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    Kill the GS - Cantabilian

    Congrats AoL for winning the event over UoF with the score 5 - 1















    Thanks to everyone who participated! :thumbup:

    Congratulations on your first event, [GS]Skully :thumbup::)

    Here's my entry so far!

    [GS]Diamond, [GS]Skully and [GS]Spankie- in Glitter doing ingame event!


    [GS]Wling is supervising Iris.


    [GS]Wendolyn serving tequila to [GS]Spankie and [GS]Skully in AH. *hiccup*


    [GS]Alone decided to join [GS]Wendolyn's tequila party! Zawie is still drinking here, but [GS]Wling had enough! *hiccup hiccup*



    Additional fun picture (no points)

    Party on-going at [GS]Wendolyn's bar! Yas yas yas, slam baby, slam! :thumbup::saint:


    Good work Tsuji :thumbup:

    Thanks Lostmage, I liked your entry and I'm happy you participate for Spanklets story event :)

    Fantastic job Tsuji. (Has Che seen it?)

    Thanks Wendolyn <3 I posted it CALL+Bloody Titans skype group, but I don't think he read it. The rest read mine and Zawies story :thumbup:

    Btw, thanks for everyone who voted for "Revenge of Zawie" ^^

    Revenge of Zawie

    Once upon a time in the land of Teos, there was a dog who had lost her owner to a pack of dangerous and deadly wolfs. The dog was named Zawie after her legendary owner, which was known for blasting Magic Spots with the legendary staff of Wonka, a skill only known by oracles. Zawie went every day to visit her owner’s grave with flowers. She often cried alone at the grave with sadness, but one day, she went to the library to seek out these information about these deadly wolfs. She gathered information and found out the deadly wolfs lived in a cave that looked like a monster with red eyes and big teeths. Before Zawie went out on a journey in the land of Teos, she had to stop by the marked to stack up with supplies and Shennie pies. She also brought the legendary staff of Wonka with her. After travelling for days through “Tsuji Village”, which was popular for Skiddy-restrooms and Che-bordello, and over the legendary “Bridge of Trip” at the Gooblet forest, Zawie had to make a stop to rest. She rested her eyes under a big pink tree because her favorite color was pink. After some hours of sleep, she finally arrived at outskirts of the cave. There she noticed a big skeleton of a dragon and thought “did they feast on this dragon?!”. Luckily, for Zawie, she was right. The deadly wolfs were sleeping because they had a big feast the night before. Zawie took advantage of this situation and used the legendary staff of Wonka and blasted all of the deadly wolfs with Magic Spots! After Zawie returned home, she told her chicken friends all about the revenge and that the land of Teos should be safe again. As Zawie walked past by the statue of her owner, she shed a tear, knowing she would never forget the kindness of her owner.

    The end

    This story is dedicated to the following Cantabilian players:
    Zawie, Wonkalicious, Skiddy, Che, Trip.Hunter, Shen and MiniGoob69.