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At the moment, the consumer advice centre is warning of an increased volume of phishing e-mails.

Unfortunately, we have recently received more and more information that there are also e-mails in circulation that advertise an Aeria competition.

Such a competition does not exist. This is an unauthorized promotion.

In the email you will be asked to follow a link and on a deceptively real copy of our website you will be asked to enter your account information.

If you have received such a message, please delete it immediately. Please do not click on the link and never enter your account information on other websites.

If you have already followed a link from such a message, immediately change your password using the "Forgot your password?“ function on the website of your game.

Before you enter your account name and password, you should always check the URL of the website you are currently on.


    Hello inhabitants of Teos!

    Soon it will be Christmas, it seems outside is snowing.

    Also this year we did not fall behind,

    we invented an Event with 7 parts available.

    They should be done in an estimated time.

    Merry Christmas !


    • You can participate only with 1 account
    • ToS and game rules apply
    • Send your entries before new round starts
    • Send your entries via the form
    • Post your Christmas Card/Comic in this thread
    • Specified rules for the parts apply


    Starts: 10.12.2018

    Ends: 01.01.2019


    1. Prize:

    1x Xtreme Xmas(perm) or 1x Brave Rerio (perm) of choice
    30d Continuous Resurrection Rune
    30d Prevent Item Drop
    30d Eternal Endurance

    2. Prize:

    1x Perfect Linking Hammer
    30d Continuous Resurrection Rune
    30d Prevent Item Drop
    30d Eternal Endurance

    3. Prize:

    30d Costume of Choice
    30d Continuous Resurrection Rune
    30d Prevent Item Drop
    30d Eternal Endurance

    Participation prize:

    1x Operator Exclusive, 20x Regnum Potion, 20x Etain Potion
    (From valid entry only!)


    Part 1:
    1 Point for the right place, 1 Point for the right object and 1 extra point for the first 5 players, who find the right one.

    Part 2:
    Place 1: 10 points / Place 2: 8 Points / Place 3: 6 points / Place 4: 5 Points / all other 4 points.

    Part 3:
    Place 1: 10 points / Place 2: 8 Points / Place 3: 6 points / Place 4: 5 Points / all other 4 points.

    Part 4:
    5 points for every right answer and 1 extra point for the first 5 players, who find the right one.

    Part 5:
    Each correct answer will give 2 points. If you also report who is the main actor in each movie, you will receive an 1 extra point.

    Part 6:
    1 point for the right answer.

    Part 7:
    1 point for item set


    Every two days, we will upload image of an object for you to find. One for each faction "Alliance of Light and Union of Fury". The images are a bit blurry, but clues will be given about their location.

    Your task is to discover the exact location of the object, should take a screenshot, that includes: coordinates (press H), map, requested object and your character!

    Upload your screenshot to image hosting site e.g Imgur, tiny pic etc and send it via the form.

    AoL Object: Sealakel
    Hint: Adellia


    UoF Object: Wall Decoration
    Hint: Adeurian



    Create your own Christmas Card.

    Whether you are more traditional or more classic or even a little cheesy, we want to see your talents.
    Your rules are simple you can make your own Christmas card

    Please include your toon and any other theme.
    We want to bring Santa to Shaiya this year.

    One entry per person
    Toon name must be visible
    Have fun with it get creative

    ~ Post your entry below ~


    Create a comic book, maximum 4 scenes.

    You can use all the programs you have available (photoshop, paint, gimp, etc.)

    - 1 per person
    - Maximum 4 scenes

    - Include your character
    - Christmas decorations and / or colors
    - You can include your pet and / or Christmas costumes

    It's possible:
    * Interact with NPC or animals in game
    * Use decorations around the maps
    * Let only your character speak (decorating)
    * Do not forget the Christmas theme *

    ~ Post your entry below ~


    We have location for both of the factions, which is revealed bit by bit, day by day. You need to find the correct location and take a screenshot with your character and minimap visible!

    Upload the image to image hosting site e.g Imgur or Tinypic and send your entry via the form.






    We will post image of a Christmas related movie and you need to find out which movie it is. New image is posted every 4 days, total of 5 images will be posted. Each correct answer will give 2 points. If you also tell who is the main actor in each movie, you will receive an 1 extra point.

    Movie #1


    ~ Form ~


    In the Christmas time we like to meet our friends and the family. But on the way a few animals are lost, which need your help now to find the right way. You have 3 days to help one animal, than you have to help the next one arrive on time.

    You can find the 7 animals on Map2, Map3, Pando/Ranhaa`rr, Valdemar Regnum/Palaion Regnum and Pantanassa/Theodores.

    Send us your SS via the form. Minimap, the animal and it's name must be visible.

    AoL: Risen Temptress

    UoF: Bloodgash Orc Chief


    Santa Claus need some Items for some of the presents. Can you help him to collect them all?

    When you have all Items listed below, give them to any of the GMs available.

    • u2wHtKM_AxfQmb2gfCioa6wi7I8gVxuulHo_-oCw1CA56YePfOlGFoaHwXRYuoghvTy5v8YXQkx2EbGT7Fl8nhPTBUO2stYFz1OM6mJ61eaHo19n-KPo0CnlJ0D_at7tRomHoI0I 5x Spirit Essence
    • XSOXOrbuYeOt53pSsE1YzSzIIgUSXsnu09JW9ub6Mp_Z26jOsJYfbfDbPkHC-4Lt4p5NBJsa8_hD5X0eiWjXowMNl8r2TfQit3ALGT0xcyW-cJ6SQwiWq0jugempmfzyDKswYYy3 5x Soul Core
    • aqId3QQwOt2noB0VnRxplAa2oDDtM2_BoJ8OBgt4SgzJ-x4hsczRchQufMrGY43qRsEJvzRTbHqm6k7jjA0lKjj8S0j3wZDqLTfiodB-PrBUgYpFLa0kNaCjXm8Mkz76DsOPnUXk 5x Gold Scissors
    • p3kie299ZUUEQfDM6Fk74n9o3Emd-p4gRWBUtPySXot_8eOTASCwh6RChUhJBQ1_1FotXBiSBSJqmypvZZaxYuIM7ERDqcqTZyvNat4aSBoeblrr_I_CwKP0R8h9ym9RyoGhLsL3 5x Ghost Crystal
    • sDFnO5C30KOxUFEI1z-aYHjel_EAeOBX0XFxezcF5TU2EWM2pqQMCaVGStv4RkVt6B_P9vHTYzuGCsbkk7ziHJn7npiuRyB960_rBo3YR41WcAgAS7ByK6ZOgBwntR8ldOUcR65y 5x Silver Scissors
    • QM9vN4lrj4x1Khctkg0Je9EY01XFKueaZUGdV4oaL5vgy9_UcxAjIqAg_auR64QJFfIXfrw8YBK1oSg2e-dXmU-9jXSI1tDq5LRgSRpM40SUS9-zvaoW0Z-t9FyhytYnbBv11W8J 5x Manitou Core

    Happy hunting!

    So.. Who won??


    After a little mathematical problems and excel and using calculator...


    We finished counting the points!


    And here is the points !!


    Zaotic - 14 Points

    E12 - 12,5 Points

    mpifteki1 - 8 Points

    TaintedHate - 6 Points 

    Delfie - 4 Points 

    ChastityLuv - 3 Points

    Viresta - 0 Points

    FatBatFIGHTER - 0 points

    Even if you had the correct location, you didn't get point if the post was edited, as the #1 rule was :

    No editing posts.



    How well do you know the maps?

    Where am I? - Event is back with part #3 !


    Tsuji and I have taken screenshots from total of 14 locations, 7 per faction. You need to choose will you participate as AoL or UoF.
    We also have 7 bonus locations from you can get more points! Each faction has their own 4 bonus locations and 3 same for both factions.
    Check round schedule and find locations, screenshot and post them before we add the next one!
    Upload it to a image hosting site (e.g: Imgur, tinypic) and add the image here. (Make sure the image shows, links are not approved)
    1 attempt round, which means you need to make a new post each round you participate!
    Bonus locations are available after the round #5 has started.

    Round starts:

    #1: 14th of November
    #2: 16th of November
    #3: 18th of November
    #4: 20th of November
    #5: 22nd of November
    + Bonus
    #6: 24th of November
    #7: 26th of November

    Each round will start at 8 - 9 PM CET.


    • No editing posts.
    • No editing screenshots.
    • Take care of your character (PID/CRR).
    • 1 Attempt per round.
    • Previous round ends when new round is added.
    • You can use only 1 character.
    • Mini Map and character has to be visible in the Screenshot.
    • Player with most correct locations wins.
    • If more than 1 player finds same amount of locations the winners will be chosen ~Randomly~


    Event starts:
    14th of November 2018

    28th of November 2018


    1st Prize: 1x 30 Day CRR+PID+EE, 50x Regnum Potion and 20x Recreation Runes
    2nd Prize: 1x 15 Day CRR, 2x 7 Day PID+EE, 25x Regnum Potions and 10x Recreation Runes
    3rd Prize: 1x 7 Day CRR+PID+EE, 10x Regnum Potions and 5x Recreation Runes

    Good luck!




    1: Zombies
    2: A random witch!

    3: Pumpkin wagon

    4: Headless Spankie!

    5: Creepy dungeon

    6: Half eaten pet

    7: Grave

    8: Dead trees

    9: Pentagram to do some summoning!

    10: Jumping spiders

    11: Another witch

    12: Closeup of a spider

    13: Squeaky rats

    14: Skulls

    15: Spankie got stuck on a spider web

    16: Another grave and lost souls

    17: Hunted by skeletons

    18: Dat winged batwomanperson

    19: Pumpkins

    20: Demons

    21: Spankie mixing potions

    22: Diz flying spikygrass

    23: Haunted village maybe? :o

    24: Bones

    25: Creepy Pumpkin head

    26: Halloween Land !!

    27: Moar spooky persons


    My poems and spells and and and..

    (Psstt.. It's a GIF, changes every 10sec)


    Prizes has been paid!

    Congratulations to the winners and thank you all who participated!!

    The lucky person to win The Survivor was...

    *Drum rolls...!!*















    :!: F30000 :!:

    Dasher's Cauldron - board which can help you create your permanent costume!

    How to do it? Its easy!

    Step 1. Get a item named Dasher's Cauldron



    You can find Dasher at

    Keolloseu: x:1008.878 y:13.685 z:786.001 / Aridon: x:233.975 y:108.300 z:187.324
    Apulune: x:548.507 y:26.940 z:247.675 / Iris: x:577.092 y:42.740 z:507.014


    Step 2. Right-click on this item to get it open


    List of permanent costumes which you can get from this board and their "price":

    Cheongsam Costume (Perm) = 4x Cheongsam Costume 30d + 6x Detective Costume 30d
    Detective Costume (Perm) = 1x Cheongsam Costume 30d + 9x Detective Costume 30d
    Wedding Costume (Perm) = 5x Wedding Costume 30d + 2x Detective Costume 30d + 2x Magician Costume 30d + 1x Vampire Costume 30d
    Dark Dragon Costume (Perm) = 2x Dark Dragon Costume 30d + 3x Cheongsam Costume 30d + 5x Detective Costume 30d
    Magician Costume (Perm) = 5x Magician Costume 30d + 2x Wedding Costume 30d + 2x Detective Costume 30d + 1x Vampire Costume 30d
    Vampire Costume = 5x Vampire Costume 30d + 3x Dark Dragon Costume 30d + 2x Firebird 30d
    Xtreme Xmas Suit = 5x Xtreme Xmas Suit 30d + 5x Wedding Costume 30d + 5x Na-ye 30d
    Na-ye = 5x Na-ye 30d + 5x Aria 30d + 5x Eden 30d
    Firebird = 4x Firebird 30d + 4x Vampire Costume 30d + 2x Detective Costume 30d
    Blood Avenger = 10x Blood Avenger 30d + 5x Na-ye 30d

    Costumes with +15 all stats: Blood Avenger, Na-ye, Xtreme Xmass Suit, Magician Costume, Wedding Costume
    Costumes with +10 all stats: Cheongsam Costume, Detective Costume, Dark Dragon Costume, Vampire Costume, Firebird Costume

    You have always 100% Success Rate on making permanent costumes.

    Step 3. Enjoy your new costume! :)

    Do you like comics? We sure do!


    Ever wanted to make your own comic strip? Had fun adventures in Shaiya with your friends?
    Now is your chance to create your own Shaiya Comic from your adventures!


    Make your own Shaiya Comic by using the template below, or make your own!
    Take screenshots in the game and edit them in to the comic with your favorite image editing program. (e.g Paint, Photoshop, GIMP..)
    Make max 5 pages.

    ( Check my example comics at the 2nd post! )

    Upload it to a image hosting site that allows direct linking (e.g. imgur).

    The template to use:

    ~Click here~

    Speak bubbles:




    Or use your own !

    After the event ends, you can vote which Comic was the best. The most voted wins!


    • All rules stated in Terms of Service apply.
    • PG-13.
    • Create your own comic, don't plagiarism others.
    • Max 5 comic pages.
    • Post all your pages in one post.
    • Vote for your favorite comic here: ~ Voting ~


    Starts: 25.09.2018
    Ends: 09.10.2018
    Voting time: 10.102018 - 14.10.2018


    1st Prize: 1x 30 Day CRR, PID and EE + 50x Regnum Potion + 20x Recreation Rune.
    2nd Prize: 1x 15 Day CRR + 2x 7 Day PID and EE + 25x Regnum Potion + 10x Recreation Rune.
    3rd Prize: 1x 7 Day CRR, PID and EE + 10x Regnum Potion + 5x Recreation Rune.
    Participation Prize(Valid entries only): 10 x Regnum Potion + 5x Recreation Rune.

    1 Lucky participant wins "The Survivor" Pet !

    Boost planning for September:


    We had a change in a few boosts for the month

    28th: Kill Boost +1 Proelium & Enchanting 2x

    29th: Kill Boost +1 D-Water & Extraction +15% & Linking +15%

    30th: Kill Boost +1 Cantabilian & Enchanting 2x

    Voting did end and close automaticly at 5th.
    The vote result has been forwarded to the uppers. Unfortunately I haven't heard no news yet to give to you guys. I will inform the instant I will have get any news to share.