster truck, King Tsuji took bad turn somewhere and found himself hopelessly lost in swamp with weird useless wooden structures. The swamp was full of many wonderous plants, pink trees and pink mushrooms.

    After crossing the swamp, he quickly found steps leading to the great gliter castle. He was not lost after all, but the swamp had turned out to be a shortcut. In the castle he found many friendly faces and portal leading to the fountain of ares, his destination.

    King Tsujis heart filled with hope, The Kingdom of Cantabilian would be saved at last.