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    Hello! I am Ayleth. I need some help, and i will reward everyone who will manage to solve my problem. I am a chef, but my lord is a very spoiled boy. He doesn't fancy anymore anything i cook for him. Please, help me cook something yummy i can offer to him, otherwise I will end up fired very soon. I will have nice reward for the first three people that will come out with something he will like.


    There are a lot of items, in Shaiya, that represent food. And i don't mean for example the fishes on a stand, i mean items that can be used or anyway kept in the invenctory. For exmple: Vanilla ice cream, gold apple, meat and so on. You need to gather some of these tiems and make up a receipe with them.


    ⋙ One entry per person.

    ⋙ You can use a maximum of 3 ingredients that you didn't find in game, but you need to use at least 3 that are actually ingame.

    ⋙ You need to post a screenshoot of one tab of your invenctory that has only the ingredients of your receipe.

    ⋙ The screenshoot has to show also your toon name.

    ⋙ If an ingredient does exist ingame but is not in the screenshoot of your invenctory, then is considered one of the 3 allowed ingredients from out of game.

    ⋙ The winners will be declared using a mixed system. The GS team will assign 15,10, and 5 points to the first, second, and third favourite entry. Each ingredient used from ingame will give 5 points. So if the receipe contains 3 ingredients from out of game and 4 from ingame this will add 20 points for the person that posted it (5 points x 4 ingredients=20 points).

    ⋙ You will get 10 bonus points if you use only ingredients from shaiya (not the 3 ingredients from outside).

    ⋙ Even if you get points from adding ingredients and having all ingame ingredients, bear in mind that your receipe must have a sense and can't be just a random add of ingredients, otherwise it'll be disqualified.

    ⋙ To entry fill this form:

    Name: (name of the receipe)

    Ingredients from ingame:

    Ingredients from out of game:

    Receipe: (A little explanation of your receipe)



    ⋙ Starts: 12th March

    ⋙ Ends: 20th March


    ⋙ 1st Prize: 30d conti, large eternal endurane, large prevent of item drop

    ⋙ 2nd Prize: Red phoenix charm, large eternal endurance

    ⋙ 3rd Prize:Red phoenix charm

    ⋙ An example of how to do the event will be posted below by [GS]Mage.Eternal.

    Dear Shaiyans,

    As some of you wonder about it:

    Please note, that summoning players < 71 in CoG is against our PvP Rules!

    You can find these Rules >> here <<

    PvP Rules wrote:
    9. Summoning Party Members
    Summoning characters that are to high or low to enter the map via a portal is a bannable offence. If a character can not get to the zone via a portal then the character is not allowed in the zone.

    Thank you!

    Hello Shaiyans,

    In the effort of making the game fun for everybody we would like to ask you about feedbacks and ideas about our GS events.

    In particular we need:

    Every idea about events you would like your GS team to run in game.Every idea about events you would like your GS team to run in the forum.Feedback about the events that are being hosted at the moment in game. Feedback about the events that are being hosted at the moment in the forum.

    Please, we ask you all to be respectfull in your feedbacks. Trolling, being aggressive, and any other behaviour that is not costructive won't bring to a good result, and won't, so, be helpfull for both part, you and us.

    Thank you!

    Hi everyone!

    I am opening this post to ask every feedback and suggestion regarding the items that are sold in the item mall. In specific, you can suggest here what you would like to see sold in it.

    Take a look at the web Item Mall and what is offered there as a good basis for what can be included and then leave us some feedback here.

    Thanks in advance!

    Hey Everyone,

    We need your help!

    Give us your feedback on any and all of our promotions. What do you like? Dislike? What are your ideas?

    What do you think about the tiered spenders? What about the other things running during the tiers, such as mystery boxes, packages, loot forges, loot wheels, etc?

    What about ongoing promotions such as the rebate or the monthly dollar deal?

    What makes sense and what doesn't?

    Any feedback is appreciated.


    Dear Shaiyans,

    As you know some placeholders must be kept in the bank to use them. However now and then we have cases where placeholders are accidentally taken out of bank.

    If you mistakenly taken an item out of the bank, please send us a ticket and we will put it back to your bank.

    Before sending a ticket be sure your request follow those rules:

    • The item must be taken out of the bank recently.
    • The item must not be traded.
    • The item must be a service placeholder.

    Otherwise we will deny your Request.

    Your Shaiya Team

    SpellBook Guide

    A SpellBook is an item that allows you to use the energy of Halo reactors (that drop in Stable Erde) to gain EXP.

    ⦁ Where can i find them?

    You can find them both in game and in the item mall. In game there are 2 kinds of them, which are sold by Karma, a SpellBook Merchant that is located in Auction House.


    ⦁ The SpellBooks that she sells are:

    Low quality SpellBook:


    Medium Quality SpellBook:


    ⦁ In the item mall you can, instead, find:

    Goddess SpellBook Lv1:


    Goddess Spellbook Lv2:


    Goddess Spellbook Lv3:


    ⦁ How to use it:

    First of all you have to buy the SpellBook. Once it is in your invenctory, all you have to do is right click it. A window will open.


    In this window you have to insert the number of Halo Reactors you want to convert in EXP (for example "20"), and press "enter". At that point the Halo Reactors will be converted in XP.

    Have fun!


    ⦁ How to start the game:

    Whenever the bingo event is on, you can partecipate in the game buying a bingo board by the Accessory Merchant.

    Once you purchased your board you will receive, in your invenctory, one bingo coin every 20 mins, up to 5 coins per toon.

    ⦁ What's after:

    You can use those coins to spin the roulette pressing the spin button (1 coin=1 spin), so you will receive a random number.


    This number will go in your bingo board.


    So, every time a number will come out from the roulette, you will get the stamp for that number in the bingo board. To receive a prize there are 3 ways.

    ⦁ First: Completing a row

    You complete a row by collecting all the stamps of the same row, like showed in the following image:


    When you end a row the button of the corresponding row will light, and you can click it to collect your reward, as showed in the following picture:


    ⦁ Second: Completing a column

    You complete a column by collecting all the stamps of the same column, like showed in the following image:


    When you end a column the button of the corresponding column will light, and you can click it to collect your reward, as showed in the following picture:


    ⦁ Third: Completing the full bingo board

    When you collect all the stamps for the full board you can press the button in the bottom right corner (showed in the following picture) to collect a special reward. Then nothing else to do than starting a new board.


    Sometimes there is also a Love version of the bingo, during the Valentine's time. It works exactly as the normal one, just has a different design.


    What's left to say? Goodluck!


    • The best 2 groups of scrolls quest you can do are:

    ⦁ CR scroll quests

    ⦁ VR scroll quests

    Let's see them in details.

    • CR Quests (AoL)

    Required Level: 20+

    The fastest way to level, at the moment, is by doing scrolls quests. The first scroll quests, and most usefull of all, you can find is Cornwell's Ruins quests.

    You can buy the scrolls at the Accessory Merchant that is located just in front of the dungeon's portal.


    • The NPC in the map:


    • The scrolls you mostly need are:

    ⦁ Ruin Cleansing (2)

    ⦁ Ruin Cleansing (3)

    ⦁ Ruin Cleansing (4)

    ⦁ Evil Extermination



    After you bought the scrolls (and i suggest to buy an high quantity for each quest) you need to reach the main room inside the dungeon, the one where Loca, the miniboss, is located at. There is usually a raid there you can join and that will help you complete all the quests.

    Right click every scroll, and start killing with your raid, or alone. The best place to kill for these quests is, indeed, Loca's room and the 3 rooms on the side of it (2 on the right and one on the left of it).


    Every time a quest ends and its window pops up, you need to right click the relative scroll again, to open a new one. This will be repeated untill you reach the aimed level with your toon.

    • VR Scroll Quests:

    • Level Required: 57-62

    You can buy quest scrolls in Valdemar Regnum from Brent Parker, the Accessory Merchant in VR.


    • The NPC in the map:

    As much as you can get quest scrolls for more than one area in the map, the most worthy ones, and so the ones we are gonna see in details, are the quests for Boars and Wolves.



    • Let's see where you can find the mobs you need for the quests:


    As for CR's quests all you need to do is right click the scrolls, reach the mobs location and start killing. Every time a quest ends, and its window pops up on the screen, right click the relative scroll again to start a new one. Keep doing so untill you reach the aimed level of your toon.

    Ciao amici di Shaiya,

    Abbiamo notato che i membri della nostra communità hanno sviluppato un atteggiamento prevenuto l'uno verso l'altro, che si manifesta nella forma di mere generalizzazioni e commenti provocatori rivolti a gruppi di persone. Questo comportamento è inaccettabile, e sarà punito con repentine e severe azioni.

    Aeria Games è molto orgogliosa della propria communità, e apprezza che i nostri forum siano un posto dove scambiare feedbacks e interazioni tra i giocatori e i membri dello staff. Desideriamo che i nostri forum continuino a rimanere un posto dove questa connessione esiste, ma il pregiudizio e la stereotipizzazione contro gruppi di persone non può essere tollerata: ogni volta che un post del genere viene creato, indebolisce tutti noi e crea una spiacevole atmosfera per coloro che vogliono divertirsi nei nostri forum e li considerano un divertente e amichevole posto dove scambiare pensieri e idee.

    Per essere chiari, posts infiammatori o che riflettono un'immagine negativa di un ampio o specifico gruppo di persone non saranno tollerati. Ciò include, ma non è limitato a, i seguenti aspetti:

    • Chiunque (prendere in giro)
    • Razza, religione, o orientamento sessuale/identità sessuale
    • Regione geografica o nazionalità di appartenenza
    • Lo staff di Aeria Games
    • Games Sages
    • Giocatori di qualsiasi gioco
    • Giocatori che comprano AP e giocatori che non lo fanno
    • Gilda di appartenenza
    • Fazione di appartenenza
    • Rango in PvP
    • ecc. ecc.

    Non verranno accettati attacchi con generalizzazioni e stereotipi: questo è un comportamento distruttivo per la nostra communità, e rovina l'esperienza di chiunque visiti il nostro forum.

    Chiunque, al momento della creazione del proprio account, ha accettato le condizioni contrattuali di Aeria Games. Per favore, si richiede di rispettare queste condizioni contrattuali e le politiche di gioco onesto, e mantenere la communità di Aeria Games un posto dove chiunque si può sentire al sicuro e benvenuto.

    Questo include anche discord.

    Grazie per la vostra comprensione.

    Hello Shaiyans!

    Have you seen all the people around with all those pretty wings? You love them? Well, i have a good news, because those wings can be yours as well. How? Lets's see!

    First of all you need to know that there are 2 kings of wings, which can be obtained in 2 different ways. We are going to see both.

    1. Wings of Greendieta


    • How to get them:


    In order to get the "Wings of Greendieta" you have to collect three different feathers:

    beauty.png1x Feather of Beauty

    bravery.png1x Feather of Bravery

    nob.png1x Feather of Nobility

    Note: The Feathers are tradeable! The wings not!

    Different ways of obtaining them will be available, so that anyone has the chance to combine the three feathers to the highly coveted "Wings of Greendieta" - PvE and PvP Skills are required to earn the Wings.

    You can get the feathers:

    • Beauty and Bravery: These feathers will drop in D-Water / Caelum Sacra / Caelum Greendieta. Can also be obtained in the item mall.

    • Nobility: Can at the moment only be obtained in the item mall

    • All of them can be obtained through various Events

    As soon as you have all three feathers the NPC (Light: Greendieta Sienna (Keolloseu) / Fury: Greendieta Hailey (Gliter)) will exchange them against the "Wings of Greendieta".

    • AoL NPC:

    image.png image.png

    • UoF NPC:

    image.png image.png

    NOTE: TWO different kinds of wings will be available for each faction - and hardworking heroes can get both!


    Wings of Deception:


    Wings of Demons:


    AoL Wings:

    Wings of Illusion:


    Wings of Angels:


    2. Odin's Wings


    • How to get them:

    Odin is looking for mighty warriors to help him to defeat the darkness. Are you strong enough?


    • You need to talk to Odin's Servant which is located in Apulune (AoL) and Iris (UoF). This NPC will give you a quest: gather 125 feathers of a god.

    • AoL NPC:

    image.png image.png

    • UoF NPC:

    image.png image.png

    • Where you can find feathers of a god:

    • Proelium Frontier (15 pvp) is the home of 2 of the bosses that might drop this kind of feather.

    • Cantabilian Borderland (30) pvp is also home of 2 more of the bosses that might drop this kind of feather.

    • D-Water borderland hosts 2 bosses as well, those boss are lvl 60.

    In all the previous zones the boss spawn location is random.

    • Kanos Illium is the most lucky place, it hosts, indeed, 4 of the bosses that drop the feathers. Those 4 boss are nothing less than Lumen, Secreta, Ales and Dentalus rewamped for the occasion (so be carefull, you will find them a lot more powerfull than they used to be!). You can find them in their usual location, but they will have a chance to drop the feathers.

    Once you gathered all the required feathers, nothing else is left to do than deliver them to Odin's Servant in Apulune or Iris and choose the wings you most like.

    Let's give a peek at them!

    • Wings of Loki:


    • Wings of Thor:


    And now....enjoy your wings!